Thursday, August 14, 2008

You bet I've got something personal against you

So yeah, I feel like shit but I won't go into it too much. I don't feel like giving all the I told you so's the satisfaction. I am sooo bored I can't stand it! I think that this place is starting to get to me. I am doing shit that is wrong on so many levels in even amazes me. The Richie crap for instance. What the fuck was that?
Many people out there may think that being a super-slut must be second nature to an ex-hooker/ all around good time gal but that is a crock of shit! Just because I was a whore doesn't mean I am a slut. Money hello?
I was always amused by the guys who picked me up that said, "Wow, you must be so horny to be out her doing this, I bet you love to fuck!" Morons!
Oh, yes, must have cock, running low on semen, energy waning need to suckie suckie! Are you serious? Maybe in some deluded porn fantasy are there girls working the streets just because they are nympho's who "must have cock".
And while were on the subject, what the fuck is up with the idiots who say,"You're too pretty to be doing this stuff" What the hell is that supposed to mean? Would it be easier to accept if I was hideous? Addiction doesn't discriminate, there are pretty junkies and not so pretty junkies, old ho's and young ho's. Thanks for the sideways compliment but that is a stupid statement.!
Anyway, I am not a slut.
I love men and sex but am pretty discriminating when it comes to the guys I hook up with. Sex for fun is different than sex for profit, after all who wants to get with a lousy lay after you've had several that day already. I have remained sickeningly faithful to Casey 99.9% of our time together. I am not a whore by nature but by design. I like that, it sounds so profound!*snickering*
Regardless of what SOME people have to say, I will not fuck Richie. I'm pretty sure I won't anyway. I love Casey and he has done an admirable job of keeping his dick in his pants for almost a year so applause, applause. How can I do any less?
Yes he is an asshole but is is also hella cool to be around, even if you don't love him. He is funny, sarcastic, not afraid to back up his shit and he happens to look magnificent in a brawl. I love it when he's all sweaty and bloody and...........anyway. I have issues. SURPRISE!
So, as I am now getting too antsy to sit here and continue what has ultimately been a pretty random post, I will say farewell........Miss me bitches, you know you will. Love Melody