Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Vandals are philisophical prodigies

I never though I would be that girl. You know, the one who posts reams of meaningless lyrics on her blog . Well here I am, being that girl. I will say that this is a special occasion.

A) Remembering that today was 9/11 ( I am not what you call current on outside events), I felt almost bad because I didn't get so much as a twinge of patriotic feeling.

B) I was listening to The Vandals.

C) In a lighting strike of realization, I came to the understanding that 'The Vandals' may possibly be the finest philisophical minds of our generation.

I dare anyone to challenge the wisdom expressed in the two songs presented here. They are a sad yet telling commentary on the state of things in the world today and centuries from now, historians will only agree on one thing; The Vandals motherfuckin' kick ass! The fiirst song is on default so feel free to read and/or sing along. Haha, happy Thursday fuckers. XOXO


Gonna change the world
With my hockey stick
Gonna make a real difference
Feed the poor and heal the sick
I’ll practice in my yard
Or in the showers every day
Until I get so goddamn good
That someone really super rich will say"Here’s a million dollars
You can spend it how you like,
You can change the fucking world
Or turn it into something nice"
I’ll use my stick for foreign matters
Giving meaning to our planet
And anything we ever wanted
We will get to have it
And it’s all thanks to my hockey stick
And skill in which I use it
A hero to humanity
I swear I won’t abuse it
I’ll change the world
I’ll change the world,I’ll make a difference man
I’ll change the world with my hockey stick
Solving all our problems…
Like crack and aids and murder, violence, syphilis…
Global warming, floods and arson, rape, and birth defects
And things affecting ever person
War on crime and racism are problems of the past you see
Thanks to the greatest hockey player
That would be me
World leaders are united
From the joy to watch me playing
As the planet gathers ‘round
For the chance to hear me saying"This place is now utopia
And heaven is on earth"
Me and my hockey stick
Can finally board this earth
I changed the world
I made a difference!
I changed the world with my hockey stick I changed the world
I changed the world with my hockey stick
I solved all our problems
People don’t appreciate the glory I have brought them
I saved this planet in its darkest hour
So they will grovel beneath the man that saved them from the curse
Appoint myself ruler of the universe
And lots of family masses they will grovel at my feetAnd their lives will serve no purpose
Other than to honor me
And this stick it will now rule their lives
And dictate all their thoughtsAnd I’ll re-write our history
And thus reside as God
I’ll rule the worldI did it!
I’ll rule the world with my hockey stick
I’ll rule the world...Yeah!
I’ll rule the world with my hockey stick
Just because I am that good
[The Vandals]


You know when you're sure that no one gives a crap, you're on the right track

It's a fact

And when you believe,things are good it's guaranteedyou're up your ass

Its' a fact!

Morons rule the world and it's shitty place, no one ever asked to be born

It's a fact

You know every timeyou think you've got it right,you're totally wrong

It's a fact

And when you really try the efforts misapplied or there's a catch

It's a fact
When you've got a sure thing,you're sure to fuck it up
It's one thing you can count on every time
It's a fact
What can you do?Absolutely nothing don't even try to amount to something
It will never work and Hitler is a jerk,and soon we'll all be dead anyway
It's a fact(you suck)
In five billion years the sun will explode
It's in the bible
It's a fact
And no one will knowthat we were ever here
It's a fact...... It's a fact!
So rest assured in knowing that what you do don't matter
Some one can do it better anyway
It's a fact! [ The Vandals]