Friday, October 3, 2008


The Mikey story, I can give alot more details on because I was indirectly involved. Again this happened when I was living at the Tower selling dope. We had been seeing less and less of Mikey because he had just had a daughter and he was staying clean for her. I had told him that if he really wanted to stay off the smack I wouldn't sell to him anymore.
This whole thing is just fucked up because Mikey was one of those people who started using after I did, not because of me but because we all hung out together and it was always around. He did his first shot in my apartment when I was 17 and he was 23. I didn't find out until after the fact but at that time I was so young and stupid that I probably wouldn't have stopped him anyway.
So Mikey had been clean and he was doing really well, I had run into him downtown one day and he looked healthy and happy. He was hanging out with this kid Matt who was a junky as well but on methadone. I never really got to like Matt because he was a kiss-ass and fake as fuck, just a smarmy little shit! He bought from me occasionally but for the most part he copped in oildale (he lived there too).
Well that day was the last time I saw Mikey alive.
At the time it was me and Casey and junky Jimmy (our runner) living in the room. It was around 9:30 pm and Jimmy had gone out to drop off some bags. I heard sirens outside and then someone was pounding on the door. We stashed our shit and when Casey opened it it was the cops. They said they had gotten a 911 call saying Jimmy had OD'd and that we had him hidden in the room. We had no fucking clue what they were talking about! They said they weren't interested in looking for anything else, they just needed to see if Jimmy was OK. I told them that Jimmy had gone to the store and had looked more than alive the last time I saw him. I went ahead and let them in, arguing about it would have made it worse anyway. They did just what they said, looking in the bathroom, closet and under the bed. Once they were satisfied that there was no dead guy in the room, they stood in the doorway and talked back and forth with the Motel manager telling her it had been a false call.
Right then my phone rang and when I answered it, it was Kenneth, he was freaking out so bad I could barely understand what he was saying. Finally he told me that he had gotten a call from some kid over at Matt's house saying that Mikey had fallen out and that they didn't know what to do. The kid had called 911 but Matt snatched the phone away from him and hung it up. When 911 called back, Matt answered it and told them that Jimmy had OD'd in # 211 at The room.
I told Kenneth that the cops and Emt's were at my door and that he better give me Matt's address NOW! He gave it to me and I was finally able to convince the cops that while they wasted time arguing on my doorstep Mikey was dying in oildale. A few minutes after they left Kenneth called back to say that the same kid that called him was at his door saying that he needed to get in the car right now, Matt hadn't even tried to help Mikey, he had dragged him up the driveway and left him in the dirt by the side of the road. Kenneth went with the kid and by the time they got there, the ambulance had arrived.
He said Mikey was all scratched up and covered in dirt from where that piece of shit Matt had dragged him up the gravel drive. The Emt's worked on him but got no response and he was transported and pronounced DOA at the hospital.
I found out later that Mikey had been out and struggling to breath for two hours before that kid had freaked and called 911. All that time and Matt had just sat there and watched him die. If that kid hadn't called Kenneth, Matt would have been content to say nothing, just to save his own ass.
He got picked up by the cops when they saw him peeking around the corner of his house watching them work on Mikey.
We got a call from Lora saying she had talked to Mikey's mom and that it had been too late. Too much time had passed and they weren't able to bring him back. Everyone was in shock, Mikey was gone. To this day I can't believe that somebody could be so ruthless, Matt and Mikey were friends and friends are supposed to look out for each other.
Alot of people say that it's just the kind of thing you can expect from a junky but that is bullshit! Being a junky doesn't automatically make you a piece of shit.
Many many people went gunning for Matt. Casey pulled him out of his truck at a stoplight and stomped the shit out of him. He said it felt good at the time but it was basically a futile gesture. No amount of ass-kicking will change things one bit. I think Jimmy said it best when Matt's girl friend asked him for some DVDs he'd stolen from them, "Matt wants his shit back? Tell him he can have it when get my friend back!"
So that's it, R.I.P. Mikey M. we miss you every day. Melody