Friday, August 15, 2008

My home away from home

I feel better, amazing what 4 whole hours of sleep will do for you. I am refreshed! Whatever.

I watched Powder last night (I haven't seen it in years) and yeah, I'd do him. Sean Patrick Flannery is hot anyway but something about him being all milky looking attracted me. Hmmmm, not unusual for me. I fell asleep listening to ABBA which I am not ashamed to say I love! I have gotten old enough that I am no longer worried about the rusty sword of punk rock cutting my head off if I listen to the wrong thing. Kids are so stupid sometimes.

Anyway I have loved ABBA ever since I first saw Muriel's Wedding, which is an awesome movie by the way. It is a little freaky though that there seems to be an ABBA song for every situation. I mean every possible scenario! Feeling sassy? You are the Dancing Queen. Breaking up? Knowing me, knowing you Ahh hah, see what I mean. It's weird.

Casey was home early yesterday and I spent a majority of the evening annoying the shit out of him. I do this occasionally but mostly when I feel like crap. For some reason it makes me feel better. I usually poke at him or I will wait til he yawns and then stick my fingers in his mouth, maybe scratch my nails on him somewhere. I just generally irritate him any way I can. What can I say, misery loves company. He slaps my hands away and eventually relocates to another room. I just follow him and do it all over again. Evil ain't I.

My friend Ricky is DJing at The Mint back home and I wish I were there. I want to walk through that door and see everybody, make my way to the back where all the old heads are kickin it and sit and bullshit with people I have known since I was 12. Oh well. can't always get what we want right?

I am gonna buy a car I think. We have the truck but I don't really like it. I looove old cars but it is not practical to drive a roadrunner with a questionable engine cooling system through 50 miles of desert. Same goes for just about any old car I could get my hands on. I would love to spend 10 thou on something that has been completely restored but I won't. I will settle for something newer even though I hate most cars that were made after 1985.

I won't drive the truck too far because it's not really mine (since when has that stopped me) but if I had my own, I could get outta here and maybe go to Albuquerque or Santa Fe. I could go see a decent show with good bands. The only place here is called Gators and it pretty much blows, like everything else in this town. When they are not hosting AC/DC cover bands, they are booking shit like OTEP.

OTEP was the last show I went to and I may as well have stayed home. I would have had more fun shoving the $20 cover charge up my ass! I don't want to listen to a shitty band and pay way to much for drinks while I'm at it. Fuck Gators and OTEP!

I have a feeling that if I get a car I will be hustling my ass back to Cali for a visit asap. Actually I know I will. I will leave the majority of my money squirreled away in hole somewhere here so I don't get a wild hair up my ass and end up back in Bako selling and having an all around fabulous time. I will be responsible (mostly) and just get wasted for a couple of weeks before I come back, chunk of dope and bottles of Methadone in tow. I can use methadone to kick without getting stuck on it as well. I just take it for a couple of days then stop. That usually gets me through the worst of the withdrawals. I wish I had know that I could do that years ago when I first got on maintenance. I was preggo so maybe it wouldn't have been an option but it works.

I can get anything in Bako, that is why I should not stay too long, I have no control. I will be rolling in dope, benzos , coke, crack and generally anything that catches my fancy from the moment I get there.

I think maybe I'll get some more ink as well. Why not, I know so many artists and a few of them have their own shops so I might as well go for it. They always get a kick out of the fact that I would be getting drilled on and nodding out at the same time. They would wake me up and I would be like, " What, are you done already?"

I need to get this jail shit on my wrist covered anyway, it looks ghetto as fuck! Some jail tats are really good but they used shoe polish and ashes for ink so it has faded really bad and looks like crap.

I am rambling really bad, I think maybe 4 hours wasn't quite enough sleep. I am leaving a lil Social D on default for all my "Sick Boys" back home. This Sick Girl misses all y'all. Sleep tight in "The land of meth and oil", my beloved Bakersfield. Melody