Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Turn as a Domestic Slut has Truly Come to an End!

Ok, so the pic has nothing to do w/my post, just bringing my work home with me, I s'pose.
So just to spite my newfound productivity, I ditched out on the second half of my shift last night, not a very subtle self-saboteur am I? Thinking I may be recovering some of my manic house cleaning energy, I have devoted myself to doing laundry today, though the fact that my dryer seems to be rebeling against it's one and only purpose (to dry, duh!) is seriously chipping away at my morale. Susie Homemaker I am not! It's been proven, time and again that I am quite possibly the worst house keeper ever.
 I loathe cleaning...any kind of cleaning and I truly feel that the only thing driving me to scrub the house on a regular basis was lack of anything better to do. Now that I've found other ways to occupy myself, mopping the floors is the last fucking thing on my mind. Casey is somewhat displeased by my lack of motivation where house-wifely duties are involved and I find that I must keep reminding him that just because I'm Mexican, don't make me his fucking maid! Clever no? Clever si!
The one thing I have going for me is that I can cook, oh man can I fucking cook! Anything and everything and it's not only edible, it's usually delectable! Not braggin...well, maybe a little but a girl has to take her bows when and where she can. If I was a more practical sort, I would be sprinkling my posts with some of my kick ass recipes but alas, practical is not me at all. Plus I don't think that y'all are here to read about my unbelievably good version of beef wellington or how to make the best godamned creamy chicken soup with cheese tortellini, celery and leeks. Shame really cause that soup is soooooo fucking good! Even Casey likes it and he is usually too much of a carnivore to enjoy soup as a main course.
So anyway, I'm watching Roman Holiday and periodically dragging my ass outside to hang clothes on the line and shopping online for a new dryer. I want one of those front loaders that you can get in all the cool colors. I'm a bit unhappy with my new laptop, I got it in "moolight white" which looked alot better in the demo. It would have been closer to the truth had they called it denture beige! But  the pavillion is tons better that that crappy vaio I had and if the color is the only thing wrong then I count myself lucky. That vaio was sooooo worthless! It was brand new and ran like a 5 yr old e-machine, I was totally disgusted so I got this HP Pavillion dv7 and now I'm happy. No more freezing up for absolutely no reason and refusing to convert my music files, fuck I hate that vaio!
So I had this really weird dream where I was getting molested by Joel Mchale but not as himself, as the guy he plays on community. The weird part being that it wasn't totally unpleasant. I'm usually immune to Ryan Seacrest-ish guys who use too much hair product but whatever, we all have our moments I suppose.
I'm also curious to know why it is that I am constantly getting propositioned via IM by guys from unheard of Ukranian villages. No, I am not the least bit interested in ,"having the webcam sexy" with you! I'm starting to think that my messenger ID's have been scrawled on the wall of some virtual men's room because I doubt they all got it from here. They never do tell me where they got it and I'm torn between thinking they're being coy or maybe just don't understand enough english to give me a proper answer. Oh well, that's what the "appear offline" setting is for.
Casey just got home and is shooting me adoring looks because by all appearances, the house is in the same state as when he left 4 hours ago. Nevermind that I have been hanging out washing like a Filipino houseboy! Maybe Regina can come stay and be our Filipina house girl? Haha, she'd love that! The only thing Regi likes more than housework is being subjected to Casey's moods.
So I have some rather interesting news on the Richie/Adrian/Casey front! Richie has somehow managed to get his hands on a weekend pass for the 6th of next month and has proposed that Adrian pick him (and some dilaudid) up in Colorado and then they meet me and Casey in Espanola. Wow, is that a recipe for disaster or what? Since I haven't filled you all in on the details of my last few hours with Rich, you can only judge from what you already know but even with that info you gotta know it's major bad news! Casey is sooooo unenchanted with Richie right now and he still hasn't gotten past my Adrian/crack episode.  I don't know what R has planned since he doesn't shoot and will have to piss test as soon as he gets back to the home but I doubt he's gonna go without. I need to think this through a bit more, ok ALOT more.
I'm off, I need to go throw more clothes in the washer and kick the dryer on my way out the back door. Fat Mike (sprawled across my shoulders) says hello.
~Melody Lee

Friday, February 12, 2010

half assed update

Well I had the conclusion to my Richie series all typed up and ready to go but blogger decided to eat it! So it looks like imma hafta do it all over again. Blegh!
It was interesting, even though I did feel like I was trapped in an episode of Benny Hill. I need to do a shot, I feel icky and edgey! I have some H left and a few subs for when it's gone but it looks like I'll be getting cleaned up this weekend.
I'm not feeling overly brilliant right now, so this is gonna be brief. I got promoted at work haha, is that some shit or what? I'm now a trainer and I get to um, train. Makes sense huh?
Anyway, Casey is at work and I'm all alone, getting ready to do the rest of my smack and nod until it's time for me to sign in. I'm on from 3pm to 1am and I'm s'posed to do 2 training sessions today. Wow, I feel so productive and useful! Pffft!
I am just as useless now as I ever was, so I have no clue how the fuck I managed to A) hold this job as long as I have B) actually prove myself an asset to the company. Just goes to show that you never can tell the way shit is gonna turn out.
I know there's plenty of fuckwads that will immediately comment about how they think my job is as worthless as I am and barely counts as employment at all but whatever. Suck shit, I'm not real concerned with your opinion anyway.
So I'm off to do a shot and enjoy what time I have before the girls call me. Good day to you all.
~Melody Lee