Sunday, March 22, 2009

Runnin' on go....

*Sometime early Sunday morning-

I am so freakin wired right now I swear to Christ I feel like my hair is gonna float right off my head. I am TINGLY and that is an understatement! I just hit the fattest shot of cryssy and I'm still trying to catch my breath. I'm holed up in R-man's bedroom using his shitty laptop and chain smoking. I'm sitting up against the headboard and Adrian is curled around one side of me. He seems to have over-amped and is currently watching every move I make with half closed eyes. Strange considering the amount of meth he's injected/smoked but that's what happens when you over-amp, instead of going faster you slow down to almost nothing. He'll probably crash for 15 minutes and then wake up gakked outta his head.
I'm not sure I can go into all the shit that has happened tonight, I managed to snag a photo of Loco, Maniac and Joker but I won't be putting it up until I can figure out how to fuzz out their faces. I won't have anyone saying they got popped because I blasted them all over cyberspace and their parole officer happens to be a blog whore.
I don't even know if I'll get this up today, I'm feeling very enthusiastic about typing away but there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to it. I am annoyed that Adrian has chosen to snuggle up to my legs. Why the fuck can't he go rub up on someone else? I don't dislike it exactly but it makes me somewhat uncomfortable because A) I am having Richie flashbacks B) I'm positive that the little fucker knows he's getting to me and C) He is laying there looking beyond delicious in his sleeveless Agression shirt.
Wonderful, I just got an IM from k1tten and she is giving Adrian obscene instructions regarding certain parts of my anatomy.....
I must keep in mind that he is too young to be taken seriously and that Casey is my love love love. WOW I am amazingly retarded right now!

The above is an excellent example of why one should never over-indulge in methamphetamine! It gives you diarrhea of the mind and can result in what is commonly known as a brain fart. Fuck, what can I say but...fuck!
If you hadn't noticed, the after effects have made me oh-so eloquent. Eh, it's probably not a big change from my usual blathering.
Anyway, as you can see, things got somewhat interesting on Saturday/Sunday. When I wrote that aborted post, my outing had begun to wind down...somewhat. I will attempt to give you a brief (yeah riiiight), account of the events that took place.
For those of you who don't remember my previous trip to Cuba, you can find it here: ...The Gangster of Love .
Anyway, I answered the phone on Saturday night and it was indeed R-man, he said he was coming up Orchard and would be at my house in mere seconds. I grabbed my bag, got my boots on, grabbed my skinhead-ish flight jacket and headed out the door. Casey showed amazing restraint by not bombarding me with snide commentary, he just made a face at me and returned my I love you.
It was cold as fuck outside but R-man pulled up just as I was lighting a cigarette. Luckily he was not driving the disco-mobile, it was one of his SUV thingies. I think it was the same one we took the last time we trucked it to Cuba.
The front seat was clear as I have made it known to Maniac that I refuse to ride in the back. It doesn't really bother me, I do it just to bust his balls. As usual the inside of the truck was foggy with vapors and after about 30 seconds I was starting to feel my skin crawl. Fuckin tweekers!
I glanced at the back seat and saw Maniac's retarded ass sucking glass like it was an extra-thick milk shake. Of course being my usual charming self, I told him he looked like he was sucking cock and should he ever lose his position as Rainman's buttboy he would at least have that skill to fall back on. This caused R-man to choke and spew vitamin water all over the windshield.
Maniac sputtered for a second and then came back with, "Stop showing off for Adrian's stupid ass, you wanna talk about sucking dick, I know you wanna..."
The rest of his comment was muffled due to the fact that I had smacked him in the face with my bag.
I don't know how I managed to overlook Adrian but there he was, sitting right behind me. Maniac regained his composure and began to grumble at me, something to do with how I could have broken the pipe and that I needed to "quit playin'." Douche! He then started to make not so subtle remarks about me and Adrian. I took it all in stride but when he least expected it I reached back and flicked him in the nose as hard as I could. That shut shut him up.
I was riding in that front seat, listening to R-man drone on about something or other and trying to ignore the kid sitting behind me. It was working until he leaned over my seat to offer me the pipe. He was trying to hold it for me but I killed that notion real fast! Not only did it look awfully idiotic to anyone who might be driving past, it put him right up against me and that was the last place he needed to be.
I took the pipe and hit that bitch until I felt like I was plugged in to a light socket.
We were gonna be headed straight to Cuba, any pit stops had been made before they picked me up. I told R-man to hit the Walgreen's and get me some points, then we stopped by Sammi's house so I could do a shot. I made for the bathroom with Ade trailing behind me and I grabbed Sammi at the last minute, I was feeling the need for a chaperon.
I hadn't noticed it the last time but Adrian was one of those touchy-feely tweekers. Everything he said was punctuated by some sort of touch on my arm or my leg and as I was already tingling like a motherfucker, I didn't need the added stimulus. Don't get me wrong, in another life I would have been more than happy to let him grope me but having learned my lesson with Richie, I knew it wasn't a good idea.
We went to the john and I busted out the bag R-man had given me, I had a party pack of outfits and Sammi passed me a spoon. I broke her off(she doesn't shoot), and then fixed up enough for 2 FAT shots. We drew up and I went to sit on the edge of the tub so I could take off my boot. Just like the night we met, Adrian knelt down and unlaced it for me, he pulled it off and then offered me his belt. Sammi was standing behind him with big eyes mouthing , "Oh my fuck, this guy is HOT!"
I nodded at her and then turned my attention to finding a vein. I warmed to the task and managed to stick one in no time, unfortunately it was a false register and I shot 5 units of rocket fuel under my skin. It burned like fucking acid! It's alot more uncomfortable than missing H but being a trooper I persevered. I pinned one running along my instep and this time I struck true. I pushed it in and got that feeling that says you may have gone over your limit. The lights dimmed and my head pounded, when I was able to focus again, I saw Ade wiping blood off my foot with his shirt. My first coherent thought was that he was taking his Lancelot act too far, I mean why use your shirt when there's a whole roll of toilet paper right next to you?
I lit a smoke and tried to ignore him as he tied off and dug around, his arms looked like shit. I find that this didn't bother me in the least, I like bruises...and tracks...especially tracks. Moving on.
Somehow I ended up reclining in the tub with Sammi perched on the edge and Adrian sitting on the floor next to us. I was doing my usual chain smoking bit, Sammi was hitting her pipe, chatting away and Ade was fucking with the spoon, drawing up another shot.
It's quite possible that we would have spent the whole night that way but Maniac poked his head in and said, "Time to hit the road hypes." We gathered our shit and as I was going to rinse the wash off the spoon Ade took it from me and licked it off....ACK! *gag* It wouldn't have been my move but whatever, to each their own...YUK!!!
Damn, I think I'm gonna do this nonsense in a couple different posts, it was one looong ass night and this shit is already running on. Yep, I believe that would be best. I will try to finish it up tomorrow but I make no promises, we all know how lazy I am.
I will make an added effort, just in case anyone is actually interested in reading about my night on the town. What am I saying? OF COURSE you're interested, why wouldn't you be? I am after all, infinitely interesting. I know I never get tired of me.
I'll be back...soon and wrap this bitch up with a ribbon!
XOXO, Melody Lee