Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Stepford kinda day

So I have a new reader. This isn't that unusual but I happen to have a pretty close connection to this one....it's Casey's younger sister C. Since I'm not too sure she wants to be outed on my not-so-PG blog I'll be nice and just keep it down to the initial. Say hi to C. everybody "HI C." Haha hi-C like the fuckin juice box.
Anyway I guess she'll let me know how she feels about the whole thing, I tried to warn her that she might be a little freaked out by what she reads here.....maybe just a little.
Besides that I seem to have been possessed by some crazy house cleaning Demon! I wonder if this is retaliation for my derogatory comments about the Church of Satan? I have been overcome by this horrific need to clean EVERYTHING! I am such a natural slob that housework is a drag of massive proportions but today I actually found myself looking forward to it. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?
Never in my deepest darkest nightmares did I ever imagine that I would be one of those people who actually wipes out the sink after using it, I mean it's a fucking sink, it's supposed to get wet. I am ashamed to say that I not only wiped it dry after I did the dishes but I continued to do so after each use. Unbelievable!
I cleaned all the windows and floors, which I despise doing and on top of that did something like ten loads of laundry.I was totally fucking sober people!
I know some of you may be thinking that Rainman paid me a visit and slipped me some go powder but that's not the case, besides which I am even more useless all geeked out than I am normally. I am NOT one of those productive tweekers that cleans and does crafts and shit, uh-uh not me. I tweek off on tweekin off! If you don't know what that means I'll explain, it means that instead of finding something constructive to concentrate all that meth energy on I just sit like a dumbass and let my thoughts swirl 'round my head while periodically hitting the pipe and/or needle. Oh and I smoke like a fucking refinery too.
If I had been spun, I would have been sitting in the same spot for so long that my muscles would be semi-atrophied and you better believe the house would be no cleaner than it was yesterday. I am so confused.
I finally slept today for like four hours and I feel so much better, I'm thinking of putting the H on the back burner til sometime next week, maybe next weekend, that way I can give myself a little more time to get normal. I'm afraid if I do it too soon it will launch me right back into feeling crappy again and I don't want that. I've done that so much and it sucks! One week on, four days off, three days on , two days off and never long enough to get completely right in between. It's a shitty cycle to be stuck in and I'd like to avoid it if at all possible. Who knows, I could say that tonight and fuck it all off tomorrow, I'm inconsistent as a motherfucker.
Are motherfuckers inconsistent? I'll have to give that some thought.
I hope that cleaning jag was a one time thing because it would totally freak me out if it became permanent, it goes against my very nature as a lazy ass of the highest degree. If there's one thing I know with all my heart and soul it's that being productive is as unnatural to me as being responsible, I mean I can do it if I absolutely have to but it's not a happy occasion.
We'll see I suppose.
Anyway I'll go now before I put y'all to sleep with my oh-so-interesting commentary. Nighty-night kids XOXO, Melody