Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A list..........of stuff

This is a list I came up with of the things that make me uncomfortable and the things that I don't sweat in the least. At first I did this because I was bored but after it was done and I had a chance to really look it over I realized that this list (or the things on it) might be why people generally think I'm cracked. I guess I just see things differently than most and my priorities are a little.......OK alot off. I'll let you-all decide what you think.

makes me uneasy~~~~ won't worry me at all

The Burger King-duh~~~~ Serial killers-in general
Janice Dickinson~~~~~ Janice Dickinson female impersonators (???)
teletubbies/barney~~~~~~ crackheads
Highschool musical~~~~~~~Highschool Massacre
men in short shorts~~~~~ men in dresses
male strippers~~~~~ male hustlers
KJ~~~~~~ mescaline
seroquel~~~~~ xanax
blood work~~~~~ trying to hit til I look like a bloody voodoo doll
boredom~~~~~ trouble
living in NM forever~~~~~ leaving tomorrow
psychotherapy~~~~~ blogging my business to the world
panhandleling~~~~~ sex for $$$
The mall~~~~~ the hood
being perfect but unhappy~~~Being a perfectly happy mess
infinite sobriety~~~~~~ infinite intoxication
kicking methadone~~~~~~ kicking H
the American dream~~~~~ the fact that the American dream is a lie
Scientology/Tom Cruise~~~~~ Aliens
smug self righteousness~~~~~~ mindless self-indulgence
drowning~~~~~ OD
crying for myself(I can't)~~~~~ Shedding tears for others
Vapid narcissism~~~~~ vapid narcissism
accidental idiocy~~~~~~ intentional stupidity
casual love~~~~~ casual sex
losing myself~~~~~ having nothing left to lose
being miserable to maintain appearances~~ being content to maintain myself
over-achieving~~~~~ being average
becoming my mother~~~~~ becoming unredeemable
living too long~~~~~~ dying tomorrow

I'm sure I could go on and on but I expect you-all were bored after the first few lines. Anyway, enough dime-store psychology for now, I suspect that this attack of introspection has been brought on by my recent smack binge. It usually takes me a few days of emotional upheaval to get back to myself. Chemical balances and all that. Whatever, Happy Wednesday babies, Love Melody XOXOXO