Friday, March 27, 2009

New Rose

My new "Madalynn" tattoo.

Ok this is not an update, just whoring a pic of my new tat. I got a new piece because the last one is still raised and Mario wants to wait til all the lines are healed before he works on it. So my star is still empty but not for long, I made a trip to Esp. and have been in a fog ever since. I'm tapering off a bit now, so I should be back to finish up part two of the last post. I'm off to counseling and then I will be back to field comments and whatnot. Kisses, Melody

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Runnin' on go....

*Sometime early Sunday morning-

I am so freakin wired right now I swear to Christ I feel like my hair is gonna float right off my head. I am TINGLY and that is an understatement! I just hit the fattest shot of cryssy and I'm still trying to catch my breath. I'm holed up in R-man's bedroom using his shitty laptop and chain smoking. I'm sitting up against the headboard and Adrian is curled around one side of me. He seems to have over-amped and is currently watching every move I make with half closed eyes. Strange considering the amount of meth he's injected/smoked but that's what happens when you over-amp, instead of going faster you slow down to almost nothing. He'll probably crash for 15 minutes and then wake up gakked outta his head.
I'm not sure I can go into all the shit that has happened tonight, I managed to snag a photo of Loco, Maniac and Joker but I won't be putting it up until I can figure out how to fuzz out their faces. I won't have anyone saying they got popped because I blasted them all over cyberspace and their parole officer happens to be a blog whore.
I don't even know if I'll get this up today, I'm feeling very enthusiastic about typing away but there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to it. I am annoyed that Adrian has chosen to snuggle up to my legs. Why the fuck can't he go rub up on someone else? I don't dislike it exactly but it makes me somewhat uncomfortable because A) I am having Richie flashbacks B) I'm positive that the little fucker knows he's getting to me and C) He is laying there looking beyond delicious in his sleeveless Agression shirt.
Wonderful, I just got an IM from k1tten and she is giving Adrian obscene instructions regarding certain parts of my anatomy.....
I must keep in mind that he is too young to be taken seriously and that Casey is my love love love. WOW I am amazingly retarded right now!

The above is an excellent example of why one should never over-indulge in methamphetamine! It gives you diarrhea of the mind and can result in what is commonly known as a brain fart. Fuck, what can I say but...fuck!
If you hadn't noticed, the after effects have made me oh-so eloquent. Eh, it's probably not a big change from my usual blathering.
Anyway, as you can see, things got somewhat interesting on Saturday/Sunday. When I wrote that aborted post, my outing had begun to wind down...somewhat. I will attempt to give you a brief (yeah riiiight), account of the events that took place.
For those of you who don't remember my previous trip to Cuba, you can find it here: ...The Gangster of Love .
Anyway, I answered the phone on Saturday night and it was indeed R-man, he said he was coming up Orchard and would be at my house in mere seconds. I grabbed my bag, got my boots on, grabbed my skinhead-ish flight jacket and headed out the door. Casey showed amazing restraint by not bombarding me with snide commentary, he just made a face at me and returned my I love you.
It was cold as fuck outside but R-man pulled up just as I was lighting a cigarette. Luckily he was not driving the disco-mobile, it was one of his SUV thingies. I think it was the same one we took the last time we trucked it to Cuba.
The front seat was clear as I have made it known to Maniac that I refuse to ride in the back. It doesn't really bother me, I do it just to bust his balls. As usual the inside of the truck was foggy with vapors and after about 30 seconds I was starting to feel my skin crawl. Fuckin tweekers!
I glanced at the back seat and saw Maniac's retarded ass sucking glass like it was an extra-thick milk shake. Of course being my usual charming self, I told him he looked like he was sucking cock and should he ever lose his position as Rainman's buttboy he would at least have that skill to fall back on. This caused R-man to choke and spew vitamin water all over the windshield.
Maniac sputtered for a second and then came back with, "Stop showing off for Adrian's stupid ass, you wanna talk about sucking dick, I know you wanna..."
The rest of his comment was muffled due to the fact that I had smacked him in the face with my bag.
I don't know how I managed to overlook Adrian but there he was, sitting right behind me. Maniac regained his composure and began to grumble at me, something to do with how I could have broken the pipe and that I needed to "quit playin'." Douche! He then started to make not so subtle remarks about me and Adrian. I took it all in stride but when he least expected it I reached back and flicked him in the nose as hard as I could. That shut shut him up.
I was riding in that front seat, listening to R-man drone on about something or other and trying to ignore the kid sitting behind me. It was working until he leaned over my seat to offer me the pipe. He was trying to hold it for me but I killed that notion real fast! Not only did it look awfully idiotic to anyone who might be driving past, it put him right up against me and that was the last place he needed to be.
I took the pipe and hit that bitch until I felt like I was plugged in to a light socket.
We were gonna be headed straight to Cuba, any pit stops had been made before they picked me up. I told R-man to hit the Walgreen's and get me some points, then we stopped by Sammi's house so I could do a shot. I made for the bathroom with Ade trailing behind me and I grabbed Sammi at the last minute, I was feeling the need for a chaperon.
I hadn't noticed it the last time but Adrian was one of those touchy-feely tweekers. Everything he said was punctuated by some sort of touch on my arm or my leg and as I was already tingling like a motherfucker, I didn't need the added stimulus. Don't get me wrong, in another life I would have been more than happy to let him grope me but having learned my lesson with Richie, I knew it wasn't a good idea.
We went to the john and I busted out the bag R-man had given me, I had a party pack of outfits and Sammi passed me a spoon. I broke her off(she doesn't shoot), and then fixed up enough for 2 FAT shots. We drew up and I went to sit on the edge of the tub so I could take off my boot. Just like the night we met, Adrian knelt down and unlaced it for me, he pulled it off and then offered me his belt. Sammi was standing behind him with big eyes mouthing , "Oh my fuck, this guy is HOT!"
I nodded at her and then turned my attention to finding a vein. I warmed to the task and managed to stick one in no time, unfortunately it was a false register and I shot 5 units of rocket fuel under my skin. It burned like fucking acid! It's alot more uncomfortable than missing H but being a trooper I persevered. I pinned one running along my instep and this time I struck true. I pushed it in and got that feeling that says you may have gone over your limit. The lights dimmed and my head pounded, when I was able to focus again, I saw Ade wiping blood off my foot with his shirt. My first coherent thought was that he was taking his Lancelot act too far, I mean why use your shirt when there's a whole roll of toilet paper right next to you?
I lit a smoke and tried to ignore him as he tied off and dug around, his arms looked like shit. I find that this didn't bother me in the least, I like bruises...and tracks...especially tracks. Moving on.
Somehow I ended up reclining in the tub with Sammi perched on the edge and Adrian sitting on the floor next to us. I was doing my usual chain smoking bit, Sammi was hitting her pipe, chatting away and Ade was fucking with the spoon, drawing up another shot.
It's quite possible that we would have spent the whole night that way but Maniac poked his head in and said, "Time to hit the road hypes." We gathered our shit and as I was going to rinse the wash off the spoon Ade took it from me and licked it off....ACK! *gag* It wouldn't have been my move but whatever, to each their own...YUK!!!
Damn, I think I'm gonna do this nonsense in a couple different posts, it was one looong ass night and this shit is already running on. Yep, I believe that would be best. I will try to finish it up tomorrow but I make no promises, we all know how lazy I am.
I will make an added effort, just in case anyone is actually interested in reading about my night on the town. What am I saying? OF COURSE you're interested, why wouldn't you be? I am after all, infinitely interesting. I know I never get tired of me.
I'll be back...soon and wrap this bitch up with a ribbon!
XOXO, Melody Lee

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I tell the truth even when I'm lying.....

Casey's Irish is showing, the St. Paddy's day tattoo. Right on the throat...YUMMY!!!

I'm in a rare mood and the Johnny Thunders felt soooo right! I am sitting here waiting for Rainman and wondering why it is that I am even considering leaving the domicile this eve. I guess it has just been too damn boring and I am due for another goofy escapade with R-man and crew. Oh and the fact that Adrian got on the line and added his voice to the others doesn't hurt. He asked so prettily that it would have been unbelievably rude for me to decline the invitation.
Casey has opted to stay home and is currently laying on the couch watching TV, Fat Mike perched on his chest. As I'm sure y'all noticed, he got a big ass shamrock tattooed on his throat. I am fascinated by it, the whole neck tattoo thing fascinates me....
I'm going back to Mario in a couple weeks and getting more work done on my arm, he's gonna touch it up and add some more shit as well. Perhaps I can persuade Casey to continue the work on his neck/throat. MMMMMMMM, I seriously hope so.
If I follow through with the plans tonight I will be off to Cuba again and I will have the dubious pleasure of renewing my acquaintance with Maniac's cousin Loco. Fan-fucking-tastic!
Dare I hope that I won't be subjected to another dose of Captain Save a Ho? If that were to happen again, I feel that I might lose my easy-going demeanor and stab him in the eye with a crack stem. At least Adrian will be there to hold my his support. Maniac on the other hand is going to be a colossal pain in my ass! I still owe him one for pimping out my phone number. I'm not certain what form this retribution will take but y'all know me hahaha, it will be swift and unexpected!!! If at some point during the evening we end up back at R-man's trailer home I will endeavor to get online and post the Espanola story. I should be more than motivated, if ya catch my meaning heheh.
Christ I hate speed! Such a waste of a perfectly good vein! I will be injecting/ingesting a fair quantity of methamphetamine this evening IF I decide to go. I could think of a million other things I would rather do but whatever.........I never said I was consistent.
I have just now realized that aside from my "friend" and the H in Espanola, I haven't had to pay for any of the drugs I've done since I got here. Hmmm....
I know that on a few occasions I was getting them in return for favors (not those kinds of favors!)but for the most part it was just kicked down. I guess when you have a seemingly endless supply of crystal, it's no big thang to spread it around. Rainman could probably trail it behind him like breadcrumbs and still have enough to get the whole county geeked.
It's funny, Regina and I were discussing the meth phenomenon here and comparing it to the one back home in Kern County. We decided that if all the meth labs in Kern and San Juan counties were to simultaneously explode, it would take out the whole left hand side of the US map. Sad thing is, it's no exaggeration, our hometown is lousy with meth labs, good thing I had enough sense to switch over to heroin before the meth had a chance to take hold haha.
I may be an equal opportunity drug user but if I had to choose, I wouldn't hesitate for even one second. H is my main man. Everything else is just killing time between shots of smack. It's not pretty but it's the truth and truth is eternal...even if I'm not.
So I have to make R-man buy me some new points and then.......who knows?
The phone is ringing and I should wrap this up and go pull on my boots, yes the boots. A lady can never have enough steel-toed footwear. So I will be back, maybe tonight. I can't say for sure but I may have some semi-interesting details to divulge in my next post. Here's hoping.
G'night kids, I'm out~Melody Lee

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just when you thought you couldn't get enough of me, I start re-posting crap from other websites. Too much of a good thing?

Fat Mike sitting on my lap. He is getting soooo BIG!

Well well, here I am again. Two days in a row, perhaps I will actually keep my word and start posting more often....hope springs eternal.
It's disgustingly sunny outside and the general consensus is that there will be no more snow, I hate the fucking snow! I also happen to hate the sun which only cements my status as a contrary cunt. The only time I am oblivious to weather extremes is when I'm loaded. I can stroll 20 miles in an unbearable Bakersfield heat wave (sometimes up to 110 degrees) and smile all the while. Of course I could do it sick as well and in less time but I sure as fuck wouldn't be smiling.
My summer trip should be interesting, I will be making my return to Bako during the most miserable portion of June/July when the humidity is so bad you could live in a cold shower and still sweat. Oh well, at this point I may be coming home to a lynch mob haha, in a fit of pique I wrote some rather unflattering words about some of my ex-acquaintances and posted it on myspace (like the attention slut I am) for all the world to enjoy. Though I never actually named names, I outlined certain infamous happenings which are common knowledge in Bako. As is usually the case, it got bounced all over cyberspace and apparently pissed off half the town....hahahahaha.
Thanx to some pointed blog comments from Anna, a certain someone got it into her head that a portion of the post was about her. I know for a fact that all of the scenarios detailed in my little rag-fest can be readily applied to any number of the people back home, myself included but this girl really took offense.
In my mind I feel that she must have some kind of complex involving dumpsters in order to get that pissed off about something she claims never happened. She reacted by writing a 10,000 word dissertation giving all sorts of explanations that really had nothing to do with much of anything at all....heheh maybe we have something in commom after all. She also ripped Anna a new asshole (in print) which we all think is hilarious considering I was the one who wrote it. For the record, the dumpster comment was not intended for D. but since she happens to be Anna's sister in law, she chose to interpret it that way thus setting off a shit storm of idiotic proportions.I suppose the fact that Anna's comment specified "ate-up ho-bag sister in law" didn't help matters haha.
The bar set is now up in arms over the whole thing and I almost hate to burst their bubble. Never one to turn from conflict I may just let the whole thing ride, that way I have no chance of getting bored while I'm in town. It was an incredibly immature thing to write in the first place but I happen to be a genius when it comes to juvenile antics. I was being pissy due to some messages I had gotten from old "friends" who felt the need to inform me that I and a few others were the topic of some lame myspace-type drama/shit talk.
It is safe to assume that I had been awake a tad bit too long when I went off but I won't make excuses because I happen to think that the things I wrote are absolutely brilliant and amusing. I even told them to grow up hahaha, is that a laugh or what? ME telling someone else to grow up.....
I will re-post it here and see what y'all think, it is me at my coming down, bitchy, immature best and I am beyond pleased with it. It is my ode to the type of lame slander mongering that set me off in the first place and I think I'm a bit in love with it right now.

Subcutaneous homesick blues
Current mood: fascinated

I really miss home. I can't wait to go back and see all the misc. fuckers that are still running amok. Being somewhat sober for the first time in a long time I even want to see the people I lost touch with. All you non-junky motherfuckers know who you are. Excited aren't ya?

Then we have the ones who know exactly who I am, may have been my friends at one time but have decided they are way better than I. Haha I suppose the fact that I saw some of these so called good people with their hands out for dope and/or sucking cock for rock is irrelevant. That's cool. Fuck y'all anyhow, at least I have the balls to be honest about the crap I did/do.

Why do people have to lie about that shit? If you were best known for getting plowed behind a dumpster you should give up on the thought that anyone has forgotten about it and make it work for you. Believe me, NO ONE has forgotten a damn thing!

If your best party trick was vomiting all over some guys cock whilst giving a drunken blowjob, turn it into a regular performance. It would show more character. Everyone already knows you're a big ol' cocksucker anyway, why fight it?

And if you once shat all over yourself (repeatedly) and are hoping that the talk has died has. It will however NEVER die out completely. It'll make a comeback every few years or so, like now for instance. I'd say it's definitely on an upswing riiiiiiiight......NOW!

Oooh my faaaaavorite hipster! The last time I saw you, you were wired out of your ever lovin mind, your head buried in a dumpster as you scavenged for "trade-able" resources. How's the bar scene now? Good? Maybe we can go score some crack when I'm back in town? My treat! Don't worry I'll keep it DL, wouldn't want anybody to find out would we?

Now aside from the fact that I ADORE dredging up old bullshit, I could care less about what you did or who you think you've become. If you've cleaned your ass up and moved on, good for you. What I have an issue with is the fact that these exalted trendsters can lower themselves enough to to soil their sparkly-clean tongues.......and talk mass amounts of shit. About moi? How DARE you???

It's not like I went about the business of being a strungout, smack dealing hooker in plain sight! Did I EVER stumble around the room high off my ass and then nod out at a table for an undetermined amount of time...possibly drooling? Would I have dreamed of coming to your workplace to supply you with heroin?


That's my point. If I tried to pretend all that shit never happened it would be lame as fuck because no one ever forgets. Blog about that. Bitches!
Yeah, yeah I'm a loser, a junky, a mess whatever. I'm an honest mess which will trump a duplicitous jackass every time.

If you happen to fall into the category of someone who hasn't actually spoken to me in over a decade and you still persist in composing messages/blogs etc about myself and few select others....grow the fuck up! Who do you think you are anyway? It's just Bakersfield for God sake, y'all act like it's high society and you happen to be the pinnacle of perfection.

Big fish but y'all are cruising around in a mud puddle. Yeah I miss it. I miss it like crazy but I always knew it was a mud puddle. I never deluded myself into thinking it was something it wasn't. I was content to navigate the muck.

Which is kinda funny if you think about it, all you self inflated big fish swimming around in the sludge but guess where I'll be? I think you know that scum/shit always floats to the surface. That's me. But ironically enough it puts me above you. Go figure.

There are people aplenty who have remained cool as hell and I can't wait to see them. You know who you are. If you're on my friendlist this long ass bitchfest has nothing to do with you. I don't make nice with jerk-offs...unless they have something good to offer or they're paying me heheh. I'm thinking these particular jerk-offs have nothing to offer but the pleasure of their company. I surmise that their company ain't gonna be all that pleasurable so fuck that noise.

Achtung jerk-offs! Y'all can go get bent........over the toilet at toilet at Jerry's, like someone we all know. Then again who among us hasn't been.
So excited to be making the visit! See you soon. XOXO


So yeah, that's it, I hope y'all enjoyed it. I'll let this one marinate awhile and then I'll be back to post more nonsense. Loves to ya babies, Melody & Fat Mike

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ummmm yeah.....

I can't say this is going to be very informative, I'm getting ready to sanitize the house and that usually takes a few hours. I am amazingly thorough for a lazy ass. I need to get at the ghostly foot prints that are making their way across the kitchen floor, I wiped them up when I left them but the funny thing about blood is that it never cleans up as well as you think.
I haven't been posting as much as I used to but I plan to remedy that and try to update a lil more often. I will post the complete story of the Espanola adventure....oh sometime this week...yeah.
I'm pissed at my stupid playlist because it tends to play what the hell it wants and if I choose Wire I god damned want Wire. I was listening to it the other day and it played the most unbearable mix of emo-ish crap I have ever heard! Unacceptable! Eh I'm too lazy to do anything about it right now, what's new?
I am forcing myself to re-activate my Niteflirt account as I have been neglecting it badly. I have been neglecting the perverts....
Anyway, Regina just called so I'll cut this short and leave you with this thought : In my vision of hell, I am forced to repeatedly watch all 3 High school Musicals while the Jonas Brothers play on a loop in the background. Christ, it's enough to to make me change my ways...almost.
Be back soon, XOXO Melody

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Espanola update.......

You know when you build something up in your mind? You tell yourself that it is going to be amazing and that things are going to turn out a certain way. You go in expecting success and then end up being totally disappointed......
Well this is NOT what happened hahaha, Espanola was everything I had anticipated and more! I swear I could smell dope in the air the second we drove across the Rio Arriba county line. It took us less than 45 minutes to get things rolling and we were loaded within an hour of our arrival. I will post the details tomorrow as I am feeling rather nod-ish and can't seem to focus long enough to write much.
We now have a hook-up in Espanola and will undoubtedly be making the trip on a regular basis. It was/is a prime example of black tar and makes me homesick for Bako haha. I'm waiting for Casey to get home so we can indulge in our favorite pastime....mainly getting high and then being disgustingly lovey-dovey. Heroin (in small doses) seems to bring out the mushiest of the mush and we end up cuddling on the couch or out on the swing in the back yard. The occasional cigarette burn notwithstanding, a fantastic time has been had by all and will continue to be had until sometime tomorrow. We didn't spend all that much $$ this first time around but that is probably for the best. I will be back tomorrow...........
Oh on a side note, I got approved for a credit card hahahahaha, it came in the mail today. I have in my possession a shiny new MasterCard oh oh....
When I mentioned to Casey that I had gotten approved and that some bank was extending credit in my name he looked at me in disbelief and said, "Are they fucking stupid?" Haha I hafta agree with him on this one, my credit history speaks for itself and anyone who issues me a card is taking a giant leap of faith. Suckers!
Anyway, I'm off to go watch sickeningly saccharine musicals on TCM and wait for my baby to come home. Hmmm, Casey, Heroin and turner Classic Movies, does it get any better than that? Not for me it doesn't! Adieu kids, lots of loaded hugs and kisses until tomorrow. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO, Melody Lee

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tattoo in progress and a random rant because I know y'all love it so.

So here are some more photos of questionable quality. I would have Casey take some but he has enough issues with my attention slutish-ness. Every time I ask him to do it he sneers. "Why, so you can put it up and have everybody gawk at you?" So I stopped asking.
He's not really as big a dick as he seems, he can be amazingly sweet. I think he has an complex when it comes to my involvement with other people/guys. I have NO idea why...*fluttering eyelashes innocently* I'm just as bad as he is when it comes to jealous behavior, I just wear it better. He wouldn't come with me yesterday because he said he had no desire to watch me hold court at the Tattoo shop.
Can I help it if I'm an extremely friendly person? It's not like I was gonna take turns blowing them all in the john! I suppose I shouldn't have got on so well with them the first time round, I should have sat mute for the entire thing. Wait FUCK THAT! I'm not going to let Casey's issues dictate my behavior, never have...never will.
Well that might be a lie, when it comes to things of a more serious nature I do tend to minimize my actions if it will facilitate matters. It's much easier to play along and then do what I want later. God that sounds bad but I only do this when A) He's being a totally unreasonable Nazi B)I know that he will thank me for it in the end and C)When I am fairly sure he will never find out about it haha.
OK, OK erase C, I don't really do that....not anymore. I have grown up immeasurably in the last couple years and I try never to do something that I myself would not want done to me. In other words I suppose it's alright for him to hang out with other girls *grrrrrr* as long as he doesn't fuck them. Receiving blow jobs or any other prolonged sexual stimulation is off limits as well.
Before I wrap this up I want to touch on a subject I brought up in my comments : The pity party blog.
One of the things I want to make absolutely clear is that I understand that everybody has low days. Some people even live in a constant state of depression, I understand that as well. If somebody is writing about the things they feel and it doesn't happen to be particularly cheerful, this doesn't automatically lump them into the "pity party" category.
I think there is a HUGE difference between being truthful about your feelings and writing page after page of whiny monologue. It's possible to express despair without resorting to theatrics worthy of a 12yr old emo. I could be mistaken (though this is hardly ever the case as I am perfect and therefore NEVER wrong) but from what I've noticed, people who are truly suicidal don't go about blasting it on every available medium. The ones who do are most likely seeking attention.
I should know as I am undoubtedly one of the truest forms of "Sluticus Attentionus Maximus" I just happen to be a different example. I rely on nothing more than my gift for self-glorification/delusion to call attention to my person, these other creatures should take a page from my book and cut the melodramatics.
Anyway, as I said in my comments no one is forcing me to read their nonsense, just as no one is being forced to read mine.
Fuck that would be awesome though! I envision uptight assholes the world over being forced to read my bullshit under penalty of death. I can't think of a better punishment because although many people dislike me, the U-A brigade seem to foster an extra special hate for me. The lil darlings!
I call them this because it is mainly through the misguided efforts of these people that I get the most attention. They are so disgusted by me that they can't wait to forward my latest post to scores of their like minded friends, inadvertently furthering my cause...spreading the disease if you will. That is why I ADORE hateful comments and why I will NEVER moderate or delete any of them. One mouthful of malice will do 10X as much as one of praise.
Not that I discount the helpful or friendly comments, no sir! I love those with the other half of of my black little heart. The people who actually enjoy reading my bullshit always have the most interesting things to share and I'm stoked when someone offers an opinion or advice on my current situation. That's my main complaint with shitty anon comments, they are so....basic.
I can only be called scum or loser junky whore or ugly degenerate bitch so many times before it loses what little sting it had. I really do look forward to them now. I view it as getting a love note from an unknown stalker, it's kinda cute in a jr high sort of way.
So there you have it, another post so profound it will no doubt blow your mind and leave you reeling for days. I'm so brilliant so much of the time, I honestly don't know how y'all stand it! Hmmmm, I hope the hateful anons weren't frightened away by my outpouring of affection? I suppose I'll just have to wait and see.
Enjoy the blurry pics, DAMN my arm look SWOLLEN! It feels like little sharp toothed animals have been gnawing away at my wrist and I'm not even close to done yet. Regi says if I get any more ink she will start mistaking me as a hipster from Ventura. GOD FORBID...anything but not that! I will just have to continue making sure my tats are totally tasteless and as far from hip as is humanly possible. I think I can handle that. Smoochies my loves, hasta manana. XOXOXOX Melody

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yawn....another stimulating update.

Ugh, I'm feeling very sneezy/yawny from my recent run in with the percocet. I don't know what irritates me more, the fact that I feel this way after only 4 days or the fact that I feel this way from low grade opiates. Bullshit!
At least with heroin I can look back fondly on the time I spent shooting and nodding but with percs it's like...ehhh. I ended up getting 90 this time 'round and as of this morning I believe there are 30 left. If I feel really outstanding this afternoon, I may hafta eat a few more. You know just to get me through the tattoo session haha.
Oh yeah I'm going in to get more work done on my wrist today, I'll be sure and pick something trashy and washed out so it can compliment what is already there. I actually already know what I'm getting, I just thought I'd make that clever remark so that the anon who left the glowing compliments on my wrist tat wouldn't feel left out.
On a brighter note, I am going to be making the trip to Espanola next week. I have an appt there so I figured that while we were in town we might as well score some dope. Two birds with one stone and very enterprising of me I might add...considering I engineered the whole thing! In fact they wanted to send me to Albq. but I said it would be much more convenient if it was Espanola. Convenient indeed!
For those of you who don't recall this city from my past posts, it is the area that is recognized as having the highest Heroin overdose rate in the country, per capita of course. So I told Casey that if we go there and come home smack-less it will be because we didn't try. I intend to try and try and if that doesn't work, I will goddamn try some more!
Oh wow, Fat Mike is going through this annoying phase where he sits in my lap and rubs his nose against my t-shirt. He makes these little smacking noises that were cute for the first 2 minutes but now they make me want to tape his mouth shut. He leaves wet kitty hickeys all over my clothes and I am finding it particularly bothersome right now. I should probably go before I do him some sort of harm because of my less than understanding mood. I'll be back in a day or so with more blurry photos of my latest tattoos.

Sneezy kisses and yawny hugs...yummy! XOXOXOXO Melody