Saturday, March 21, 2009

I tell the truth even when I'm lying.....

Casey's Irish is showing, the St. Paddy's day tattoo. Right on the throat...YUMMY!!!

I'm in a rare mood and the Johnny Thunders felt soooo right! I am sitting here waiting for Rainman and wondering why it is that I am even considering leaving the domicile this eve. I guess it has just been too damn boring and I am due for another goofy escapade with R-man and crew. Oh and the fact that Adrian got on the line and added his voice to the others doesn't hurt. He asked so prettily that it would have been unbelievably rude for me to decline the invitation.
Casey has opted to stay home and is currently laying on the couch watching TV, Fat Mike perched on his chest. As I'm sure y'all noticed, he got a big ass shamrock tattooed on his throat. I am fascinated by it, the whole neck tattoo thing fascinates me....
I'm going back to Mario in a couple weeks and getting more work done on my arm, he's gonna touch it up and add some more shit as well. Perhaps I can persuade Casey to continue the work on his neck/throat. MMMMMMMM, I seriously hope so.
If I follow through with the plans tonight I will be off to Cuba again and I will have the dubious pleasure of renewing my acquaintance with Maniac's cousin Loco. Fan-fucking-tastic!
Dare I hope that I won't be subjected to another dose of Captain Save a Ho? If that were to happen again, I feel that I might lose my easy-going demeanor and stab him in the eye with a crack stem. At least Adrian will be there to hold my his support. Maniac on the other hand is going to be a colossal pain in my ass! I still owe him one for pimping out my phone number. I'm not certain what form this retribution will take but y'all know me hahaha, it will be swift and unexpected!!! If at some point during the evening we end up back at R-man's trailer home I will endeavor to get online and post the Espanola story. I should be more than motivated, if ya catch my meaning heheh.
Christ I hate speed! Such a waste of a perfectly good vein! I will be injecting/ingesting a fair quantity of methamphetamine this evening IF I decide to go. I could think of a million other things I would rather do but whatever.........I never said I was consistent.
I have just now realized that aside from my "friend" and the H in Espanola, I haven't had to pay for any of the drugs I've done since I got here. Hmmm....
I know that on a few occasions I was getting them in return for favors (not those kinds of favors!)but for the most part it was just kicked down. I guess when you have a seemingly endless supply of crystal, it's no big thang to spread it around. Rainman could probably trail it behind him like breadcrumbs and still have enough to get the whole county geeked.
It's funny, Regina and I were discussing the meth phenomenon here and comparing it to the one back home in Kern County. We decided that if all the meth labs in Kern and San Juan counties were to simultaneously explode, it would take out the whole left hand side of the US map. Sad thing is, it's no exaggeration, our hometown is lousy with meth labs, good thing I had enough sense to switch over to heroin before the meth had a chance to take hold haha.
I may be an equal opportunity drug user but if I had to choose, I wouldn't hesitate for even one second. H is my main man. Everything else is just killing time between shots of smack. It's not pretty but it's the truth and truth is eternal...even if I'm not.
So I have to make R-man buy me some new points and then.......who knows?
The phone is ringing and I should wrap this up and go pull on my boots, yes the boots. A lady can never have enough steel-toed footwear. So I will be back, maybe tonight. I can't say for sure but I may have some semi-interesting details to divulge in my next post. Here's hoping.
G'night kids, I'm out~Melody Lee