Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Before Drew was my faithful sidekick

So since I still can't sleep. I'm gonna tell you a story. It starts about five years ago, when I was living in an apartment in downtown Bako. It was on 17Th and B and we had a cozy little set up, let me tell you. It was me, Casey, Ash, Joe and sometimes Jimmy and Nicole. I was there to sell Dope, Casey was there cause he was my second in command and my boyfriend. Joe was there cause it was his job to run bags and Ash was there cause it was her apartment to begin with.
She had been seeing Joe for awhile but that got old so they broke up and proceeded to despise each other quietly. No one wanted to rile up the monster Casey, who had a bad temper and would go on tirades at the drop of a hat. It has been suggested to me that maybe he was feeling inferior because it was my operation and every body knew it. That may be true but let me say that I never held shit over his head or made him feel like he owed me his ass. I babied him in an almost disgusting way, catering to his fragile ego and bitchy tantrums.
Anyway, there was also Jimmy and Nicole, a junky couple who would crash from time to time. Jimmy had been born with HIV and at age 22 had probably taken every drug known to man before settling on Heroin. His girl Nicole was only 17 and was well on her way to becoming a serious junky. For whatever reason, Nicole had never caught HIV even though they had bareback sex and shared needles. Although this was amazing to us, we took precautions nonetheless and made sure that when they stayed all their shit (needles ect) was on quarantine. Nobody wanted to pick one up by mistake.
Well for awhile we had been hearing that someone was talking to the cops. This was further confirmed when Jimmy talked to a guy at the record store who told him the big story wa that we were gonna get shut down as soon as they could get a controlled buy on us. He wouldn't give up a name but said it was one of our regulars. Since alot of our regs were rookie kids who would be scared shit less if threatened by cops, this was not hard to believe. So we shut ourselves down. I took all the cash we had and bought two pieces, aprox 56 grams and we settled in figuring that we would stay quiet for a week or so and see what happened. We were turning almost everybody away. Only the fiends we had known for years had a chance of getting anything. One day this guy Arron shows up. It's only me and Joe at the pad and I tell him we're dry. Now Arron is not the type to take no for an answer. He was one of those jocko guys who had started out banging oxy and then graduated to H. He pestered and bugged, saying he just knew we had something. At one point him and Joe came to blows cause he wouldn't leave. In order to settle shit down I told Arron I would give him the name of another dealer. I hooked him up and was walking him to the door when I opened it to see Drew standing there. At this time Drew was a total rookie and definitely on our do not serve list. So I thought why not kill two birds with one stone. I told Drew that Arron was on his way to meet Jose (every Mexican in Cali who deals is named Jose) and could he give him a ride. That way he could cop as well. Problem solved.
Al went smooth for the next few hours, Ash came home from work, Casey was back, Jimmy and Nicole too. We were just getting ready to go to the bedroom to do a shot when there aws a loud pounding on the door. We all froze, only cops knock that way at a Dope house. When we didn't hear BPD open UP, Casey crept to the front door and looked our the peephole. It's that little asshole Drew, I'm gonna kick his ass! Casey opened the door and immediately Drew started babbling about a dead guy, " There's a dead guy on your grass" What the fuck? We went outside and sure enough there was Arron, blue on the lawn. Out in plain fucking sight no less! Well we may not be a brain trust but it wasn't too hard to figure out how he got there. We all turned to Drew who was shaking and stuttering, trying in vain to convince us that he had no idea how Arron got there.
By this time I had gone over and checked him out. I tried slapping him around but to no avail. He was breathing maybe twice in a minute and looked like he was dead already. We had to call 911, there was no other option, we couldn't just let him die. I know that it is the popular thing to dump people in alleys or trash cans but that is so not me. If someone needs an ambulance then fuck it call 911.
Casey grabbed Drew by the throat and broke it down. Nobody knew who Arron was, Drew just happened to walk by and see him and ran up to the first door he could find... ours, Drew didn't know us, he just needed to use the phone. While this was happening I gathered up the Dope and took off down the street to stash it til all the bullshit was over. I know cops aren't the smartest guys but any moron could see that we were all connected . Tattoos, piercings our clothes even, we had a similar style to say the least. All they would have to do is run some names, almost everyone there had some drug related charges on their record.
I think Drew was the only one who had a clean sheet. After making it clear to Drew that his life was at stake if he fucked this up, Casey took him outside to wait for the circus. A firetruck, two ambulances and several cop cars later, they had Arron loaded up and gave him a fat shot of narcan. He came to in the ambulance kicking and yelling. The cops questioned Casey and Drew but even though they knew something was wrong they didn't pursue it. After everyone was gone we went about our business getting ready to do our nigh time shots. It was at that time that Jimmy started asking if we had seen his kit. He had put it on the shelf in the living room, next to the couch where he and Nicole slept. It was gone and none of us took it!
I remembered that Arron had been begging me for a needle but I had told him we threw them all out. He had also wandered the house a bit. That moron took the HIV riggs! I knew he didn't have one and when I had rolled him over earlier he had one sticking out of his pocket. Fucking Idiot. Jimmy called Drew to ask him if they had stopped to buy any points along the way, Drew told him no. He said Arron had his own and so did he. So there it was. Arron had stolen Jimmy's dirty needles and used them. So we said OK nobody use after Arron and that was that. Drew later on became a real good friend to me after Casey left.
I had never taken the time to know him, always assuming that he was just a stupid kid. I was wrong , he turned out to be a great guy and an awesome street buddy. He always made sure that he took care of the dope at least three times a week, leaving me to work only if I felt like it. I never had to worry that he was after some ass cause it wasn't like that. He was just a good friend.
I loved to tell that story about him and Arron, it always embarrassed him when the veteran junky's would look at him like he was the biggest idiot on God's green earth, "Boy, what the fuck was you thinking taking an OD to your connects house? You're lucky your girl Melody is so sweet else you would of been in a world of hurt." The older street ho's got a kick out of teasing him about it. He really got a pass on that one. If Casey hadn't been in such a hurry to do his shit, things may have turned out very differently for Drew. I'm glad they didn't. I miss my sidekick. Melody Lee