Monday, November 10, 2008

Last night......

.........I went all out with the speed last and I don't know if I can really get into all of it right now. I'm really tired and I broke down just now and did some of the hidden H. Not alot.........well OK a good amount, enough to make the poke worthwhile.
I'm so full of shit, like I wouldn't make a sieve outta myself for a lil taste as well. Big shot, small shot, makes no nevermind to moi. I'm predictable that way.
I really don't think I'm gonna make it long enough to tell the strory of last nights crystal fiasco so I won't even try, I'm sooooooooo sleeeeepy........a little nod wont hurt. It never does. I'll fix the typos tomorrow maybe cocksuckin' spellcheck is for shit!. And let y'all know what happened too. I'ma go now, loves loves loves you all, M.