Monday, November 3, 2008

Miscellaneous usual

I sooooo tired right now, I have slept for shit! Not really as bad as it could be, I suppose it had to catch up sometime. Fuckit!
I spent this weekend at home reading like the good boring girl that I am. I went through Faithful, the Marianne Faithful autobiography and I re read I'm with the band. I usually have 2 0r 3 books going all at once, depending on which part of the house I'm in. A different one for each room.
Casey spent his time playing WoW.......UGHGHGHGHG! I hate that shit so much but I won't go into to it, it would take too long.
I guess the fact that I could sit still long enough to read says something for the way I'm feeling, it has been a super mild kind of restlessness that only makes itself known when I try to sleep. I'm over it, besides as usual I have no one to blame but myself.
I sat through some hideous documentary last night. It was all about the church of Satan. I find it really laughable that the people involved in that scene don't see how ridiculous it all is. If you have to swear your allegiance to a little bespectacled man dressed in a dime store devil costume, complete with goobery stuffed horns and a tail something is not right. How the fuck can they look at that moron and keep a straight face? If I was the devil I'd be pissed!
My week is spread out before me like an endless map of nothing! I am bored and tired and cranky and probably not fit company for anyone. I can't stand myself right now, I wouldn't expect anyone else to.
The whole thing with Richie and Eric is a shambles, I haven't gone into it because it's so......confused, I can't even really make out what is going on. The bond got revoked...I think. They went to court and got gaffled up and have been sitting in pre-trial ever since. Some cocksucker judge considered them a flight risk....I think. The whole thing is pretty unclear at this point so I'll wait til later to give Y'all the update.
A special note for Josh, I think you must be on some kind of masochistic kick. Are you really that eager to mindfuck yourself over someone who isn't even in the same state? Sweetheart, you need to get out more, seriously! I know you were loaded when you commented, it was kinda obvious but being loaded doesn't mean you have to sit at home and be a douchebag all day and night. What happened to my little social butterfly? Get your ass up and out the door, maybe if you had something to occupy your time I wouldn't keep getting lame-ass commentary from you. Eddie! Do something about this PLEASE!
So that's it for now, another scintillating update from moi, XOXO, Melody