Monday, March 16, 2009

Ummmm yeah.....

I can't say this is going to be very informative, I'm getting ready to sanitize the house and that usually takes a few hours. I am amazingly thorough for a lazy ass. I need to get at the ghostly foot prints that are making their way across the kitchen floor, I wiped them up when I left them but the funny thing about blood is that it never cleans up as well as you think.
I haven't been posting as much as I used to but I plan to remedy that and try to update a lil more often. I will post the complete story of the Espanola adventure....oh sometime this week...yeah.
I'm pissed at my stupid playlist because it tends to play what the hell it wants and if I choose Wire I god damned want Wire. I was listening to it the other day and it played the most unbearable mix of emo-ish crap I have ever heard! Unacceptable! Eh I'm too lazy to do anything about it right now, what's new?
I am forcing myself to re-activate my Niteflirt account as I have been neglecting it badly. I have been neglecting the perverts....
Anyway, Regina just called so I'll cut this short and leave you with this thought : In my vision of hell, I am forced to repeatedly watch all 3 High school Musicals while the Jonas Brothers play on a loop in the background. Christ, it's enough to to make me change my ways...almost.
Be back soon, XOXO Melody