Sunday, October 12, 2008

Inferior douchebaggery....anon's struggle to adapt AKA newer is not necessarily better

It's been a long weekend, I'm cranky(ugh) and I need to go to sleep. I'm sure you-all know why, so I won't even say it. I should be laying in bed listening to my heart flutter and trying to pass out but instead I decided to check my online shit. I noticed that I have some more wannabe insults from my ardent admirer anonymous. All I can say is.....go sodomize yourself with a hot curling iron you pathetic asshole, seriously! I am so beyond giving a fuck what you think about me. I wish I could find a way to express exactly what is going through my mind as I think of you. I wish I could let you all hear what I consider an appropriate rebuttal to anon's constant (yet sadly inferior) douchebaggery. Oh wait ,thanx to the help of my sweet new voice thingie I can. Anyone interested in hearing what I think of anon's tired old insults press play now.
That's right anon, I can't even take you seriously anymore, your not-so-scathing remarks fall way short. I'm "thrashy" looking, is that what I am? Boo hoo I may cry myself to sleep for a week over that one. The reality is that I kinda like that description, it's like the perfect balance between thrashed and trashy. I claim that word, it's all mine now and it may go on my next t-shirt. I might be "thrashy" but I never claimed to be otherwise, so making un-inspired comments about the way I look is pretty retarded.
You obviously have so many of your own issues that it makes you feel better to come on here, read my shit and then attempt to be clever. What the fuck can you say about me that I haven't already said about myself? I'm a whore, I'm stupid, I'm useless blah, blah, blah, so what, go tell it to someone who gives a fuck.
I think it's really amusing that you consider me to be such a big piece of crap but you are the one who is applauding the fact that my friends have died. You've got it all over me in the piece of shit department, that's for damn sure. I may be a useless junky but you are a played out misery monger, spreading your bullshit everywhere you go. I would never say I was glad someone died just because they were an addict, that's got to be one of the most ignorant statements ever put in print.
If anything you annoy me in the fact that you or others like you have nothing constructive to say. I see asinine, hateful comments left for some of my blog buddies that leave me (almost but not quite) speechless. I can understand why you try to rag on me, I'm totally unrepentant about the shit I do but some of these other girls are really trying to change their lives and all you have to say is "You're a stupid junky whore who should have been drowned at birth" or "Kill your baby, it's better than having a piece of shit like you for a mother" (I'm paraphrasing but you get the idea). What the fuck is your damage, I mean who says that? I have a big mouth and I talk alot of smack but come the fuck on. You are a sadistic waste of space motherfucker and I'm glad my girlie's don't take your hatred to heart.
I don't want you to get the idea that I'm on here ranting because I give a good goddamn about what you've said...I don't. I'm writing this because I'm pissy/coming down and I feel like talking shit for no good reason. I actually love the fact that you can't get through your week without checking up on me and trying (and failing) once again to make me feel inferior. Who's the loser now? Dipshit!
I think it's pretty awesome that I can generate that much animosity just by typing out a few paragraphs every day, if anything your witless comments make me feel brilliant and adored. I'm affecting some random jerk-off sooo badly that he/she can't help but go into spasticated comment seizures.Sweeeet! My genius can't be limited to my immediate vicinity, I've gone global baby!
Love me or hate me, you're reading me aren't ya?
I thought I needed to grow up! I am immature as fuck but at least I'm honest about it. I don't try to wrap myself in some cloak of self-righteousness and smug superiority. I'm not gonna sit here and lie about the way I feel just to placate some cluster-fuck mongoloid who thinks I should spend all my time hating myself. I love myself, I love the girl I was, am and will be. I refuse to pander to the people who are offended by my words or deeds.
If you don't like it piss off, you don't have to read it!
Your insults are redundant(that means repetitious), I hope I'm not using too many grown-up words for you, I do want you to absorb as much of this as possible. Perhaps it will drive you to come up with something more original next time. Don't be afraid, all those syllables won't bite, the dictionary is your friend.
To everybody else who can appreciate a girl who isn't afraid to speak her mind, I love ya, BIG KISS.
Anon, I think you need a colonic ASAP, your shitty (haha) attitude is reminiscent of someone suffering from severe constipation or maybe it's that HUGE fucking pole up your ass. Lighten up shit bag, you'll live longer.
Oh and one more thing anon, my "scumbag" junky friends were worth a million of your sorry ass, you wish you could be half the person that they were.