Friday, October 10, 2008

Track-marked fetish girls and the perils of being 'too pretty for prison'

So I was able to snag the camera and take the photos myself(no Tony-dwarf), which also explains why I barely managed to get my head in the shot, I'm sooo fucking coordinated. There's more but I thought two of me and one of my 'dopefiend' boobs was enough for the present.
It has been a pretty stagnant week,I spent most of my time on my new phone line talking to random pervs about random depravity. I seriously think they just make shit up, some of the fetishes they have are so retarded. I think they've gone through all the established ones and simply started inventing their own. K1tten and I (I'm such a name-dropper), were joking about starting a track-mark/junky girl fetish line but the more I think about it, the better it sounds. I have had more than a few guys (on the phone and in real life ), get off on the fact that I was a needle-loving heroin addict.
So still no H. I guess I'm cool with it, I mean I would LOVE to get loaded but it's not killing me or anything. Who the fuck have I turned into? HAHA, don't answer that. As usual my un-strungoutedness is due to the fact that there is no dope here, not my amazing powers of self control. I have little or no self control when it comes to most shit. OK when it comes to heroin in particular. I can say no to just about anything (even though I usually don't), except for H.
I had a wacko dream that I was mainlining some blue shit, I'm sure it doesn't take a psychiatrist to figure that one out. Blue? Whatever. Maybe I'm psychic and my area will soon be inundated with some kind of super-smack that just happens to be blue. I wish.
Richie and Eric go to court next week and they are SCARED. I think Richie wants to run but is afraid Rainman will cut him into little pieces if he does. I don't know what the laws are here but I'm betting that with the meth problems in this area, the D.A. has a hard-on for anyone caught in possession of it, especially with intent to distribute. They have no priors as adults and their juvi records are off limits so maybe they'll catch a break. Those boys weren't cut out for prison, Richie is way too pretty, his dance card will be full from reception til the day he gets released. Poor kid!
He bought me some razor blade jewelery, (earrings, bracelet, necklace) to remember him by if he gets locked up. He's the one looking at time and he's buying me presents. I though it was pretty cute though, the razor blade thing, like an unspoken tribute to our little meth adventures......maybe it should have been little bent spoons? Maybe not but I could definitely sport some syringe jewelery HAHA, that is so me. I can see it now, my dopefiend shirt and dangly-rig earrings. Sweeeet!
Regina is planning a trip to the UK next year and wants me to go, she wants to have a Trainspotting moment. I think this sounds good in theory but the reality of it would mean getting ripped of in the extreme. I sincerely doubt that some (unfailingly honest and noble) Renton look-a-like is going to appear and be our guide to UK junk debauchery......although it is pretty to think about. I'll stick to what know.
So I am hideously bored and going with the boys to celebrate what may just be their last weekend of total freedom is starting to sound pretty damn good. I do think it's a little asinine for them to risk catching another case on the eve of their court appearance but doing questionable things is what I do best.
Stupid? Not me...never! I always do exactly what I should, even if it means denying myself. I am a pillar of restraint and decency. Riiiiiight.
I may try to talk them out of it or at least into coming here instead of us all going to Rainman's. At least here there is less chance of a raid, although Rainman does seem to have the damnedest luck for not getting caught. God looks after babies and meth-savants apparently.
Casey will be included as he has suddenly become super paranoid about me fucking Richie. I wonder why that is? I can't think of anything that might drive me in that direction.....oh, maybe the fact that he knows he's been acting like a cocksucker. I told him he was being a melodramatic bitch but that the next time his little office tart hits on him he should imagine all the different things I could be doing with Richie should the mood take me. If he's good I'll be good.
I'm off to enjoy some chain-smoking and severe boredome until tonight, have a fan-fucking-tastic weekend kids. Ciao babies, Melody