Friday, September 19, 2008

All I wanna do is..........

I think this may turn out to be an uneventful Friday night. I'm actually kinda looking forward to it. I've been on an online shopping kick and have bought anything and everything that happened to catch my eye. I got my guitar and all the shit that goes with it today. My fingertips hurt! It feels kinda good knowing that I'll be able to hold onto this one for awhile. Casey's birthday is coming up on the 23rd. I bought him some badass gear. If he doesn't wear it I'm gonna be pissed.
He's passed out right now and if all goes well, I will join him before too long. I hope nobody shows up tonight, I think I've had it with speed. It's fun and all but it's not what I really want.
I miss Heroin and all this other shit is just killing time until I can get some smack.I'm not actively fiending out or anything but I wouldn't say no if it happened to fall in my lap. HAHA, I fuckin' wish!
I see all the planes fly over our house all day every day and I wonder how much dope is being trafficked right over my head. Probably alot, it's a private airstrip after all.
I guess if I really wanted to I could go to Chimayo and score there, it's like three hours from here. Espanolla is neck deep in dope. I am too lazy to go out and do it though, it's a drag trying to get a hookup when you don't know the town or anyone in it. Eric offered to borrow a car and drive me but I said no. Him and Richie are already in deep shit, all they need is to get caught up with me,trying to score some H. I won't be responsible for that. See I am growing up, a year ago I would have said "Who the fuck are they to me" and done it anyway. I am making crazy-insane progress!
Josh called AGAIN! Casey just rolled his eyes and said,"Tell that faggot he's pushin' his luck." Josh, I know you think you're safe two states away but Christmas will be here soon enough. I don't know what bullshit fantasy Marc told you but Casey is most likely gonna be with me when I visit.
In case I haven't told y'all, when Marc isn't busy touring (The Mentors/The Mantors) he owns the bitchin-est tattoo shop in Bako. He's been promising me free work almost as long as he's been trying to get in my pants(since I was 15),I plan on taking advantage of it when I visit. The ink, not the sex! Asshole Ed is working in some shop as well but it's probably best if I avoid him. Yeah, I think that would be best.
If Richie shows up tonight, I think I will tell him to fuck off, I don't think I'm up to tweeker-sitting tonight. I don't want any speed and I don't particularly want to have then tweek off in my house either. Eric says his cousin likes to kick it here because my house isn't hot. If his dumbass keeps comin around it soon will be. I need cop trouble like I need a kick in the ass. I'm sure some of you feel like a kick in the ass is just what I need. Fuck you anyway, smarty pants.
It's just after 11pm right now and if they are gonna show it will probably be soon. Just another exciting night in Farmington..........whoopee! Maybe Rainman will have some oxys, that would make me tons more receptive to company. Last time we talked, they said something about going shooting again.
The way Rainman's mind works never ceases to amaze me. If I'm not mistaken he is a felon as well currently having absconded on his parole. I really don't think that driving the reservations all spun out with a truck full of some very illegal guns is a good idea. Fucking retard!
Those two boys have picked some hella good role models, me and the methamphetamine savant. I will go to sleep now like a good girl and if I hear the door or phone I will ignore it! I will not do any speed, I will not leave the house and I will definitely not go cruising around in the meth/ammo-mobile. Buenas noches babies, Love Melody