Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The opiate of the masses and a guinea pig named Jehovah

So Casey's family is mostly Jehovah's witnesses. The rest are Catholic, figure that shit out. His mom and sisters call the day before his birthday because heaven forbid they actually acknowledge the day of his birth. Fucking stooopid!
Anyway, if you've read my first few posts then you know how I feel about the whole cult, um I mean Jehovah's witness thing. I am not overly impressed with anything they have tried to teach me and believe me, they have tried. I am not close minded. I am very open to all sorts of things.
My issue with Jehovah's witnesses is the fact that they feel like they are the only ones who have a true connection with God. I guess that goes for most organized religion but for some reasons their beliefs seem particularly one sided and ignorant. There's supposed to be these people who are 'anointed', that were chosen by God to go up to heaven and help him rule from above while all the lesser (unlucky sheep) witnesses rule on earth.
What about the rest of us you ask? Well, we're fucked! Unless you decide to "Walk in the light" and follow the ways of Jehovah and his witnesses you can resign yourself to a fiery inferno. Cheerful little people of God ain't they.
I asked Casey how the anointed are chosen and he said that they just are. WOW, that explains it! He said that they are just born knowing that they were chosen and that everyone in the church takes their word for it. Double WOW! So I asked him if this blind faith extended beyond their church, like say if I was to decide to become a witness and then I decided that I had been anointed all along, it just took me all these years to see the error of my ways and return to the flock. According to the way things were explained to me that should be okey dokey, because I KNOW I was chosen by God and they just have to take my word for it. Blind faith is a bitch, no?
Oddly enough, that wouldn't work because the last anointed was born years ago, how convenient! Is it me or does it seem especially self-important to think you can decide when heaven has reached maximum capacity? I thought you were supposed to be humble? I could go on for days about that shit. Every time I ask an 'elder' a question, I get quoted some obscure scripture that is really no answer at all.
I think what I hate the most about this whole thing is that whenever his family calls, Casey puts on this act, like he is soo pious. Hilarious right? He goes the the kingdom hall like once a month but as soon as his mom's on the phone he's like, " Yeah, I book study twice a week" or ,"I can't make this decision, I'll have to ask Jehovah." What a fucking douchebag!
I love him and I understand that he has this crisis of conscience going on and shit but come the fuck on! He should have the balls to stand up for what he does, either way. If he doesn't want to be a witness, he should just say so. If he decides that he does indeed want to follow the cockamamie beliefs founded by a bunch of addlepated religious zealots, then more power to him, just choose already!
Don't straddle the fence out of some misguided feeling of guilt. I would have way more respect for him if he just told me to fuck off and that he was gonna worship how he pleases. It's hard for me to take his declarations seriously when I see him jerking back and forth , not willing to commit to one or the other. You can't be self-righteous and preach when you yourself aren't really even trying. I loath being lectured, especially when I know that he is doing the same stupid shit I am. I guess going to church every four weeks give him that privilege.
Plus I think it sounds so fucking pretentious to call God Jehovah, it's like one more thing to remind you that they are members of the special 'chosen' club.I think I'm going to buy a Guinea pig and name it Jehovah, that way every time I hear Casey say he'll ask 'Jehovah' I can point to the habitrail and say, "Go ahead, he's listening."
I was raised catholic and thanx to some sadistic nuns, I have left all that nonsense behind. The Catholic church has turned into a haven for pederasts and perverts and that's just the clergy! The parishioners are just as bad! Imagine the shit you can justify when you believe that confessing your sins once a week wipes your slate clean. Tithe to the church and all is forgiven. Pretty to think so but not very realistic.
I know a few people who have been lucky enough to find a church that is not filled with sanctimonious hypocrites, Shelley for instance. Her church has been awesome in supporting her and I commend that. I'm not against religion, I'm against bullshit and ignorance carried out in the name of God.
I don't think we should go through life believing that God is some tyrannical being ready to cast us into the pit of hell for the slightest indiscretion. I have said it before and I will say it again, I don't think God sweats the small shit, he is not that petty. If I'm wrong well then I guess I have a surprise waiting for me when I kick off. I'm not gonna waste my time looking over my shoulder, waiting for God to come down and spank me.
Anyway, I will stop all this now, before I start to froth at the mouth. My opinions are probably biased and I am about as far as you can get from a theology scholar but it sure is fun to talk shit! Have a bless-ed day fuckers, Love Melody