Tuesday, July 1, 2008

World of Warcraft is the bane of my existance

I think I can positively say, without any hesitation that I hate World of Warcraft. This may be a incomplete opinion, since I have never played it in any way, shape or form. My statement is based on the fact that Casey spends a huge amount of his spare time glued to the computer, tapping away, manipulating his character in an un-ending stream of quests which only seem serve one purpose. To get you to a higher level so you can engage in another relentless batch of stupid quests.
He has even gone so far as to purchase a headset, so he can talk to other WOW heads as he's playing. Un-fucking-believable!
That game is the biggest time sink I have ever had the misfortune to come across. It eats up hours with ease, leaving me to wonder how it is possible that I went to sleep at 5 with Casey tapping away and now at 1, eight hours later, he is still at it.
I have begun to despair of the repercussions of having a boyfriend who is addicted to the dungeons and dragons of the new millennium. I am waiting for the day when he announces that he has quit his job, as it was just taking too much time away from WOW. I wonder if the only thing keeping him from taking such a drastic step is the fact that he needs money to pay the Internet bill.
What will all the other junky hookers say when they find out my beloved is 'GASP' a computer nerd! The humiliation!
Why couldn't he have a normal hobby, like pimping or boosting, something I could be proud of, anything but this. What happened to the head swinging psycho of my adolescence? I want my ass-stomping, Heroin injecting maniac back. And I want him now!
Ah bullshit, who am I kidding, I love him, stupid WOW fixation and all. I do sometimes miss who he was but am ecstatic to have him as he is. Alive and MINE!
I am glad that he is here with me instead of doing 25 to life because he followed through with those homicidal tendencies I remember so well.
I guess that statement, more than anything else is proof that I'm getting old. The 17 yr old me would have taken his incarceration in stride and written it off as a fact of life (our life anyway). The girl I am now is smart enough to realize what a miracle it is that one or both of us is not dead or in prison.
So I guess I will learn to live with WOW, even though I am still mystified by it's allure. The things I will tolerate for love, the mind boggles. Melody Lee