Thursday, August 21, 2008

Better dead than red.........

It's funny how I pick and choose what I write and where I'm gonna post it. I'm not trying to hide anything it's just that I don't want to get any shit from the people who know me. I don't care if they know about my drugs or personal life, that I could give a fuck about. It's the little things, like Russians and trips to Mexico that get them up in arms. My friend Tiny (whose knowledge of world cultures is limited to say the least) once said to me, "Melody, if you don't cut out that shit with the Russians the next time we see you is gonna be on CNN in one of those head to toe black things, walking ten feet behind some Cossack in Moscow."
Fucking Tiny, mixing Muslim and backwoods Russian orthodox and God knows what else. It does make for an amusing picture though, I know I laughed a good while after he said that.
The thing about the Russians is they have alot of $$$$$$. They spend it like water and there is always some criminal-type drama going on. Irresistible to a danger junky like me, it makes me feel like I am living in a bad movie, surrounded by ugly jogging suits( the sterotype is true) and bad taste in music. But they also pay very well.
I met The Russian on the trips to and from court when I was in jail (he was in the fed penn next to pre-trial). He was really cute, had a irresistible accent and he really did have eyes like a Siberian husky, so pale they are almost white. Freaky but sooo attractive. Anyway, as we were going back and forth to court we got to know each other a bit. Funny how well you can get to know someone through steel mesh..
He was doing time because his younger brother had done something stupid( that I will refrain from mentioning) and He was taking care of it. I will mention that this something stupid was causing my new friend to look at some seriously hard time. I asked him why his brother couldn't ride his own beef and was told that he was too crazy and stupid to stay alive in prison. Not really fair but it made sense I suppose, anyway I started getting letters from the brother telling me that he had been told to help me when I got out. I didn't ask too many questions, figuring it would come to nothing but I started to get money on my books every week. Again I didn't question it, hell why would I? $$$ is $$$!
When I got my fed cap kick I was met by the infamous brother and learned that the Russian behind bars had a job op for me. Again I will skip the details because I am not a complete idiot. I got a Jeep 4/4 a cell phone some cash and a GPS thing-y. Not bad for someone who got released from county the previous day.
I will say it now, I was not a mule, so any smart-asses out there can kill that thought immediately. I made trips in and out of Mexico with the brother and a few of his associates til I got my bearings and then continued on my own, my ability to speak Spanish was a plus and I have a half assed knowledge of Russian and German so it helped alot.
Things got strained when Casey came back in the picture. He does NOT like the Russians. Also the brother was getting a little touchy feely and possessive . Just when it was about to get really ugly the Russians lost their Mexico contact to the law and shit went underground. I gave the Jeep and phone back and resumed my care-free junky life, thousands $$ richer and with really cool stories to tell.
I had some contact when the brother kidnapped me into a rehab last summer(it lasted 3 days) but that was it until I get a call from Patty saying "The communist" (what I used to call him) was looking for me , asking around. After a brief call to Patty I now have a # in my posses ion that will put me in direct contact with the brother. As if I wasn't conflicted enough already, my decisions are for shit and I will always choose the wrong thing, just to spite myself I think.