Friday, July 11, 2008

Hooray for express mail

It's Friday mothafuckas! I love Fridays and y'all know why. I just signed for my weekly care package and boy am I happy. I loaded a healthy shot and POW. Instant ecstasy. I was in the bathroom and watched my pupils pin as I was lighting a smoke. Heaven! Nothing like sparking up a delicious Marlboro 100 after an equally delicious shot.
I was so stoked to hear the doorbell cause it was kinda unexpected, I mean I knew that I would be getting it today but he usually sends it regular mail which takes 5 days. This week I paid for express, so voila instead of getting it next Monday I got it today. I also thought it would be delivered with the regular mail, around 3 0r 4, leaving me with quite a few hours to kill. A pleasant surprise to say the least.
I am feeling no pain and I had to share it with all of ya's cause I know there is nothing more interesting than living vicariously through an irresponsible, irrepressible Hype like me. Let me entertain you.
Love from your Favorite Fiend, Melody Lee