Thursday, September 25, 2008

AAAH the good old days. I'd like my complimentary heroin sample please.

I'm so fucking bored! I think that is probably the root of all my problems. If I could entertain myself then I wouldn't be on the lookout for trouble. I read alot but for the most part I get itchy to do something and since I'm not a compulsive masturbator, there are only so many options. I do love porn though, porn is hella cool!
Casey got me back for my little joke in a roundabout way, I'll just say that stubble burn hurts alot more the day after.It's all good, every time I feel that burn it reminds me of what we did to get it and that makes me smile.
My new phone ho profile should be up tomorrow and I expect great things from it. I bought these totally raunchy pics of a girl who looks like she's 16 to put on my site. If I know guys like I think I do it should be pretty popular. I don't wanna get any anonymous comments about how fucked up I am for using pics of what looks like an underage girl either. That bitch is legal, I got the signed contract to prove it!
I suppose talking to pervs will be somewhat entertaining, I've been offline for awhile, so time to get back to work! God knows I need to find something to occupy my time. If I'm at home I'm either trying to be good (I usually spend all that time online checking myspace like a loser and accepting friend requests from any old damn body)or I'm trying not to let Richie sweet talk me into doing something I oughtn't.
The only hobby I have any interest in is mainlining Heroin and that is unavailable right now, so you see my dilemma.
I've probably said this somewhere before but I love the sound of my own voice so I will say it again. Heroin is not my problem, I am my problem and I'm never gonna be able to get away from myself so fuck it! Plus I don't really see anything wrong with it (then again I wouldn't would I?) I can maintain as a dopefiend, Being that I don't have to hustle for my $$$ or sling dope anymore, I can just sit back and enjoy my smack. If I had any that is.
I know there are tons of people out there who doubtless have a multitude of reasons why my idea of opiate nirvana is wrong. Tell it to someone who gives two shits about your opinion (not me), As if you care what happens to me anyway. You probably think junkies should be executed on the spot like they did the opium addicts in Red China. Maybe you're right, fuck I don't know. I may seem to have everything figured out but I really don't have all the answers. SHOCKER! I just come off as bitingly clever and amazing. I really don't know how I do it, I just radiate awesome. I guess some people got it and some people don't.
HAHA, don't hate me because I'm wonderful, there are so many other reasons.
This is me loving you. XOXO Ciao Babies, Melody Lee from the land of The Damned