Monday, August 25, 2008

Cockroaches, speed and blasphemy......a pretty full week.

I don't think that there is anything quite as disgusting as stepping on a big fat cockroach barefooted in the dark. This was the highlight of my evening. I can safely say that the noise it made is not something I will soon forget, like a mushy pop, eeeewww fuckin' nasty! After I disinfected my foot for like an hour, I went back outside, this time with the lights on and viewed the carnage . Melody 1, roach 0. Gross!
Anyway, I have been busy doing my usual assortment of nothing mixed with a little questionable behavior and a large portion of who cares anyway.
I went on an adventure with Richie a couple of nights ago and it was as if I had been magically transported back to my freshman year in high school. Loud, drunk/stoned/spun people everywhere I looked. I showed surprising restraint when I was offered some crystal. However I am only human, I smoked ALOT of weed and took some somas, had some beer a couple of tequila shots. It was a dreamy kinda night.
I had a ridiculous confrontation with some tweeker slag that took offense at my shirt. I have to tell you about my shirt! I got the idea from a convo/e-mail I had with Shelley a few weeks back. We were talking about uptight people and I said something about nuns blowing Jesus and a t-shirt. Presto! I am a brilliant attention slut! After some creative computer imaging and a trip to the silkscreen shop, I am now in possession of a shirt that says "Devout Catholic" and features a nun blowing Jesus. You can see how that might be offensive to some people. I think it's funny as fuck but I have been told that I am a little off so maybe I'm wrong.
Anyway, she got all irate saying that it was sacrilegious and that I was going to hell and that I would have to answer for my sins before God Blah, blabity, blah. Tell it to someone who gives a fuck!
She was so wired it was like watching and listening to a spun weasel (she looked like a rodent) if spun weasels could talk. Even though I was pretty fucked up I was still able to destroy her with a few smart-assed retorts, delivered with my usual flair of course. Melody 1, princess torebackula 0.
Richie behaved himself, it was kinda sweet. He stayed with me all night and kept his hands to himself, acted protective anytime some other guy got too chummy and wouldn't let me spend any money. If I was a little more naive I might be inclined to believe it was genuine. I think it's probably the next weapon in his impressive "How to score pussy" arsenal. I'm impressed anyway, and flattered but I suppose that is part of the plan as well, make me feel special so I let my guard (and panties) down. Maybe next time.
I told Casey that I had a "friend" that I had been hanging out with. He knows it is "the kid" but seems confident that I will not do anything I shouldn't. Wow, I am dumbfounded by his faith in me, I don't think I deserve it but just knowing that he's trusting me will probably keep me in line. Sneaky fucker, I'm sure that was his plan all along.
He doesn't know about my call from Cali yet and I think I'll keep mum til I know what I'm gonna do, no use getting him all pissed over nothing. He is being really understanding lately, makes me wonder if he's slipping arsenic in my Pepsi. I would think he was fucking around if he actually had the time but he works too much. He comes home smelling like oilfield dirt, not perfume and pussy. The Russian thing would be too much though, he had some run ins with 'the brother' and they were unpleasant to say the least so yeah, I'll keep my mouth shut about that.
AAAAAHHH I get to see The Damned and Jerry and Hollywood! Sorry, I can't help it. Three of my favorite things on my favorite night, Halloween! I love Jerry he is such a cutie! We are gonna have a blast!
Things are going so well, too well. I will probably get mowed down by a runaway garbage truck tomorrow. HAHAHA, talk about takin' out the trash! Kisses from me to you , Melody