Sunday, October 19, 2008

This is what I've looked like ALL weekend!

I'm a little nod-ish because someone (you know who you are) played devil on my shoulder and talked me into doing another shot. To be fair, it wasn't that hard to convince me and I love her anyway plus I would have just done later on if she hadn't. I popped it in my hip 'cause I was too lazy to try and hit so it's been creeping on me for awhile. Niiiiice!
Casey got up in my face and snapped the above pic and it just seemed to capture everything about the last few days. My pinned pupils, the dazed look on my face, if you knocked on my door this weekend, I answered it looking like that. This was after I butchered my hair sometime early Saturday morning. According to Eddie, I look loaded in all my pictures(even when I'm sober), but I think he'll agree that in this one I look particularly fucked-up. I also thought the black and white added a nice touch.
The Dope was choice! Yes it was still that Afghan shit and no, I didn't use vitamin C. That shit scares me, which is pretty ironic considering that I've shot up lots of stuff way scarier than vitamin C/ascorbic acid. In order to fix it, I just heat the shit out of it til it cooks up, it won't dissolve in water so I have to fire it up good!NO cold cooking like tar. Sooooo not what I'm used to but I'm learning, HAHA you can never have too much knowledge.....or dope.
So it's almost gone and I have to say not a moment too soon! I'm sure I'm gonna feel like shit tomorrow and we'll end up doing the rest. I hate, hate, hate the fact that I start getting dopesick after only a few days. It took me weeks when I first got sprung.......I guess a decade of near constant use makes it somewhat easier to get re-acquainted with my addiction. HAHA, I think smack addiction may be the only thing in my life that I haven't half-assed. How inspiring!
So anyway, I'll write more later. My eyes have a mind of their own and want to shut themselves. loves you, M.