Monday, September 29, 2008

How to make friends and (under the) influence people

The pic is totally irrelevant, I just like it. I know, sick twisted me.
Do I feel spectacular or what? I spent the last two days on a hellacious come down. L-girl distracted me for awhile when we were on the phone but aside from that .....
This weekend was like a non stop moron-a-thon! I let myself be coerced into driving to cocksucking motherfucking Gallup! Fuck I hate New Mexico! Anyway, Rainman picked me up around 1am on Friday night/Saturday morning. Eric was the only one with him, we went out to the quadruple wide trailer and I got the keys to some tricked out SUV.
They started to tell me all about what was where and I just said, stop right there, I don't even wanna know. Just tell me, is it inside or out?
It was underneath somewhere and Eric had tools to retrieve it when we got where we were going. It was kind of a relief not having Richie there to pluck at me. I hate it when he does that shit. The downside was that without a chaperon, me and Eric could shoot as much speed as we wanted as often as we wanted. Yeah I know, great idea right. This may be the smartest thing I've done in quite some time. Not only was I driving across the desert with God knows how much meth under the truck but I was also gonna do it geeked outta my head.
The first thing we did(naturally) was drive back to my house and fix up. Casey was asleep and we left him that way, he had to work in a few hours. We had until 7am to get to Gallup but we left anyway. Rainman would probably be pissed if he knew we made a detour but fuck him sideways, I was committing several felonies for that assclown, if he didn't like the way I did it, he could drive his own damn drugs to Gallup!
It was all like some really bad drug movie, driving through the dark, spun stupid. After an hour we stopped at a gas station and did another shot. The place was closed, so we did it in the truck. I had to have Eric hold a lighter next to my foot so I could see what I was doing. Eric took over driving the rest of the way. I don't know when we got there but it was way before 7am. Eric drove to some ghetto ass neighborhood and called someone on his cell. We pulled into a driveway and they opened the garage for us to park in. After they shut the door, Eric climbed out and was talking to some dirthead guy. He came back and told me I could wait in the house while he did his thing with the tools.
Inside the house smelled like cigarettes and unwashed tweeker ass. What the fuck do these people have against showers. Newsflash, bathing will not kill your buzz and deodorant is not a meth antidote. You will still be high after you wash your stanky ass I promise.The guys in this room had been doing so much speed for so long that is was oozing out of their pores and that is not a joke. You could smell it in their sweat. and you better believe those fuckers were sweating non stop!
The living room looked like Sanford and Son, they had shit stacked from floor to ceiling against all the walls. Even the dogs were wired, I shit you not! Those motherfucking dogs (2 of them ) were pacing the house, sticking their noses through the blinds so they could scope out the yard.
One of the guys, I'll call him Bubba Buttplug, passed me a pipe. Who the fuck am I to say no? I'm not too good to smoke dope with stinky tweekers, I just happen to smell better than they do.
Those guys just loved me, they were handing me cigarettes, got me a beer, kept passing me the pipe. I'm such a likable girl I make friends everywhere I go!Eric came in a few minutes later, took a hit and after thanking Bubba and co. for their hospitality, we left. We parked by the train station and did another shot, then I drove straight through to Farmington.
We got back to Rainman's and he and Eric got under the truck and took out an obscenely large bundle of cash. I didn't even ask how much, better that I don't know.
I called Casey on his work phone and told him where I was. He said fuck it, stay there, he would call me after work and come get me. How sweet! I think he really just wanted to know where Rainman's house was so he knows where to look for me in the future.
The rest is pretty boring, we smoked some tweek we did a shot, did a shot, smoked some tweek and so on, nothing special. Casey called around 8pm and we had to go meet him on one of the service roads and have him follow us back. He got along with everyone OK but he too thinks Rainman is an idiot.
He was pretty stoked about the gun collection though, they went out shooting but I decided to pass. Instead, I sat in the living room and..........smoked some more tweek. I am really bad about that shit and the fact that I had a fat bag of it didn't help.
You would never know that speed is one of my least favorite drugs would ya? I thought I was over the whole thing but like I said, I have been wrong before, it's rare but it does happen.
I will not be transporting goods for Rainman again! It went down pretty smooth but if I'm gonna get caught moving product, then goddamn it, it will not be meth. I got hooked up fat but that's not the point, if I'm gonna risk my ass, it should be for something worthwhile, like smack. Getting caught is getting caught, I know that but if I had to go down at least let it be for something I love.
Yeah yeah, I know, I'm a stupid worthless cunt, and an ignorant junky bitch. Whatever, at least I'm honest about it. I think it would be way worse for me to go on about 'Look how good I'm doing' and 'Praise Jesus' and Blah, Blah, Blah. It would be lies, total bullshit and it would make me a big douchebag-y hypocrite. The world has enough of those already, I don't need to add myself to the list.
That's all for now kids, I'm spent. Go to sleep tonight and dream of me, I give good nightmare (among other things). XOXO, Melody