Friday, October 9, 2009

A quickie, complete with photos

Pics of me, Casey, Fat Mike and some other misc crap, including a shot of my face busted to hell and back after my last catfight.Yes I'm alive and no Casey didn't pack me off for being a whore...because I'm not, well technically but in the sense that I've banged other guys since I've been here, uh no, I'm not. I'm kinda caught up working and trying to gets all this graphic novel stuff sorted and getting high (was there ever any doubt)so it might take me til next week to post the conclusion to the story. My latest headache involves Casey's snitch-cunt sister who has nothing better to do than carry tales to our family in Cali. I could understand if we were on the verge of fucking off everything but we're not! Both of us are working and maintaining all our bills, so what the fuck? You're going to tell my mommy on me? Seriously? It so utterly ridiculous and true to form, I should've expected it. His Family have been running to my mom with complaints for as long as I've known them. Guess what? She couldn't fix it when I was 15, she can't fix it now! Get a grip and fuck off! His sis is such a mess that she has to try and shit all over what we have to make herself look better. She's miserable in her marriage and miserable in her life but that's not our fault! I tried to help her out and she knifed me in the back out of spite and jealousy. That's on me for giving her the benefit of the doubt but believe me, I won't make that mistake twice. Ugh, getting sidetracked, I'm still burnt, can ya tell? So I'll try and get that shit together and post it by next week.Check the voice thingie in the meantime, I update there pretty often. Bye kids,
~Melody Lee