Monday, November 3, 2008

Universally abhorred......I mean adored!

I can only appreciate the fact that people who wish I was never born (no not my parents), are bouncing my blog back and forth across the net. As I said in my comments, I think that it is the ultimate sweet irony that the fucktards who hate me the most are just helping me to piss even more people off. I imagine them curling their lip in disgust over my latest post.........right before they click the forward button and send me spiraling through cyberspace to piss off one of their equally anal friends. I fuckin' LOVES it!
I wish y'all would get it through your dense fucking heads that there is nothing you can say that will upset me. I have been called worse by better people than you and it didn't bother me then so why the fuck would I let it get to me now?
I love how everyone thinks that calling me trashy is such an insult, it's not. I can understand if I was trying to come off all pristine and shit but I'm not. I've never denied who I am, what I am and most of all I've never altered my opinion based on what someone else thinks I should do or say. Fuck that!
I said this before in my comments but since I am sooo brilliant and my genius never gets old, I will say it again:
"I really don't care what you(anon fucktards ect.) think of me, if I did I wouldn't be posting all my bullshit in the first place, I have better things to worry about than whether some anon jerk off has a high opinion of me or not.
We're both losers you moron(s), I just have the guts to say it where as you are either too dim or self involved to realize just how much of a loser you really are."
Fuck I love quoting myself!
Anyway I'm sure some dipshit who isn't familiar with me in the least will read that and say, "If you don't care about the haters, then why are you responding to them?"
Well I am a contrary bitch and although I don't care, their inane comments give me something to bitch about and bitching about random shit is my reason for being.......that and spending time with my beloved H. Oh and Casey too:) love ya babe!
So keep it up fuckers, I will continue to oblige y'all by writing whatever the fuck I want and if you don't like it then tough shit, don't read it.........but be sure and forward it to your friends. Kisses bitches, Melody
PS. Everyone else (non fucktards), Mucho amor Babies, M.