Friday, December 26, 2008

Is there such a thing as a selfless asshole? There is now!

Wowee! It's been a few days huh? I have no excuse as usual....just because. The kitty pic becomes relevant later on in the post, just thought I' let y'all know. I have some new friends online that came my way via Regina. Junky girls, you can never have enough of those around! I'm being totally sincere! I like 'em.....excepting the freaky cousin of one of these girls who seems to have become obsessed with banging me at some point in the future.
Interesting, I seem to have made another conquest by doing nothing more than being my usual charming self. Understandable really, I am unbelievably charming and infinitely interesting haha.
Not too worried about the pervo cousin, he's in NYC and I don't imagine I'm gonna be there any time soon. Since I'm on the subject I might as well tell y'all the story of the Hot Topic goth drama, I was just oooooooozing personality that day hehe.
My psych appt had been forced upon me and having just left the office of the condescending cunt that is my therapist I was in an amazing mood. Add to that the fact that I had to walk my lazy ass 6 blocks to buy some cigarettes and you might begin to get an idea of what I was feeling that day. Uncharitable to say the least.
I bought my smokes, called Casey to pick me up and sat on the curb to light up and calm down. There I was, minding my own business when I was accosted by the noxious aroma of a clove cigarette. I hate those things on principal, I consider them a prop for the terminally hip. Plus they taste like shit, I could achieve the same effect for far less money by spritzing my Marlboro with some hairspray...NASTY!
Anyway, I look behind me and there's this girl wearing something that looked like Edward Scissorhands en route to the Renaissance fair. I could have overlooked the fact that she was dressed like a moron, it wasn't the outfit per se, it was the fact (one of several),that she was in full costume and make-up at the Citgo,11am Monday morning.
She had to have been in her late 20's and had that snotty look on her face that says she's desperately trying to pull off her look but actually feels insecure as fuck. If you can't pull it off, don't wear it! It could look like absolute shit but as long as you have the savoir fair required to sport it, then it's cool. She didn't.
I was already in a pissy mood and the dirty looks she started shooting in my direction didn't help. I took a long drag off my cig, smiled at her and asked her what the fuck she was staring at. She didn't have a specific answer, just mumbled something....but I didn't really care for her tone haha. I stood up and smiled again, she was still wearing her ultra-cunt expression. Think you can be bigger cunt than moi? Haha, NOT gonna happen, I reign supreme! She rolled her eyes and that was it, I flicked my cigarette at her head and asked her again, what the fuck was she staring at?
First let me say that the outfit looked even more ridiculous as she dodged my lit cig.I never knew lame could move so fast haha. I started from the bottom, telling her exactly what I thought of her retarded Demonia buckle boots and slowly working my way up.
I gave her no opportunity to get a word in as I expounded on what I thought of lames who wore queer My Chemical Romance wristbands and more make-up than the entire cast of Hedwig and the Angry Inch......just to go fetch a Slurpee at the gas station.
I had just finished telling her that if she didn't get that bovine look off her face, I was gonna take her pretentious Dijarm ciagarette and put it out between her over made-up eyes.......then I heard Casey say, "Leave the girl alone, maybe that's just the way her face is, maybe she can't help looking like a constipated gopher"
HAHAHA, that killed it! I started laughing because the unfortunate girl did look a bit gopher-ish. Casey led me back to the truck and my pissy mood was a distant memory.
Now I'm sure y'all are thinking that I'm an insufferable asshole.....and you're probably right. I'm not one iota better than that lame-ass girl. Chances are I'm worse. I wear some retarded gear and my eyeliner bill could probably support a small third world country. I wouldn't be caught dead in a MCR wristband but that's just me. The thing that makes us different is that while I may walk around dressed like the junky makeover that wouldn't die, I have no qualms about it whatsoever.
I have an innate ability to disregard whatever doesn't suit my purpose, that includes the opinions of people who think I'm dressed like an idiot. I don't care, go suck yourself.If you don't like it, then don't fucking look at me.
Same concept as what I tell my anon haters, if they don't like it they can go get hit by a truck, not gonna ruin my day. Speaking of, I'm feeling unloved! I don't think I've had a negative comment in weeks!What the fuck people? The last whacked out e-mail I got was over a month ago and I'm starting to feel neglected.
Oh well, fuck 'em. I have my little circle of blogger buds and all you other misc.fuckers who leave me helpful comments. I loves the comments haha. Even the ones from my nemesis Josh and his unflagging sidekick Eddie. I loves my Eddie too.
So yeah, I'm as lame as anybody else, I just wear it better. I had thought to go into a diatribe attacking metal posers but I'll just summarize. I think that metal is the last refuge for aging hipsters who are trying desperately to cling to some semblance of cool. In circles where punk is considered passe the last gasp is to become a connoisseur of various types of metal music. I have no objection to metal, I listen to my fair share. What I object to is some fucktard who I knew back in the day suddenly swapping his Exploited T for a Motorhead shirt and babbling about Black Sabbath. I love Black sabbath and Motorhead..........I do NOT love morons who go on and on about Iron Man and Ace of Spades yet they look confused should someone mention Tommy Iommi or Eddie Clarke. Plus could you pick two more obvious songs? The whole thing gives me the same disgusted feeling as when I saw a pic of Miley Cyrus wearing a New York Dolls shirt. Fuck! I am a stuck-up cunt SUPREME! Haha, I don't give a FUCK! I think my opinion is justified and brilliant... and that's all that matters. Long fucking summary hehe.
I'm not really a music snob...or am I? Whatever. Just so everybody knows, the fact that I have repeatedly called myself lame only makes me that much more hardcore hahahahaha, riiiiiiight.
Anyway, my mom will be here on Monday, I am so stoked! For the first time in my adult life I can honestly say that I want my mommy. Before I was just too much of a selfish asshole to spare any thought for anyone who was not in my immediate vicinity. I'm still a selfish asshole, it's just that I'm a slightly more considerate selfish asshole.....and boy do I wear it well!
I spent loads of money on presents for everyone and I really don't care what they bring me, my birthday is on New Years and Casey is taking me to get a kitten which is so AWESOME I can barely even begin to verbalize it. A kitty...yay! I looooove kitties. I was banned (by Casey) from having kitties when the last two became strungout.........with NO help on my part.....long story.
Anyway, I'm gonna cook up a storm as soon as my family gets here, insane dishes like Beef Wellington and all that kinda shit. I'm totally excited!
I'm going to the doc tomorrow because I noticed some red splotches on my foot and I'm not gonna wait for it to get worse. They told me that since the infection had been in my blood that it might come back and that I needed to watch it because it could go septic and get into my heart and blah, blah, blah. Meaning......if I ignore it like I am prone to do, I could end up having to have some weird heart surgery or I'm going in tomorrow. Whatever, my biggest worry is that they'll ship me back to the hospital and I'll spend my family's visit there.
Not really worried about the whole septic death (haha) thing, we'll just hafta see what develops. Casey is gonna CRACK if I have to go back in. Is it fucked up that his mental well being is foremost on my mind when I'm thinking about the hospital? I feel like I should be more worried about myself...but I'm not. Hehe maybe I'm becoming a self-less asshole? Naaaaah.
So here's hoping everyone had a kick-ass holiday and if you didn't....stop sniveling, it's over til next year. I love all y'all motherfuckers and don't forget to hit up my girl k1tten on her blog and leave her a comforting comment, she just had to go under the knife for a gnarly abscess and she could use the support. Plus you get to see a gory pic of her gaping wound,post lancing. Who doesn't want to look at that shit?
Later on kiddies,XOXO, Melody Lee

Friday, December 19, 2008

Part two: Inanity aka my run in with the gangster of love and a rebellious skunk

So I guess I didn't exactly update yesterday like I promised, what can I say, I am an unreliable asshole...........big surprise right? This is gonna be on long drawn out motherfucker, hope y'all are prepared.
Anyway before I get to that I want to piss and moan about the snow we've been getting. I HATE snow! Snow is only fun when A) you've never seen it before B)you're an idiot or C) you drove an hour to wallow around in it and will be driving back to you're slushy-mud free home at the end of the day.
In Bako it snows once every ten years and I liked it that way. I find it extremely discomfiting that despite the fact that I'm in the desert, it's cold as fuck! Oh well, as soon as it starts to get hot, I'll bitch about that too.
Oh and I wanna complain about my MIA smack connect as well. His laggin ass has been reassuring me for over a month and still no product! I'm pissy and impatient but he placated me this morning with the promise of some new H from China. Is it China white? Well he says it's white and it's from China so y'all draw your own conclusions.
He said he would load me up a sampler of the old Afghani shit and the new stuff as soon as he gets it. All I want for Christmas............HAHAHAHAHA........really though, that's all I want. With my shitty luck it won't be til after my birthday. Not too far off but still *pouting* I want it NOW!!!!
Probably shouldn't be loaded with mom in the house, I owe her that much consideration. She spent the last 10 years watching me nod, the least I can do is stay awake for her visit.
On the poppy and shroom front things are looking good. My poppies have begun to show little green shoots and I am babying them no end. I have a special light that keeps 'em nice and toasty in this retarded weather and I have even been good about keeping them on an 18 hour light cycle. I may pull this shit off yet!
The shrooms are still in the planning stages because it is super complicated and I have a shitload of prep to do. Ordinarily I would say fuck it because I'm extremely unmotivated and useless but really I have nothing better to do.
So my night in hell....
As soon as I walked out the door I got this fucked up feeling that I should run back inside. Rainman was driving his big ass SUV cause of the snow and he wasn't alone.
He had Maniac with him. I don't know if I've ever mentioned Maniac before but he's kind of a douchebag.
I'm sure that lame-o name tipped y'all off haha, I'm fairly sure he gave it to himself which makes it even worse. Giving yourself a nickname is pretty high on the "I'm a ginormous tool" list.
Anyway, this guy is one of those wannabe gang bangers who tries to act all hard but is basically a joke. I could do without his 'blood in blood out' monologues but whatever. I opened his door and told his ass to beat it to the backseat. He started to grumble about it but R-man told him to shut it. Maniac knows which side his bread is buttered on.......brown noser.
It was already early evening and I wanted to try and get that money wired but Noooooooooooo! Rainman tells me that we need to go to Cuba like NOW! That he needed me to drive because he was feeling some serious paranoia coming on and he didn't trust lame-o cho-lo with his vehicle. We were gonna stop over in Bloomfield and then head out to Cuba with me behind the wheel.
Now the tweeked out fucker had just come from Aztec, it woulda made more sense for him to hit Bloomfield before he came to get me but heaven forbid he actually do something that makes sense.
We headed out and ended up at some shit-hole of a rock house. The reason that I know it was a rock house was that I was required to go inside and keep R-man company while he did his crack deal. Oh and the fact that every motherfucker in the joint had a pipe glued to his lip was a big tip off as well.
Now I talk alot of shit but I'm honest and I did have my crack moment before I left Bako. I was never what you would call a rock monster and if you bring up my name to anybody there they will automatically associate me with being a hellacious H addict..........but I did smoke crack...occasionally. So the smell of hot Brillo and rock did bring back some sweet memories.
We went into a back bedroom and I sat on the floor and smoked a cigarette, the bed was occupied by an old broad that was like the fattest crackhead I ever saw. She was literally spilled all over the bed, cascading rolls were visible through her mu mu and it was almost hypnotic, the way they undulated and flowed every time she moved.
Freaky! Anyway, I didn't pay too much attention to the transaction because it had nothing to do with me and when I'm with Rainman I always figure the less I know the better. He was done in a few minutes and we were on our way with me behind the wheel, Maniac next to me and R-man smoking up the backseat. I hate it when he does that shit because I'm not a tweeker at heart and the contact always weakens my resolve to say no to the cryssy.
Truthfully I woulda rather smoked some crack but no such luck, so speed it was. We stopped at a gas station and I smoked it up for about 10 min and then we were off.
I got sick of Maniac's commentary pretty quick so I popped some Ministry into the CD player to piss him off and drown him out. I was in the zone haha.
The drive to Cuba took a while, it's halfway to nowhere just like everything else in NM. For anybody in the know, it's like Arvin, CA but worse.
I made R-man direct me to a pharmacy and then made him buy me some new points, if this outing was gonna be bearable I needed to shoot the cryssy, not smoke it. With my recent run in with blood poisoning and all that noise I was taking no chances at re-contamination. I also had him buy me some prep pads and some antibacterial gel, hahah I'm so careful about killing surface germs..........before I go injecting toxic chemicals into my bloodstream. Ironic isn't it.
Anyway we got my necessaries and then he directed me to yet another shady looking house a few blocks off the main highway.
We made our way slipping and sliding through the slushy mud and I managed not to fall on my ass.....for once. R-man was clutching a backpack that contained some illicit substances, several varieties no doubt. I had my pharmacy bag and was feeling more than ready to puncture myself. Speed is shitty and smoking speed sucks if you haven't had a shot or even a line to brace you first, it wears off faster and it's not the same kind of high, at least for me it's not.
So as we knocked on the door Maniac tells me it's his cousin's house and he's just gonna love me! I was like, "What the fuck is that supposed to mean motherfucker?" He just shook his head while Rainman sniggered and looked away. Bastards!
We finally got inside and I was introduced to Loco, Joker and Sleepy....not the most original lineup I've ever heard....I was waiting for the rest of the 7 dwarves to put in an appearance. Loco was Maniac's cousin...I shoulda known seeing as how they shared the same stellar taste in names. The big difference was that these guys were real honest to God bangers, Maniac is just a poser. They were all "strapped" too. God I feel like such a fucktard saying that.
Anyway, as soon as the intros were over I hit up Rainman for enough cryssy to do decent shot and asked Loco if I could use the john to do a hit. He said I could use his room and I didn't trip 'cause he was gonna to be in the kitchen talking business with the boys. I shoulda been on my guard when Rainman sniggered yet again and Maniac gave Loco a look, y'all know the one I mean. Like a dumbass I ignored it and followed him to his room, he gave me a bottle of water and a spoon and left.
Apparently business was conducted in record speed because in the time it took for me to fix up the shot, sterilize my ankle and tie off, Loco was back in the room. I just went about my business and did my thing while he observed. When I was done and had gotten enough breath back to smoke a cigarette, I looked at him and asked, "So what's up?"
He sat on the bed and motioned me to join him but I was pretty damn happy on the floor so I declined. He shook his head and made a face.....a face I'm very familiar with. It was the face a guy makes right before he launches into a spiel about why I need to stop doing what I'm doing. I was in the presence of a captain save a ho! OOOOOOHHHH GOD! At that moment I wanted to kick Rainman in the head and wring Maniac's neck!
While he went on and on about me being too young to be a hard-core hype and blah, blah, blah I was thinking to myself that he was a hypocritical fuckwad because if he was so worried about it why did he let me shoot up in his house? I've heard that speech so many times I could probably recite it by heart, it's always the same and true to form he summed it up with the, "You need a real man to take care of you so you don't have to do that shit"
AAAAARG!!! Why is it that these guys think A) I'm in need of saving B)They're the ones to do it and 3)That I'm in anyway open to being the recipient of said saving?
I'm not.
The fact that he was giving me the speech in a crack house that also happened to be his house made it all the more ridiculous. I mean he was attractive in that tattooed homie kinda way. I have a thing for guys with neck tattoos and he was pretty much covered from the neck down, at least what I could see of him. He was probably in his late twenties and not a bad looking guy but his "let me save you" routine killed it....oh and the fact that I had Casey at home hehe, that too.
I sat through more of his presentation than I normally would have because I was tweekin balls and had become engrossed in my own thoughts. Thankfully this meant I missed out on the rest of his blabbing. Unfortunately he took my silence for acquiescence.
I didn't realize this til he followed me out to the kitchen, put his arm around me and informed Rainman that I would be staying. WHAT??? Maniac busted out laughing at the look on my face and Rainman just looked confused...Tard!
I did my best to make it crystal clear that no, I would NOT be staying and I would be waiting in the truck, keys please. Loco followed me out there and tried to sway me with arguments that I had heard a million times from Josh. This did NOT make me any more receptive, sorry Josh but it's true.
I eventually resorted to the Ministry, I kept cranking the volume back up every time he turned it down so he could talk at me. Haha, handy lil steering wheel volume control......I'm surprised he didn't shoot me, he was getting pretty agitated. I'm sure I've mentioned that tweek does funny things to my person and acting like a 5yr old is one of those things.
He finally gave up and went back in the house but not before he lurched across the center console and shoved his tongue down my throat. He tasted like speed and Lucas limon salt (they were drinking it in their beer), which wasn't a real good combo plus the fact that I was so not into it. He said something but I didn't hear it, volume had mysteriously gone back up hehe........ and then he did that thing where they touch your face and it's supposed to be sweet and sexy but I thought it was unbearably cheesy and my opinion of him sunk even lower!
About 5 minutes after he went inside R-man and Maniac came out and we left. Maniac had a good ol' time giving me shit about his cousin til I threatened to reach over, open his door and push his ass out the truck! Having spent some time in my company on previous occasions, he shut the fuck up.....see I told y'all he was a pussy....or did I call him a lame? Same diff.
So by the time we made it back to Farmington it was way after 10pm and I hadn't a chance in hell of finding a place open to send that wire. My girl had told me that if I couldn't do it before 12am not to sweat it but I wanted to try anyway.
We ended up back at R-man's and I banged another issue and collected my oxy's. He gave me 5 40's and like an 8 ball of speed. UGH! I gave most (but not all hehe), of that shit to Maniac and requested a ride was a long time coming.
The shenanigans weren't over yet, sometime around 4am, one of Rainman's dogs got sprayed by a skunk and came streaking through the dog door. What the fuck???
I thought skunks were supposed to hibernate and shit, why the hell does the one rebel skunk have to put in an appearance while I'm there? Just to spite me, that's why!
I smelled that shit as soon as that dog made it in the trailer and hightailed it to R-man's bedroom and locked the door.....better safe than sorry. Maniac had run outside, maybe he's not as big a fool as I thought haha.
Diesel(the dog) promptly found his daddy (R-man) and climbed all over him. HAHAHAHHAHAHA...NASTY!!! I was stuck in the bedroom for hours with nothing to do but bang speed and play on R-man's shitty laptop. I wanted to save the oxy til I got home and needed to ease down. Maniac climbed in through the window and joined me and for awhile we laughed at the noises coming from beyond the door.....Rainman was NOT pleased, he was bitching up a storm and slamming in and out of the house trying to figure out how to keep Diesel from contaminating the other dogs and how to get rid of the stench.
Tomato juice doesn't really work either. He musta used gallons of it ....from what we could hear haha. I'm still wondering why the fuck he had that much tomato juice on hand to begin with...........
I didn't get home til after 12pm, Maniac called his homeboy to come rescue us, we climbed out the window, yelled goodbye to R-man and beat feet outta there! I had a good lil bag of cryssy left when I got home and all of the oxy, who says I have no restraint?
The pipes were fixed and Casey had switched out the fridge with the new one from the garage. When he got home we finished off the speed and then hours later started banging the oxy. One of those 40's is enough to get each of us off twice if it's been a while without H...which it has.
So it was sweet while it lasted but it never lasts forever and after they were gone I felt the aftermath of all that speed I shot/smoked *sigh* I woulda rather had the crack!
Geez that was a loooooong motherfucker, I'll catch you fuckers later on. Muchos bessos babies, your favorite occasional crackhead, Melody

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Part one: Insanity + some random palavering because it's what I do best

I drank way too much last night and since alcohol is not my favorite type of substance to abuse, the hangover I have right now is so not worth it. I feel like sawed off shit! The computer screen is hurting my eyes and the only reason I haven't gone to rifle through my store of percs is that getting up would require too much movement, movement that would ultimately result in me feeling like my brains are being scrambled.
I brought it on myself, as usual...whatever.
I'm not really a drinker, I mean I can slug down hard liquor with the best of 'em but I pretty much cut out alcohol a long time ago. It was right after I personally experienced a liquor induced H OD. I had heard that it was not a good combo but I was a dumbass and had probably only been using for a few months.
Whilst waiting for Adam W. to drop off some bags and come back with our cut, I joined Butch in a few swigs of Mad Dog. It wasn't enough to get a 6 yr old buzzed but it was enough to make me fall out in the Denney's parking lot. LAME.
Adam was driving my car and didn't know I was out til he went to leave said parking lot. He made a right turn onto California Ave and I'm told I flopped to the right, smacking my head so hard on the passenger side window that it cracked. My head was fine though HAHA.
All I really remember was sitting in the car, doing my shot while I watched the people in Denney's and wondering if they had any clue there were three losers shooting up in a car just beyond the big glass window.
I woke up pissed because Adam and Vanessa were pouring water on my head and the first thing I heard was Adam laughing and saying, "Oh, she doesn't like that." No shit asshole!
They drove downtown and got Ed, at that point in time he actually gave a shit whether I lived or died and they spent the next few hours walking me up and down the riverbed by Beale park. So I guess he's not a total dick........not totally.
Anyway my point is that I don't usually drink........long ass story to get one lil point across but what am I if not in love with the sound of my own voice.
I'll get to the actual update part of this bitch, my sojourn to hell aka Cuba with Rainman and all the signs from above that I shoulda kept my ass at home.
R-man had fucked me off the day before due to some pressing tweeker business, mainly he got stuck on a hamster wheel of speed induced auto repair.
The next day he called to say that he would be over at noon. 12 came and went and he called to say that he was gonna be stuck in Aztec for a while but would be by when he was done.
I became possessed by the relentless house cleaning Demon and proceeded to sterilize the kitchen.......I shoulda known right then that shit was gonna get ridiculous! After I washed every dish in the house (even the ones that were already clean), I mopped the floors as well. It was when I went into the bathroom to continue my cleaning frenzy that I was accosted by the sight of our bathtub......filled to the top with nasty kitchen sink water!
For some reason all the water I had used while I was washing dishes etc had decided that going down the pipes was too de rigeur, it wanted to pool itself in my bathtub!
I don't think I need to say how disgusting this was. Greasy, dirty dish and floor water all up in the tub. Through some lucky coincidence I had used just enough water to fill it but not overflow it, thanx be to God for small favors and yes I am a terribly wasteful bitch. Go Tell it to Leo Decaprio and his band of "Green" Nazi's.
Anyway, as if that wasn't enough, when I tried to flush the blue gel stuff after scrubbing the toilet, it started to overflow............does it get any better than that? Maybe if it had been full of excrement, luckily it was just bowl cleaner.
I turned off the water thing under the toilet and called the landlord who assured me that he would be right over to look at it. Riiiight, like I hadn't heard that several times that day already.
Still caught up in some twisted housework mania, I gave up on the bathroom and started cleaning out the refrigerator. About half way through, I noticed that the freezer had started making an unpleasant buzzy-type whining noise.........right before it took a complete shit. If I wanted to look on the bright side I suppose I could have said that it saved me the trouble of having to defrost it but at that point I was NOT feeling very optomistic and the bright side could go get fucked along with the tub, toilet and freezer!
This was my reward for attempting to foray into the domain of Suzie Homemaker? Fuck Suzie too!
I then got a call from a friend who was in a spot and wanted to know if I could wire her some cash. Not a problem...............except for the fact that I had no way to leave the house, R-man was STILL dragging ass and Casey wouldn't be home for hours yet.
I decided to cut it with the cleaning bullshit, it seemed to be causing an avalanche of catastrophes. That was when I shoulda called off the whole R-man thing, God was trying to tell me something. I never listen.
One hour turned into five and by the time Casey got home from work neither the landlord nor the tweeker had put in an appearance. I was thoroughly pissed, the water level in the tub had gone down just enough to leave behind an oh-so-attractive ring of muck and the freezer was dripping steadily on my recently mopped floor.
I washed my hands of the entire situation and miracle of miracles, R-man rings me to say that he's outside.
I told Casey what was up and got the stink eye, not because I was going out but because I was leaving him to deal with the household mayhem. I stuffed 3 percs in his mouth, promised him a fat shot of Oxy when I returned and kissed him........on my way out the door HAHA, laters mothafucka!!!

Fuck my head hurts.........and the douchebag blasting Megadeath next door is doing NOTHING to improve matters. Fuck Dave Mustane in his Metal Edge asshole!
I'll continue my tale of woe tomorrow, I feel I may finally be capable of toddling to the medicine cabinet after which I will plop my ass in front of the TV and watch hour upon blissful hour of Clean House. The cleaning Demon needs his fix of Niecy Nash and crew.... I think he (the Demon) may be gay because I find myself becoming strangely attracted to Mark Brunetz and that just CANNOT be me.
Loves, loves, loves you...............Melody

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Insanity/inanity=what my world has been reduced to

It's been a while, I'm still burned out. Not feelin' the whole update thing. I keep going through cycles of semi-OK and just plain shitty. Fuck speed and all it's upper-type siblings! Crack is whack! I'm rambling like a tard.
I NEED some smack and I have none! The oxy is was nice while it lasted. Too much stupid shit, coincidental mayhem and tweeker insanity/inanity for me to go into it now. It wouldn't be very interesting, the way I feel ahorita, it would probably read like the a court transcript. Everything in this shit town shuts down at 10pm........what is this nowhere-land?
My mom is coming to visit and bringing misc. relatives with her. I'm stoked, really I am but not looking forward to all that the visit entails i.e. too much preparation and stress. I'm not the stress type, I prefer to be mellow.
Confrontations aside, I'm a pretty mellow chick, haha even without the smack. That reminds me, have to tell y'all about my tete a tete with the Hot Topic pseudo goth. My snobbery knows no bounds.
I'm just as lame as she is, just in a different way haha I wear it better. I'll get to that mess next time. I'm A bitchy,(snobbish)cunt with a story to tell.....tomorrow...maybe. Love all y'all motherfuckers, Melody

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lovable hopeless me.............

I've been eating percs like candy and was surprised to find that the Neurontin gives a better nod. Interesting.......
Several things happened yesterday, first I got a call super early(8am),from Rainman tempting me with the promise of Oxy if I went on some stupid errand with him. I said, "No!".........then "Maybe"........then "Well I suppose"...........which turned into "Hurry the fuck up already!"
He called back around 12pm to say that he had gotten tied up replacing the fuel pump in one of his cars. Uuuuuugh! Motherfucker!!!! Talk about a tease!
Although I did get some awesome IV drugs in the hospital, it has been way too long since I had any H and Oxy is a decent substitute. So I tried to tamp down that feeling of denied expectation and move on with my day.
Then I get a call from Anna telling me that she overnight-ed me a 1/2 oz of powdered shrooms and 4 syringes of spores (they came yesterday). Over the next couple of weeks I will slowly get all her equipment via US mail.
Why the fuck she sent it to me remains a mystery, I know JACK SHIT about growing shrooms! She's still in Oregon and as far as I know plans to stay there. She's a headcase....and coming from me that's a pretty harsh judgement HAHA. Oh well, I love her anyway. I guess I'm a shroom farmer now.
Oh and my shipment of Persian white and Afghani red poppy seeds came as well. I had to order about 50 packs because they are just biological samples and one is not enough seeds to germinate. What am I going to do with them you ask?
Three guesses and no I'm not retarded enough to think I can refine them into heroin......opium on the other hand I can make. I helped out a friend a few years ago and I have an excellent memory( and if I don't I can just call and ask him). It's a pretty basic process and not half the pain in the ass that it is to make smack. If there's one thing I'm not (and the list is looong) it's a chemist.
It did cross my mind that Rainman might be a help if I decided I wanted to try for some H. He may be an idiot but when it comes to manufacturing substances he is Mr. Wizard. He seems to know his way around chemicals and all that bullshit and I'm sure he would be able to score whatever was needed and............
Yeah, yeah bad idea.........*whining* "But I was only gonna make enough for me and Casey..........." Yeah, right!
Next thing you know I'm the Heroin Czarina of New Mexico!
I has it's appeal but as I have NO desire to cross swords with La M. I think Opium will be juuuust fiiiine. They won't be finding pieces of me scattered across the desert!
I told Casey that I was gonna turn the garage into a hydroponics bay and he just rolled his eyes and reminded me that I can barely remember to water the house plants much less manage to regulate the temps required for fruiting mushrooms. The poppies would probably get fried under the heat lamps or never break soil at all!
Thanx for the vote of confidence babe.
He's right though, I'm way too lazy to stay on top of all that shit..............but that won't keep me from trying. Anna is sending me the dutch oven or whatever the fuck it is (pressure cooker?), the fruiting chamber and all the various odds and ends needed for growing and harvesting shrooms. All I have to do is buy some kind of flour and something called vermiculite(????), if I can't find it here I'll just order it online.
As for the poppies, they thrive in a desert climate but since this is the cocksucking "High" desert and it just snowed here last night, I'm gonna have to go the whole greenhouse route. Who wants to bet $50 that by next fall I'll be neck deep in Opium? What!! No takers? Doubting bastards!
Around 4 I got bored and made Casey take me to Wal-mart where I bought a PS2 and about 20 games. I also made him stop by the Tattoo shop where I purchased a few different labrets, some captive rings and a couple of barbells. I also got some 14G piercing needles.........wonder what I'm gonna do with all that stuff..........
Boredom is an ugly thing!
Casey left for work this morning in fear that he might return and find me looking like Pin-head from Hellraiser. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
I'll probably just put a few more holes in my ears and settle for that, I'm too old to be sporting 29 piercings in my face. I was considering my septum but that shit hurts!
Funny how I have no problem sticking rigs in my back and muscle-ing shots of tar so thick they burn like acid. Spinal tap anyone? I did say I was inconsistent.
So I talked to k1tty last night for a few minutes and then decided to go to bed. I took 1200 mg's of Neurontin and 4 percs and was feeling all snugly in my nice warm bed when the phone rang.........and rang and rang. I let it go and it finally stopped. I was awoken from my drug induced snooze around 5 this morning by another series of unending rings. I finally got my ass up and answered it, it was Rainman.
He launched into a tirade about people who don't answer their phones and then told me to be ready at noon. I wonder if I'll go?
I'll be sure to let y'all know in my next installment, MUAHAHAHAHA.........
And I will be sure to sterilize myself before I go injecting any foreign substances. I cringe at the thought that I might have to *shudder* waste the Oxy by eating it.
As my latest anonymous commenter stated, I'm hopeless!!! But that's what makes me so interesting HAHA AND lovable.
Now before I go, I'll leave y'all with a question from my endless store of useless knowledge/trivia: What was the name of the starlet who was squashed to death by Fatty Arbuckle in an orgy that included being penetrated by a champagne bottle?
Christ I love Kenneth Anger!
Bye, Bye angels, this is Melody Lee signing out.

Friday, December 5, 2008

More human than human

The trip to the doc yielded 2 scrips, one for neurontin and one for percocet. Eeeeh better than nothing I suppose, I also got corralled into resuming my psych visits. I have been avoiding that shit like the plague but since I am state ordered I guess it looks like I can either comply or end up having to deal with a whole lotta bullshit. So my appointment is for next week.
Those psych appointments are a joke! The bitch listens to NOTHING that I say and then prescribes stupid meds that do NADA! I have been criticised for poo-pooing therapy but how can being ignored be therapeutic? The cunt believes that I am repressing some hideous memory that has caused me to be the way I am and I disagree. I am not suffering from post traumatic stress disorder!!! I am positive that my mother never handed me over to satanists to be gang raped in some lame ritual when I was 3 and I do NOT need to waste my time looking for a "root" that does not exist! I have no problem dealing with my past, I am not harboring repressed emotions about a damn thing! Ask me anything! I've been through this shit before.....I don't blame my parents for anything, any past abuse/trauma is just that....PAST! I am over it and it doesn't bother me at all.
I do not stay up nights weeping into my pillow thinking about shit that I can't change.Hindsight usually does more harm than good and guilt is for suckers! I think that maybe my psych is hoping that if she beats the dead horse long enough I will start to feel bad about it. Is that fucked up or what? Shiesty quack!
Any one who is interested in reading more about my opinion on psychs and related subjects can follow this link or if the lame-ass link isn't working you can go to my July 11 post "I like my roots..."
So anyway, the Indonesian husband story...............
I had this friend from Poland named Borys, I had met him through one of my connects. He was a fence/club promoter in L.A. and had all kinds of crazy international hookups for weird underground stuff. He dealt in surrogates and baby brokering and green card marriages etc. He fenced stuff for us on occasion but mostly he was just fun to hang out with. He was gay and had a HUGE crush on Casey too. He was always taking pics of us and then he would laugh and say he was gonna cut me out of them. I'm fairly sure he did haha. Casey always was a fag magnet. Borys used to call us his little Sid and Nancy and take us to artsy parties so we could shock his uptight fag friends.
So one day he tells me that he has a proposition for me, he had this friend whose lover needed citizenship. The guy was willing to pay 15,000.00 for it, he was some kind of nuclear engineer or some shit, he could afford it. The guy I was supposed to marry was here on a temporary visa.
After Casey made sure that there wasn't going to be any marital "duties" involved we said yes. Why not, 15 grand is nothing to sneeze at and we had just been booted out of our current lodgings for "suspicious' activity i.e. too much junky business (thanx Johnny Thunders). We were staying with Borys in L.A. til we found a new place and that cash would go far in making that happen.
The first step was meeting the lovely couple, Mark and Teddy. They were super cool and took us out to dinner so we could discuss things. I give them props for not backing out when they saw us because Borys calling us Sid and Nancy was pretty damn accurate. I was on Methadone but shooting H more than I was dosing and Casey was just plain ol' strungout. We were all sucked up but we looked cute, heroin chic at it's finest hahaha. Not exactly the look to inspire confidence though. I guess they liked us and Borys assured them that we weren't gonna take the money and run.
After everybody was all palsy-walsy it was decided that the best thing to do was go back to Bako and make the arrangements there. It was my hometown after all and we wanted everything to look above board.
Mark put us up at the Doubletree (we were still homeless) and paid for everything. Borys was along for the ride as well and he was getting a cut for brokering the whole meet an greet, ever the businessman Borys.
The first thing I had to do was sign a pre-nup and then I signed some papers stating that I would not try to extort more $$ in the future (who me?), not sure how you would present something like that in court but whatever. After we got all that shit notarized we went and got the marriage license. All this took less than a week and the whole time Casey and me were bombed out of our skulls. Mark had kindly provided some petty cash, I wouldn't get any real $$$ til the deed was done. We went out to dinner every night and Mark and Teddy proved to be real troopers, looking the other way as me and Casey snuck off to the bathrooms and spent the majority of the meals trying not to take a nose dive into our entrees.
I ended up getting wed in a black bondage dress and my red and black steel-toes at "The wee kirk of the roses" on Brundage Ave with Casey and Borys signing as witnesses. The wedding photos were something to behold, we always wondered if the minister though it was strange that as soon as he pronounced us man and wife I went straight to Casey and Teddy headed for Mark's loving arms. We went to lunch afterwards and Mark slipped me en envelope with 10,000.00 in it. It was awesome! The stacks of bills had those little bindings on them like in the movies. I would get the other 5 when we passed all the INS bullshit.
Borys took lots of pics of the happy couple for evidence um I mean our family photo album and then we had them drop us downtown. We called up the connect and when we got back to the hotel we had 3 thou less than before. We stayed there for another week and then proceeded to surf from house to house being generous with what was left of the dope. We were in great demand as house guests haha.
I paid my methadone clinic 3 months in advance and we eventually ended up at Kristen's house. I bought a tacky-perfect teal green Firebird and even put some of the money away. That was why I had the $$$ to finance us when we needed it.
Throughout the time at Kristen's we would occasionally make the trip to San Diego (Mark and Teddy's) for misc appointments with INS.
This was also an excellent excuse to skip over the border into T.J. for various odds and ends. This was before you needed a passport to cross over and it was sooo easy to go back and forth on foot. You just went up the stairs and through the turnstile and voila Mexican pharmacies in every direction. You could actually put the pills in your bag and have no problem crossing back. The good ol' days........
We had to go to tons of appointments where they asked us personal questions and whatnot to ensure that we were actually living as husband and wife, needless to say I am a genius at memorization. We would have all night study groups where we would try and learn as much trivial info about each other as possible. Learning all that stuff wasn't that difficult, the real challenge was trying to make Teddy seem masculine enough to come across as straight. He looked very butch but on the inside he was all woman.
It took about a year but Teddy finally got his citizenship and I got my other 5 thou. They loved us and even bailed Casey out of jail one time when he got arrested in Oceanside (Casey gets arrested every time he goes out of town).
Borys got deported after some complications with a surrogate mother from the Czech Republic but when I was still in Bako I would get the occasional call from Krakow, wherever the fuck that is, Poland I suppose.
I'm not sure if I'm still married or not, I lost touch with Mark and Teddy. I guess it's possible, I should probably find out about that, Casey does want to get married eventually and an Indonesian husband could get in the way.
So that's it for now, my lemon-poppy seed muffins are beeping at me from the kitchen and I need a serious smoke break.....followed by about 10 percs heheh. Cold water extraction anyone? APAP is hell on your liver and I have problems enough. Kisses kids, Melody

Thursday, December 4, 2008

From the useless knowledge vault.....geez I love the internet!

During the fifteenth century, Venice ordained that local Italian prostitutes should bare their breasts while soliciting at open windows overlooking the city’s famous canals and walkways. The ruling was intended to separate the city’s "professional" women from the general citizens, and also to encourage young men to purchase the prostitutes’ wares and avoid the unspeakable sins of masturbation and homosexuality.


Short and sweet or is it sweet and low?

I have a doc appointment today so I won't be able to get into the Indo marriage story just yet. It's actually not til 2 but ya know me, it's gonna take me all day to drag ass and accomplish a damn thing! If I was gonna score I woulda been out the door 2 hours ago, typical me. I do have my priorities!
My default song is bringing back memories of Grant the douchebag jocko homo who was my boyfriend for way too long a long time ago. I can't even begin to make excuses as to what was going through my mind when I deigned to associate with not only a jock but a football jock at that, I guess it was the drugs.........
With us it was a non-stop brawl and though it was OK sometimes for the most part I got tired of having to explain away bruises. My mom was horrified that going to shows caused that much damage, at least that's what I told her.
I never actually set fire to the bed.........his stupid ND football uniform is a different story haha! I BBQ'd it in retaliation for him having dragged me down 19th st by my hair the previous evening. I never was able to pull off being the meek female. Fuck that kicked dog act!
Note to any girls who find themselves in a similar sitch, guys who like to smack the crap outta you are not amused when you laugh at their efforts and cast aspersions on their manhood. Choose carefully girls, I don't want anybody saying they got their ass beat because of me.
My big mouth has always been an issue.....for others. To my way of thinking seeing the look on his face was worth it. He was a cocksucker anyway and ended up getting pistol whipped by one of my Southsider friends. AAAAH memories!
Anyway, I'll get back to y'all later, miss me fuckers, you know you always do! Hugs and kisses, Melody.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A *few* day(s) in the life.............

So since I'm still feeling crappy I figured I would regale y'all with "The Raid" story. After all it's not like I have anything better to do than re-live my past insanity. It makes me feel..........accomplished HAHA. I can say that I have lived more unreal shit in my life than most people so that is an accomplishment of sorts.
If I wasn't such an unmotivated asshole I woulda typed all this crap out long ago and sold it to some trash mongering publishing house but...........I am a useless cunt so y'all get the privilege of reading it here for free. HAHAHAHA.......
Fuck, this is gonna take awhile.......It all went down like this:

I was living with this chick Kristen (the one who got hit by a truck) and Casey was there, NLR Brad, Frog, Kristen's mom Reverie and some other misc fuckers. Anna lived out in the converted garage as well but she was clean and stayed away from us junkies.
Casey and I had moved in a few months before when I had received a substantial amount of $$$ for marrying some Indonesian guy (long story). It wasn't our intention to start slinging again but the location was choice and as soon as all our junky brethren found out we were there it turned into a regular stop for everyone. It wasn't so bad 'cause even though we weren't yet back in business we got kicked down all day long for letting people fix in our room. I was still on methadone at the time but going to the clinic maybe 3X a week. It was so inconsistent I could still get loaded as fuck off a $20.
There came a point when we realized that we had just as much traffic as if we were selling so why the fuck not? It's not like we didn't have the experience and connects and we were already middling for alot of people who couldn't score.
It was fate when our friend/connect Ripper asked us if we would take some of the heat off his place and sell bags for him. It wasn't running our own gig but we got 10 bags for every 20 sold and we sold 'em non-stop. This worked out well until all of Rip's other way stations started getting popped and then he himself got gaffled up. His house was set up big time by the cops but I won't go into that, it would take too long.
So there we were with somewhere around 40+ people copping from us on a regular basis as well as all the ones who had been going to Rip. The shit hit the fan when the dope dried up so Brad looked up an old Prison buddy who was swimming in Tar and would cut us a sweet deal on pieces.He was bringing 'em back across the border himself so it was way below retail. We got hooked up with 28 G's for less than a thou which was pretty damn good.
That house turned into the hottest shop in Bako for a minute. It was non-stop phone ringing and we recruited Frog as a runner to keep traffic down....not that it did. I quit the clinic and concentrated on our new enterprise. We were making so much $$$ 'cause we sold mostly dimes, sometimes big chunks but mostly $10 and $20 bags.
We were able to eat out every day,stay in cigs and beer, shoot as much H as we wanted and amass an impressive collection of electronics. We traded for pills, speed(fuckin Brad!) tattoos and boxes of new outfits. Brad even came up on a car for less than 8 Gs.
It was an idyllic existence, I was still doing phone sex but I hadn't had to cash any of my checks for months, they were piling up in a drawer along with a hell of a lotta surplus cash that I put away for a rainy day.
It was mainly my thing because it had been my $$ that financed it but Brad got a cut for having the hook-up and Casey got his for being my honey and helping out with running bags and collecting cash. Frog was my paid bitch and did everything from make bags to deliveries and even hustled his ass to the store when it was required. Fuck I miss that!
Everything was cool except for the fact that we had CRAZY traffic and it had been going strong for about 8 months. We had people coming through the back alley and we sold out the window after 10pm. It was when Frog mentioned that he thought he was being followed that shit got kinda tense. I took his word for it because even though he was a paranoid motherfucker, he wasn't speed-delusional like Brad.
One day we took our lil junky family to the Green Frog Market to buy some groceries (I was feeling domestic) and Frog says, "Fuck there it is again, that truck was following me all morning!"
We looked around but didn't see anything suspicious, the only thing on the street was a Mother's cookie truck. I was starting to have serious doubts about Frog's paranoia. "Frog, there's nothing here!" I said turning in a circle,"Casey, do you see anything? Brad?"
"Nothing but a cocksucking cookie truck" replied Casey.
"That's it!" grumbled Frog "That fucking cookie truck has been on my ass all day.....I'm NOT fucking around!"
I said the first thing that came to mind, "Are you fucking retarded? This is NOT a Cheech and Chong movie!" Casey echoed the sentiment but I could see that Brad was liking the idea more and more. He had been up for a few days and it suited his mindset perfectly, why not a cookie truck? as far as Brad was concerned that made perfect sense.
We went into the store and when we came out 45 min later the truck was still there. I shushed Frog and we walked back to the house. Cookie truck, yeah right.
*A lil later that day* "Son of a bitch!" Frog came huffing into the room, "I just came back from dropping those bags at Sharky's and that God damned cookie truck is in the alley behind the house! I told you motherfuckers but you wouldn't's the fucking cops!"
"Calm the fuck down" I told him, "Show me." We went into the back yard and looked over the fence, sure enough, the Mother's cookie truck was parked about half a block down. "Christ" I mumbled, "Are you fucking kidding me? This is the most idiotic thing I have ever been a party to. Are those cops smokin' the rock or what?"
We went back inside and told everyone that we were apparently under fucktard cops in a lame-ass cookie mobile!
We tried to tone down the traffic but it was next to impossible so we had to all start taking turns running bags just to keep as many fiends away from the house as we could. During that time we were stalked by a ghetto looking delivery van with a fake as hell FEDEX sign in the window, several black windowed SUVs and the infamous cookie truck. By that time in was pretty much a forgone conclusion, we were next on the hit list. Then it escalated, people started getting stopped in our area, getting hassled and threatened if they didn't rat us out. Those cops wanted some controlled buys to go with their surveillance. To top it off Brad's paranoid rantings were starting to become reality, he had been out tweekin off one night and upon investigating the broken down moving van in the lot across the street he found a camera filming the house through a hole cut in a board covering the broken windshield. My house phone was making stupid clicking noises and ringing back my last call every time I hung up.
I started wondering why it was that we were getting so much attention, I mean we were holding a pretty fat sack but it's not like we were the only game in town. We all got pre-paid cells and I only used the land line for work. Only our big custies and close friends were allowed to come to the house anymore. Brad implemented the stupid ear-spy plan. He also packed his ass with the dope whenever he went to pick up. Gross! I know it was necessary but I always made sure that he triple wrapped that shit before it went in his butt......and he got to unwrap it as well! Good thing Brad was institutionalized from way too many years in Prison and had no problem hooping the clavo. YARG!
Anyway we tightened things up as much as we could but the house was still junky paradise, we had boxes of new rigs stockpiled and a gang of 2 liter bottles full of used ones. Spoons...check! Plastic, foil and balloons.....check! Mass amounts of unexplainable cash.....double check! Not to mention all the probably stolen crap we had traded for and my pharmacopoeia of Benzo's, pain pills and antibiotics.
The night before we got hit we saw this shit on TV saying that as of that day the cops no longer needed 6 mos surveillance + 3 controlled buys to get a warrant. All they needed was probable cause. We watched in horror as the TV crew followed the Bakersfield Sheriff's dept all around Oildale while they kicked in doors and arrested tweekers left and right.
We took all our dope and put it a couple of big balloons, the pills in another, the used outfits went into a dumpster a few blocks away (Frog was unthrilled with this errand)and we scrubbed all the dope off our bathroom counter and the various plates and surfaces that we used to bag up on. The foil went into the kitchen along with the plastic bags. The unused rigs stayed put and all we kept out was our own kits. Brad tweeked off and found several forgotten bags under and around the bed and dresser.....we had gotten too comfortable and had been sloppy as fuck!
That whole night Brad kept us up while he tweeked off on the noises coming from that retarded ear-spy speaker, Frog pussed out and went to his parents for the night and it was about 5:30 am before Brad fucked off and left us alone. He was in a bad way and had started to strip his clothes off, gibbering in his Donald Duck voice. It was such a relief when he went outside to wash his car! We had Arron come by to cop before work and Mikey came by for a few bags as well. It seemed like we had no sooner shut our eyes than we heard "Bakersfield Police the fucking door!" *Boom, boooooooom......crash*
I vaulted over Casey and off the bed, grabbing the dope/pill balloons and kits on the way, making it into our bathroom just as we heard the front door slam open. I looked at all that dope and hesitated for about 3 seconds before I threw the balloons in the toilet and flushed it! Even in that situation it killed a lil piece of me to let it go.
They had made it as far as the hallway because I could hear Kristen yelling, "It's the PIGS" while Striker (the dog) barked his ass off and Reverie screamed, "What the hell is happening?" I was washing the spoons and breaking rigs when I heard them kick in the bedroom door and yell at Casey to get on the floor. It had only taken a few seconds but it seemed like longer, the toilet was still running and as they kicked in the bathroom door I heard them yell."We have a FLUSH!"......right before they dragged me out and threw me on the floor next to Casey. They were all vested up and the trigger happy motherfuckers punctuated their commands by sliding the pumps on their (overkill!) shotguns. We got knees in our backs while they talked shit and handcuffed us before yanking us up by our arms and dragging us through the hallway. There was this weird white foam all over the walls and floor and it wasn't until they took us into the living room that I realized what it was.
Kristen and Reverie were handcuffed on the couch covered head to toe in white foam, the cops had busted in the door and come in.......with fire extinguishers blazing! HAHAHA they hosed down anyone who crossed their path and that just happened to be Kristen and her mom. Kristen was also totally naked at the time.
I felt this hysterical urge to laugh come over me and tried to stifle it as best I could but when Kristen started fucking with the cops I lost it. They had wrapped her in a sheet to cover her up but she kept wriggling to make it fall open. Let me tell you, Kristen weighed about 220 and had enormous long okie titties....not a pretty picture! She would shrug of the sheet and some disgusted cop would cover her back up. She did it over and over until the task leader came in and threatened to hog-tie her if she didn't stop offending his eyes with her nakedness! At this point I was full out laughing, not giving a fuck anymore, Casey was too. Naked Kristen taunting the cops with " Hey look at this PIG" and "oink oink" was just too damn much. Especially since her and her mom were still covered in chem foam, they looked so ridiculous!
The cops were way uptight and not amused by the fact that their intimidation tactics were failing. After all, the Dope was gone down the pipes and all they had on us was some very clean spoons, broken outfits and boxes of unused rigs. They tried the whole spiel about having us on tape and phone and charging us with felony conspiracy to commit sales but it was an empty threat. They took each of us outside and tried to scare us into giving up the connect(who just happened to cruise by while this was going on)but that didn't work either. As a last ditch effort at catching me with something they called in a female sheriff and I had the pleasure of being finger banged by a dyke with a full on mullet and gropey hands! They actually fucked up when they did that because there was no witness in the room and they are not supposed to penetrate you unless they see something in your snatch.....which she did not. The infamous stinky bank..... their code name for dope in pussy, fucking hilarious!
They trashed the house, dumping food, cosmetics, anything and everything all over the floors. They poured out all the soap and shampoos in the shower on top of our clothes and slashed the mattresses and furniture. They even pulled up the toilet in the bathroom in hopes that they would find the dope,the same thing they did at Rips house. Bastards!
We saw them take Brad to the swat van.....gibbering in nothing but his boxers and one shoe......typical. By this point I was irritated and needed a shot and was anxious to have this whole thing come to it's conclusion, either I was going to jail or not. Decide please! They ended up talking alot of shit, telling us about all their evidence and that someone close to us had ratted us out. They made the comment about 24 hr drive thru service and harassed me about my phone sex log....idiots thought it was a record of H sales. They took all the electronic stuff as evidence and said we were fucked for receiving stolen property. They wanted to take the $$$ as well but couldn't because I had my checks to backup the fact that I had legit income. It was all a joke, they actually had the chance to bust us right in their hands but were too cocky and stupid to realize it.
Frog had left 2 lil foil squares in a pill bottle on the dresser and when they had cuffed us and pulled us to our feet I saw a cop grab it and hold it up to the light. Me and Casey could see those 2 dimes in there, I have no idea why he didn't. They were against the side where the label was and I guess he didn't look too closely......retard! In the end all they did was hand out a bunch of citations for paraphernalia and bitch alot. They threatened us with everything under the sun and even told me that they were biding there time til they could catch me for sales. They wanted me in Prison and a piddling paraphernalia charge was not gonna get me there. You would think I was Pablo freaking Escobar the way they carried on......LAME!
They finally left us to the colossal mess in the house. About 25 min after they pulled away the fiends started calling and trickling in the door. We found out that Mikey had been cuffed naked in their swat van the whole time we were getting raided. They had pulled up next to him while he was happily riding his skateboard back home and snatched him right off it and into the van. He swallowed his bags but they strip searched him anyway. Poor Mikey! We laughed our asses off picturing his skateboard flying through the air as he got dragged into the still moving van.
It took us all day and quite a bit of help(paid of course) to get shit back in order but we were up and running by the next morning.....we were so smart! It took some very slick talk on our part to convince the connect to play with us again, he didn't like the fact that nobody went to jail and I can't say that I blame him. Even Brad walked because they had nothing on him.
We were back in business for another 3-4 months before they hit again and we had a mixed task-force of Sherifs and BPD/ K-net on our asses from that point on but that's another long-ass story and I think this one is prolly enough for now. I told y'all it was gonna take awhile.........
So goodbye for now, hope it was as much of a kick for you to read as it was for me to remember it. I think as far as raids go that one was pretty interesting. Laters Loves, Melody