Monday, July 7, 2008

Coke VS Pepsi, the eternal question

Well, its 6:40 pm on a Monday evening, do you know where your local junky hooker is? I may not be local (to you) but I can tell you exactly where I am. Right now, I am sitting in my bedroom, typing away, waiting for Casey to get back from wherever the fuck he went so we can get down to business and finish off the last of the fun stuff from Cali. My friend hooked it up, so what would usually have lasted a couple days is now going on four. I also got a surprise package from my girl Patty, from Bakersfield. Totally unexpected!
She sent me a CD with a 1/2 g in it. It was tar, of course but good nonetheless. It really gave me an opportunity to compare the two. Afghan brown VS Mexican black, guess what? There is no comparison! Although I will say that the tar gave good nod, it really fell short when put up against the other. I never thought I would forsake my dirty black(tar) roots but here I go. If given the choice I would definitely pick the brown.
Aside from being a better high, it also has less complications. Of all the times I have used it and either missed or had to muscle, not once have I gotten a lump, bump or abscess. Hooray, no more close calls with messy marsa. I can do without having the threat of flesh eating bacteria hanging over my head.
Another plus is the fact that it leaves my veins intact. Whereas tar quickly dries up almost any vein I put it into, the brown leaves them plump and juicy, just the way I like 'em. I can find a good spot and be secure in the fact that if I want to use it later, it will be there waiting for me. That is enough to put a smile on my face and a spring in my step (if I could currently manage to take a step at all ).
I will never say no to a shot of my old friend black tar (I will probably never say no to much of anything) but my personal preference has definitely changed.
On a side note, has everyone besides me moved ahead in the Heroin Revolution? I find myself at a loss when faced with some of the newer, more complicated aspects of shooting H. When I started out, you took the Dope, put it in a spoon, added water , fire and presto: filter through cotton and inject. There was really no deviation from that routine. Maybe go sans fire, if no lighter was available.
Now I find myself confronted with type_ through type_ Heroin. I never knew it was graded on a number scale, silly me. Not only is this the case but now you also need to be a chemist in order to prepare a shot of smack. Imagine my surprise when I read (somewhere) that in order to get the full benefit from type_ heroin, you first had to break it down with asorbic acid or some such shit.
I am very nearly speechless...very nearly. The only time I had ever heard of using an acid to break a base is when you use lemon juice (citric acid) to break down crack so you can shoot it. I don't know if I am comfortable playing Mrs. Wizard with my Dope. I find the idea of introducing heretofore unknown elements to my Heroin, well, unsettling. I am sooo not in my comfort zone. What if through some slip of the hand I turn my beloved H into some semi-toxic, highly addictive super narcotic? Oh...wait.
Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am a teensy bit intimidated by change. Make those changes to my comfortable, reliable drug routine and OUCH! I feel my reality slipping away. How is it that I missed out on the development of IV specific filters, that go on the end of your needle, guaranteed to filter out the smallest impurities(and most of your Dope from what I've heard).
It seems that Heroin/IV technology has moved ahead by leaps and bounds, leaving poor little me, confused and alone. I guess I'll have to do what any other self respecting Dope fiend would do............VIVA LA REVOLUTION!
But I don't have to like it. Melody Lee, over and out.