Monday, October 27, 2008

Miracles come in all shapes and sizes

Did you guys know that back in the 1800's alcoholism was such a problem that they used to advertise 'miracle cures' in the back of ladies magazines and catalogues? One of these cures was a liquid that women were supposed to sneak into their husbands after-dinner coffee in order to keep him from going on a bender. It was guaranteed to ease your spouse into a restful sleep and keep him that way til morning. No more drunken mauling or verbal abuse. It was perfect! If you could get past the fact that this 'miracle cure' was actually liquid morphine (laudanum) and that instead of having a husband who was a drunk, you now had one that was addicted to opiates, by your own hand no less! Not really a relevant story, I just thought it was interesting, my head if full of useless movie/pop culture/drug trivia and it leaks out occasionally. I mean who(besides me), really cares about the name of Erroll Flynn's boat? Even if it was the one where he (allegedly) committed several counts of statutory rape. No one really knows (or cares) who the first girl to jump off the Hollywood sign was, but I know her name, even if I can't really tell you why I know it, I just do. Whatever!
So, I'm gonna put it(H) away.......I think. I don't really wanna contend with an extended bout of dopesickness so.....
Maybe I can hide it away til next week, that would be the thing to do, that way when Casey comes home wanting a shot, which he will, I can say no and he'll just have to deal with it. He doesn't need to go to work all loaded or sick. I can curb myself enough so that if I put it away, I can stay out of it for a week, haha self-control at it's finest. I did a shot this morning and I think that's it for now. I'm going to try really hard to stick to my decision and see how that goes, don't worry, if I fuck up y'all be the first ones to know.
I waaaaaaaay overdid it ! It's not often that I do enough dope to make me sick but I managed to pull it off this weekend. I spent most of Saturday doing shots.....and then running to the bathroom to puke my guts up. Alot of people think that it's not worth it, having to put up with nausea in order to get loaded. Maybe to them it's not, I eat tons of gummi candy the whole time I'm high, so when it does come up, it tastes just as good as it did going down. I'm sure y'all were just dying to know that huh?
Anyway, I'll probably be posting a bunch of angsty drivel for the next few days, just til I get my emotions back under control, so bear with me. Maybe I'll post a few more hooker stories, that should pass the time and maybe entertain you a bit as well. You know me, I live to serve.Love y'all bunches and bunches, Melody