Thursday, November 20, 2008

2 Minutes you'll never get back....................

I have been so fucking lazy this week, I mean I'm always lazy but this time I really outdid myself. I've been laying around the house doing no-thing! Although I have managed to drag my lethargic ass into the shower regularly the fact that I've been wearing the same grungy black flag shirt for days kinda cancels out any attempts to maintain cleanliness.I don't care, fuck it. I'll change tomorrow...........maybe.
I think I'm getting too old to be going on speed binges, I could do that shit all day everyday when I was a kid but now...............apparently I'm an old broad who can't handle her shit. C'est la vie.
I don't have anything especially earth-shattering to share with y'all today but then again, when do I ever? I was thinking about typing out the "raid" story but......... I'm tiiiiiiired. HAHA I don't think I know anybody besides myself who can be totally exhausted after a long day of doing nothing. Being this useless is hard work!
I came across my old friend Turkey via Regina on myspace, I'm a myspace loooooooser. So sad.......
Anyway he's still the same old fuckface, he's living in Colorado somewhere and I was surprised to realize I actually miss that fool! We thought he was dead, having heard from some traveling squatters that he had OD'd and been found in a dumpster. Knowing Turkey the way we did, it wasn't hard to believe. I'm glad he's not dead and from what I've heard he's doing better so yay Tracy (Turkey).
I need to buy a car! I've been spending too much$$ on useless shit when I should be saving it for my trip to Eugene. I really don't need anymore shoes or clothes or records or whatever.
Blaaaah....BORING! I bet y'all are even now regretting your decision to come here and read my update, there's 2 minutes you'll never get back.
Dr. Finch....I'm blocked!
I find myself thinking that I wish my life was like a Wes Anderson movie, where everybody is fucked-up but it only makes you like them more and they cruise through life backed by an awesome soundtrack.
Am I feeling sorry for myself? Is that what this is?
Fuck a buncha that shit, I am so not gonna throw myself a pity party! I have nothing to piss and moan about anyway, I have a decent house, I have money, a crazy moody boyfriend that loves me.........if I heard me complaining I'd kick my ass!
I'm gonna go force myself into the shower now and I may even put on a clean shirt. After I re-gain my usual snarky good attitude I'll come back and post something a little more amusing........Christ, I'm such a blog-whore. Loves you bitches, Melody