Thursday, June 25, 2009

A new platform...

I've started a new community and am inviting anyone who is interested to join. All you have to do is scroll down to the little Junky Underground badge on my sidebar and click the join now button. It's a bit more personal than this page but that's part of the charm. We have already gotten a few people to sign up and so far it looks like it's going to be worthwhile. I don't really care if it takes off or not, the few who have signed on are among my faves on blogger and if it never goes beyond that, it'll still be fun.
I'm going to be posting pics and other shit that I normally wouldn't put on here and everyone else is invited to do the same. If I didn't send you a personal invite, it's because I didn't have your e-mail address, not because I don't love you.
Y'all don't have anything to lose by joining and you'll have access to a super cool little web badge that says you are a certified member of "The Junky Underground". I would have done it for that reason alone haha. The Junky Underground has been in existence for quite some time now, all I did was give it a single web address and an awesome icon for all of us to plaster all over our webpages.
So join up mothafuckas, this is an invitation straight from me to you. See y'all soon....or not. I love yous either way.
Hugs, kisses and all that other shit too,
~Melody Lee, founder and certified member of The Junky Underground, the un-social network for the socially undesirable...

Friday, June 19, 2009

The perils of being a the last paragraph first.

I have come to the realization that I should have choked the life out of Maniac long before now. We have had our moments and for the most part he's tolerable but the joy he takes in needling me about the uh younger men thing is getting annoying. I was kind enough to let him in my house today (Adrian's presence didn't hurt) and he repaid me by blasting reggaeton on my stereo. I don't mind the music so much, I am technically a Mexican after all but his choice of songs was....uh FUCKED UP!
He must have had this in mind for some time, it was too convenient to be a coincidence and because Adrian turned out to be fluent in Spanish, it was also embarrassing as hell! I should have known he was up to something by the smug look on his face, he sat across from us and crossed his arms expectantly as "Mayor que yo" blared from the speakers. It translates to "Older than me" and is basically a song about a guy saying he doesn't care if the girl is older than he is because he wants her in his bed. It goes on to give a list of reasons why this should happen and it sounded suspiciously like the rationalizations I had heard from Richie, making me wonder if he hadn't been tutored by Maniac in the first place. No, Richie was waaaaay too slick to have been schooled by a moron.
This experience was made all the better by the goofy smile on Adrian's face which led me to the conclusion that he could understand the lyrics as well as us Mexicans. Fantastic!
I sat through the song, made some obscene gestures at Maniac and then excused myself into the bedroom, where I have been for the past 25 minutes. I seem to be caught between plotting his death and feeling ridiculous. I was trying really hard to be good today...
Adrian has cash and wants to take me to Espanola in a car of questionable origin. He can't really tell me who it belongs to and that is never a good thing. I will NOT get caught up riding in a hot car with 1/2 a piece of tar in my drawers, not gonna happen! My connect in Esp would be unthrilled if I made the scene with Ade and Maniac in tow, I would be lucky to get a 20 bag much less 14 G's. I need to give this some thought, I should just go alone and let them wait here...if I go at all.
I need to stay home.
I can hear Calle 13 coming from the other room, I'm already exhausted and they've only been here for 45 minutes. I should call Casey and see what he says, I know how much he loves it when I plot potential felonies behind his back.
I swear to Christ if Maniac puts on Daddy Yankee I'll....I'll...*sigh* That shit is like crack to Mexicans/most latin cultures, all we have to do is hear it and we start dancing. Kinda scary....I WILL NOT DANCE!!! I'm not drunk therefore it will not happen!
I'm too far gone to be dealing with this nonsense, I need to be working through this kick, not running to score more dope.
I'm off to give this some thought and I'll leave y'all some annoyingly catchy Don Omar on default, haha no thanx necessary. Attention Mexicans: Mute the music player lest you be caught off guard by the instinctive urge to dance, you have been the end of the post heh, fat lot of good that did!
Amor kids,

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Defiler of conjoined twins and cornfed yokels, it sounds so dirty when you say it like that. Yeeeessss it does!

Staring at a blank page is never very conducive to writing, I usually end up daydreaming or thinking about things best left undone. Thinking too much can be a bad thing, especially when you are a walking, talking disaster like myself. When I spend too much time inside my head I end up making questionable decisions and involving myself in dicey situations that though fun at the time, leave you with serious doubts as to my mental stability. Then again, most people probably think I'm fucking nuts anyway, so what's the damn point?
I hate to question myself but it happens from time to time, especially when I'm at this in between place. Kicking makes me doubt myself, it makes me feel incomplete and for those first few weeks it runs a mindfuck on my emotions. Nothing I can't handle though and it doesn't last just seems like it does.
Do I sound whiny? I think whining is repugnant and I try to do as little of it as possible. Dare I hope that the last few sentences sound factual rather that pitiful?
I haven't much of anything interesting to say....
Adrian called and has offered to finance a trip to Espanola. Having remained unusually silent these past few weeks, he chooses this particular time to tempt me with dope and his delicious self? Typical!
I put off getting tattooed until next week because getting drilled with a needle is the last thing I want to sit through right now...unless that needle happens to be filled with heroin. Dare to dream...
I am in a particularly foul mood because I keep thinking about how much I would have loved to kick Casey's sister in the cunt, just to help her on her way out the door of course. I have a feeling that if I talk myself into leaving the house I will end up getting into a "discussion" with the first stupid cow that looks at me sideways. The thought of stomping on someone's head sounds delightful right now...too delightful, which means I should probably keep my ass the fuck home! I need a&b charges like I need an asshole on my elbow.
I have apparently been awake for too long and am becoming delirious because I have been giving serious thought to the conjoined twins from the movie Brothers of the Head. The idea of molesting them seems to become more appealing with each passing hour but in my usual CUNTrary fashion, I find that I would only want to do so if they were in fact conjoined. This is not the case and I'm oddly disappointed. I am in no way attracted to the Treadaway boys...unless they are in the guise of sweaty, music playing Siamese twins, that's just how it is and one more reason why it's best not to stay in my head for too long, it's scary in there. I suppose it's the same bad wiring that makes me wish I could have been around in the 1930's so I could hunt down young, naive Jimmy Stewart and corrupt him in every conceivable manner. Yeah I said it, I would have wiped that dopey, corn fed grin off his face and replaced it with something...sinister and frighteningly attractive. Can you imagine a debauched Jimmy Stewart? I can. Oh yes I caaaaan! Hahaha....I'm serious. Then again, most people will read this and have no clue who the fuck I'm talking about, what a disgusting state of affairs!
Anyway, I'm not making much sense and it's times like this that I ask myself, "What would Jesus do?" Conjoined twins, that's what!
G'night kids, I'm sending you all the lovin and kissin that you've been missin...loverman oh where can you be? A lil Billy Holiday never hurt anyone.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sometimes it's just not worth the effort

So here I am again, none the worse for wear but feeling shitty from my latest drug escapade. The house smells like ciggs and unwanted house guests but the stench is fading and before long the memories will as well. Casey's sister finally put in an appearance and despite our previous dislike for each other, I tried my best to be.....nice. I was so nice I nearly choked on it, going out of my way to make sure that she felt welcome and at ease. I tried to make Casey's dismissal of her less painful by constantly reassuring her that it wasn't her fault. I gave her clothes and took her with me on my trips to Espanola, even going so far as to offer her an opportunity to make $$ by working as a phone whore. And for what?
So that the horrid little beast could act like a complete twat on her last day here. She got stupid drunk and attempted to turn me and Casey against each other. I won't get into it right now but it was pathetic and sad. It's not my fault that Casey is a dick and that she is less than satisfied with her husband. It's not my fault that she has opted to subjugate herself to the whims of a man she clearly finds unattractive and beneath her. And it is definitely not my fault that she decided to come here in the first place. For her to try and use me as an excuse for Casey's behaviour is just sad, I have better things to do than whisper words of discontent in his ear. He was being a dick because he didn't want her here in the first place.
I spent that last night working on the phone and shooting dope simultaneously. Reduced to grinding my teeth at having to put up with her retarded drunk ass when what I really wanted to do was knock her on it.
Casey summed it up by saying he had made a huge mistake in thinking that she had grown up.I agree but my mistake was actually putting forth the effort to befriend her, I should have saved my energy. She seems to be labouring under the misconception that I was "pretending" to be nice to her, forgetting that in my house I don't have to "pretend" to do shit! Ignorant cunt! I can do what the fuck I want in my house, my car, my life.
She fancied that she had some insight into my relationship because Casey would get drunk and piss and moan about me and my problems. I got news bitch, it's no secret that Casey is in a perpetual state of conflict when it comes to me. He loves me but love hasn't much to do with like and some of the time he doesn't like me at all. Tough shit really and since I've told him I would kick rocks any time he feels the need to be over me, it's not anyones fault but his own. I stay because I love him but let us not forget that I have plenty of places to go, I am quite capable of looking after myself.
Anyway, I'm rather cranky right now and I need to go eat some more percocet, I just got my script up'd to 150/month so I have enough to carry us through this latest kick. Maybe this time I will actually stay clean longer than 2 weeks...maybe not.