Friday, October 3, 2008

What love is...........

This is gonna be a short one. AAAWWW I know you're all disappointed but you will just have to cope. I am posting because I'm bored and trying really hard to stay in for the rest of the night. I was out for a minute earlier but decided to come back because Casey and I have been experiencing some issues this past week. Nothing major but I did threaten to go back to Cali. He said I could do what I wanted and that even though he loved me, I drive him nuts. Ditto!
He made some reference to a girl at work that has been pursuing him for the past few weeks. I told him that if I so much as dreamt that bitch was seriously slutting after him I would cut her tits off and shove them up her cunt! Not very pretty but I think I got my point across.
Those girls can flirt all they want, hell they can even cop a feel occasionally but let them think that they are gonna be the new Mrs. Casey and it's on! Not too many girls will risk bodily injury for a first date and the ones who will are in for an ass-kicking they will not soon forget. I learned everything I know from fighting off a 6'6-220 college football player (a jock, I'm so embarrassed) for a couple of years. Next to Grant, bitches ain't sheeeit!
Anyway enough of that, I may go back to Cali I may not, I'm not freakin psychic. However I do know that if I go it's going to be because I had no other choice, I'm not gonna give up easily. I know I can be a little difficult to live with at times (most times) but Casey is no walk in the park himself. We torture each other equally.
I dread the thought that Josh is gonna read this and try to ride to my rescue in his ridiculously overpriced vehicle. Please don't do that Josh, pleeeease! You have already made things hard enough by calling incessantly. It seems the only way I can get you to shut-up is by asking you about Lora or Ashley, how convenient! It really burns my ass that I had to find out about Lora and Fester from Anna who doesn't even live in Bako anymore!
This is getting a little too scattered and random, so I'll go now. XOXO, Melody