Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cholo-cide as a worthwhile pursuit.

OK so it just so happens that every time I try and stay home so I can get straight for a few days my phone rings. I get a call or a text asking me to go fuck around and if I feel like total shit (or even if I don't) I end up going out. I got a text from Adrian asking if I felt like kicking back with him and Maniac...
I considered the offer 1) because Adrian is a hot little shit 2) cause the thought of getting something in me sounds really good ( I mean dope, pervs, not dick) 3) because Casey is asleep and I'm b-o-r-e-d.
I have vowed not to do any speed and Ade promised dilaudid if I ventured out the front door. I don't have to drive, I don't hafta babysit and I don't hafta worry about gakked out cunts getting in my face. So if everything sounds so cherry, why the fuck am I in the back of some random Bronco at 1am, making my way towards Cuba?
Yeah He forgot to mention that he's been staying in Loco's crack-den and that the stash of injectables is there.
So I'm riding back here with him next to me, writing this on Maniac's new mini and wishing we weren't already 45 minutes down the 550. He looks damn fine tho and is being his usual adorable self. Joker is driving and Maniac is in the front, enjoying the fact that for once, I'm in the back. I'm cranky and feel like I might commit cholo-cide before the night is over. To top it off he keeps playing his crap music and if I hafta take much more Pitbull, I'm gonna lose it!
The thought of sidling past Loco holds little appeal as I'm fairly sure that Cap'n Save-a-ho is gonna take offense as soon as he realizes I'm hangin with Ade for the night. This is gonna be a blast, I can already tell. Perhaps I will cozy up to the Cap'n just long enough to score some rock, I did promise no crissy and I'm gonna need something to dull the senses. Don't know if I trust getting loaded around him, I've been molested in my sleep too many times and I don't feel like I need to add another to the list.
I suppose we'll see what happens when I get there. I have no doubt that Adrian will try and ride to my rescue and get a screwdriver in the neck for his efforts...right between the sexy Black Flag bars I love so much!*sigh* I'm really hoping I don't hafta make nice with Loco to avoid unpleasantness, I mean blood might be fun but not when it's gushing out of Ade's jugular. Maniac is too much of a pussy to go against his cousin and Jokes is too loyal so I'm basically fucked. Let's just hope that remains figurative and not literal, Casey will have kittens if I get tainted by cholos (or anyone for that matter). Oh well, I guess Fat Mike could always use some brothers and sisters hahahaha, I think I'm getting a lil hysterical, I just giggled out loud and Ade looks concerned. I better wrap this up, we're almost there. I'll update later if I am able.
Wish me luck.
The thus far unsullied by cholos Melody Lee
Ugh forgot to post this but fuck it, it's up now.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pain for for the sake of hurtin' and some questions answered

Well I'm back sorta and I guess I should write yeah I'll think of something. I'm debating a trip to Durango next weekend because Adrian's dilaudid connect is s'posed to be getting a FAT package of Mex brown from Cali and I don't think I'm quite strong enough to resist. We'll see...
It's funny that I called myself a masochist in my last voice blog because I never really considered myself to be one. Though I guess in technical terms a masochist isn't the same thing as a submissive. Sub I am NOT! I dig pain tho....sometimes but it has to be mutually and spontaneously inflicted, none of that master and servant crap, that's just lame! I have an unhealthy fascination with blood but that's probly normal considering what it means to an H addict. Most of us equate blood with a shot so of course it's gonna be attractive.
I bring up the masochist thing because if you think about it, this constant roller coaster I'm on is the definition of glutton for punishment. I wait just long enough to feel ok and then I run right out and cop another bag, knowing that in a couple days it'll start all over. Stupid me but whatever, in my mind the end justifies the means and until I feel differently, things are gonna continue that way. I don't really care what anyone else thinks of this cycle, cause for the most part, I don't really care what anyone else thinks period! I'm selfish and my own opinion is what's important.
I get so much shit for the stuff I write and yet....I could just write nothing. I choose to open myself up to ugly criticism out of some hyper-need for attention that probably has a psychological root that I'm unwilling to recognize because I believe psychology to be "..the disease for which it claims to be the cure" ~Krauss
Not really but I fucking love the way that sounds and it suits my purpose. I tend to adore anything that suits my purpose and also succeeds in offending people without any real effort.
So I haven't answered alot of my comments and I thought to address some now.
For the record, Gleds is right, I don't enjoy beating people up....ok that's a lie but just because I like to scrap doesn't mean I go around picking on innocent bystanders. There's a big fucking difference between being a bully and not taking people's shit. If you would care to look back over my previous fight episodes, you'll see that I rarely start these things. I just step it up, instead of exchanging dirty looks for an hour, I confront the issue head on. If they persist in being assholes then I just clock 'em in the mouth, can't say I didn't give fair and ample warning.
There's nothing wrong with aggression, it's misplaced aggression that causes problems. You won't ever catch me beating down old grannies because they looked at me sideways. It's the bitches who imagine themselves to be hard as fuck and use that belief to try and intimidate me that get my attention. I'm not saying that I'm a badder bitch than everyone else, on the contrary, I've gotten my ass beat PLENTY of times, it's just that I haven't let it scare me. So I get the shit kicked outta me, so what? At least I stood up for myself.
That's one thing you learn early on in this game, you get more respect for taking the beating than you do for running away. I learned it well because it's hard enough for girls to get respect in the drug world as it is. You don't rat, you don't run from fights (unless you're getting shot at) and you don't bang your connects for dope, it's bad for business. Even when I was working the street I never fucked the connects, I never had to. I'd built up a good enough rep to get credit if I needed it and that was because of the things listed above.
So yeah, I'm a scrappy bitch but I'm not a bully and as Rufus pointed out, why the fuck should any of these anons care what I do with my time and money? If they had it their way most of 'em would see me incarcerated or expired of some communicable disease. Too bad God ain't listenin bitches, try those prayers another offense Brother Frankie, that wasn't directed at you.
Oh and Regi, I see what you're saying but am a bit worried that your vagina doesn't feel clean to begin with. Showers are your friend, never forget that. Just kidding Reg, I'm sure your vag smells like petunias, whatever that smells like.
Skillz, girl, we def have a lot in common, I'd hate to see the havoc if we ever ended up in the same zip code haha. I take that back I'd LOVE to see it!
Oh and Rufus, I expect to see photos of you in your new "cooze" themed shirt!
So there we are, I managed to fill yet another post with nothing and still make it worth reading, is that talent or what? Oh and anons, before you go off about what a talent-less bitch I am, remind yourself that you read this through and through. Even if you hate me, you still read me and that's a notch in my attention whoring belt, whether you choose to believe it or not.
Adios muthafuckas,
~Melody Lee

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Never underestimate a horny, lonely man with a wallet full of credit cards and a hard-on!

The title of this post reflects the answer I gave a male friend of mine who asked the naive question, "Why the fuck would someone pay for phonesex?"
He was somewhat disturbed to think that every time I turn on my lines I get at least 15 calls in a 4 hour period (sometimes less if they last longer). Of course I have multiple listings and a pretty solid customer base but I still get a fair amount of new callers.
The whole concept seemed to bother him and although he was sitting right beside me as I took these calls, he still found it hard to believe that men would pay good money to essentially jerk themselves off to what amounts to an interactive porno.
I gave him the answer cited above and proceeded to take one of the most fucked-up hilarious humiliation calls EVER! I'm pretty much shameless in everything I do, so verbally abusing masturbating morons in front of an audience is no sweat haha, I'm awesome like that. I'm going to show you the text from my fem-domme listing to give you an idea of what a caller to that particular line can expect and let you marvel at the fact that they read it and still place the call. After that is a transcript of the call that resulted in the icky pic at the bottom of this post. Anyone who is offended by the sight of unattractive penises and wrapping materials should stop reading now. Heh, that's what I thought you pervy sons a bitches, scrolled right down didn'tcha? Don't sweat it, I'd a done the same, read on.
Listing text:

Don't let my cutesy listing fool you. I'll shred whatever scrap of self esteem you have and sound totally sweet the whole time I'm doing it.
That's right I'll be sweet as I'm making you wish you were never born! Come and play with me, see how long it takes for me to OWN your bitch ass! I'm a born switch, especially when it comes to pathetic losers like you, I just can't help myself. It takes a real man to top this bitch and all I see here is chicken shit!
You're the kind of fucktard that has nothing better to do than troll Niteflirt looking at all the women he can never hope to get. You've been reduced to paying girls for talk and even then you can't hide the fact that you're an utter waste of space. HAH,I can smell L-O-S-E-R from the moment I answer the phone, which is kinda sad but mostly funny. Can you really blame me for laughing at you? Take a look in the mirror, you pin-dick sack of dog crap! YOU are a sorry excuse for a man and it's no wonder women mock you.
You've been getting the shit kicked out of you your whole life and it's warped you into a sexual deviant who's itty-bitty dick gets hard when a girl humiliates him! Don't try and deny it, your inadequate genitalia is even now attempting to rise as you read this. Worthless, poorly endowed AND impotent? Aren't you a fucking prize! Haha, I wouldn't fuck you with someone else's vagina!
Quite the social retard aren't you? If you can find the balls(tho I sincerely doubt you possess any), pick up the phone and call me, I'll show you what I'm all about. Oh and you better start explaining yourself as soon as I answer the line, give me something worth laughing at or I'll hang up on you. My time is valuable and you're not paying me NEARLY enough to tolerate a trembling wimp who can't find the courage to speak up. Got it?

Ribbon call:
Me: Tell me what I wanna hear jerk-off, before I hang up on you.
Caller: My name is Dave, I'm a 44 year old virgin wimp loser. I'm really a loser, this is not a fantasy for me, not role play, this is my pathetic life and I can only think about girls treating me like total crap, I really have no life, no friends, no love life, I sit around in my apartment all day and surf the Internet for femdom sites and call niteflirt.
Ideally I'm looking for a girl who can get inside my head and learn all my weaknesses so she can completely destroy my self-esteem. I beg you to really hurt me physically and mentally. I'm into femdom and humiliation, but not into gay or bi sex or into feminization.
Me:Well Dav-id, I have been known to be a lil vicious, especially when dealing with pathetic, couch potato,wastes of space, like yourself. From what you've told me, it's no wonder you're still a virgin, to tell you the truth, I'm kinda surprised you don't still live with your parents.
Caller: I know princess, I don't deserve your attention. I don't deserve the privilege of hearing your beautiful voice....
Me: Shut the fuck up retard! Did I say you could speak? Since you're so eager to use your mouth why don't you come over here and clean my shoe? I think I stepped in dog shit earlier and I figure you hafta be good for something. Crawl over here and lick the shit off the bottom of my shoe!
Caller: *panting* YES PRINCESS! *slurping noises*
Me: Let me tell you something D for dickless .....OH MY GOD! Are you touching yourself??? You disgusting little worm! Stop that immediately before I go get my boyfriend to come and show you what a real dick looks like. Your shit is so tiny it's not even a small penis, it's a big clit, take your thumb and forefinger off of it or I'll burn it off with my cigarette and end this problem once and for all!
Caller: *wheezing* YES PRINCESS! Please forgive me, I'll do anything you say I'll....
Me: I know that you moron, I own every inch of you, from your receding hairline to the tips of your smelly toes. Ugh, that's a pretty picture! The image of you masturbating is...*gag* I just vomited in my mouth *spitting noise* Eat it!
Me: Say thank you, bitch!
Caller: Oh thank you princess I..
Me: Nauseating little twerp, as penance for being such a fucking idiot, you will tie a ribbon around your hideous little weenis and mail it to me so I can post it on my blog and show everyone what a sissy loser you are.
Caller: On your blog? Noooooo, I beg you princess...
Caller: Y-yesss p-princess.
Me: I'm over this, you should tribute me just for wasting my precious time with your ridiculous panting! My friends are gonna die laughing when I show it to them, they love hearing about my nf losers. I'm not surprised girls can see you for the dickless wimp you are, Christ, I really can smell failure and desperation from here!
15 minutes later:
Caller: Thank you Princess, that was a great call. I have attached a pic of my little dick with a ribbon and will send it now.
Me: Good dog, now go and fetch me feedback that says Princess M owns Dickless Dave. 5stars, BITCH! I'll be posting your pic soon. *click*
E-mail from caller with attached pic : Yes Princess M, just did so.

So for those of you bemoaning the fact that I've been neglecting my updates and stories, there ya go haha, my gift to you. An absurdly long post with a gag-worthy dick-pic attached, am I outstanding or what?
Mmmhmm, yeah, I'll back later. Count on it.
~Melody Lee, your Fem-domme for all seasons.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Just a lil audible verbal vomit for your listening pleasure

If anyone didn't hear the first a-fucking-mazing recording I did while under the influence of my darling friend H, click on the My Blog thing on the bottom left corner of the widget and it will take you where you wanna go. I'll be back eventually, probly write something too, you never can tell. OK kids, I'm a long gone so many ways haha.