Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yawn....another stimulating update.

Ugh, I'm feeling very sneezy/yawny from my recent run in with the percocet. I don't know what irritates me more, the fact that I feel this way after only 4 days or the fact that I feel this way from low grade opiates. Bullshit!
At least with heroin I can look back fondly on the time I spent shooting and nodding but with percs it's like...ehhh. I ended up getting 90 this time 'round and as of this morning I believe there are 30 left. If I feel really outstanding this afternoon, I may hafta eat a few more. You know just to get me through the tattoo session haha.
Oh yeah I'm going in to get more work done on my wrist today, I'll be sure and pick something trashy and washed out so it can compliment what is already there. I actually already know what I'm getting, I just thought I'd make that clever remark so that the anon who left the glowing compliments on my wrist tat wouldn't feel left out.
On a brighter note, I am going to be making the trip to Espanola next week. I have an appt there so I figured that while we were in town we might as well score some dope. Two birds with one stone and very enterprising of me I might add...considering I engineered the whole thing! In fact they wanted to send me to Albq. but I said it would be much more convenient if it was Espanola. Convenient indeed!
For those of you who don't recall this city from my past posts, it is the area that is recognized as having the highest Heroin overdose rate in the country, per capita of course. So I told Casey that if we go there and come home smack-less it will be because we didn't try. I intend to try and try and if that doesn't work, I will goddamn try some more!
Oh wow, Fat Mike is going through this annoying phase where he sits in my lap and rubs his nose against my t-shirt. He makes these little smacking noises that were cute for the first 2 minutes but now they make me want to tape his mouth shut. He leaves wet kitty hickeys all over my clothes and I am finding it particularly bothersome right now. I should probably go before I do him some sort of harm because of my less than understanding mood. I'll be back in a day or so with more blurry photos of my latest tattoos.

Sneezy kisses and yawny hugs...yummy! XOXOXOXO Melody