Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tattoo in progress and a random rant because I know y'all love it so.

So here are some more photos of questionable quality. I would have Casey take some but he has enough issues with my attention slutish-ness. Every time I ask him to do it he sneers. "Why, so you can put it up and have everybody gawk at you?" So I stopped asking.
He's not really as big a dick as he seems, he can be amazingly sweet. I think he has an complex when it comes to my involvement with other people/guys. I have NO idea why...*fluttering eyelashes innocently* I'm just as bad as he is when it comes to jealous behavior, I just wear it better. He wouldn't come with me yesterday because he said he had no desire to watch me hold court at the Tattoo shop.
Can I help it if I'm an extremely friendly person? It's not like I was gonna take turns blowing them all in the john! I suppose I shouldn't have got on so well with them the first time round, I should have sat mute for the entire thing. Wait FUCK THAT! I'm not going to let Casey's issues dictate my behavior, never have...never will.
Well that might be a lie, when it comes to things of a more serious nature I do tend to minimize my actions if it will facilitate matters. It's much easier to play along and then do what I want later. God that sounds bad but I only do this when A) He's being a totally unreasonable Nazi B)I know that he will thank me for it in the end and C)When I am fairly sure he will never find out about it haha.
OK, OK erase C, I don't really do that....not anymore. I have grown up immeasurably in the last couple years and I try never to do something that I myself would not want done to me. In other words I suppose it's alright for him to hang out with other girls *grrrrrr* as long as he doesn't fuck them. Receiving blow jobs or any other prolonged sexual stimulation is off limits as well.
Before I wrap this up I want to touch on a subject I brought up in my comments : The pity party blog.
One of the things I want to make absolutely clear is that I understand that everybody has low days. Some people even live in a constant state of depression, I understand that as well. If somebody is writing about the things they feel and it doesn't happen to be particularly cheerful, this doesn't automatically lump them into the "pity party" category.
I think there is a HUGE difference between being truthful about your feelings and writing page after page of whiny monologue. It's possible to express despair without resorting to theatrics worthy of a 12yr old emo. I could be mistaken (though this is hardly ever the case as I am perfect and therefore NEVER wrong) but from what I've noticed, people who are truly suicidal don't go about blasting it on every available medium. The ones who do are most likely seeking attention.
I should know as I am undoubtedly one of the truest forms of "Sluticus Attentionus Maximus" I just happen to be a different example. I rely on nothing more than my gift for self-glorification/delusion to call attention to my person, these other creatures should take a page from my book and cut the melodramatics.
Anyway, as I said in my comments no one is forcing me to read their nonsense, just as no one is being forced to read mine.
Fuck that would be awesome though! I envision uptight assholes the world over being forced to read my bullshit under penalty of death. I can't think of a better punishment because although many people dislike me, the U-A brigade seem to foster an extra special hate for me. The lil darlings!
I call them this because it is mainly through the misguided efforts of these people that I get the most attention. They are so disgusted by me that they can't wait to forward my latest post to scores of their like minded friends, inadvertently furthering my cause...spreading the disease if you will. That is why I ADORE hateful comments and why I will NEVER moderate or delete any of them. One mouthful of malice will do 10X as much as one of praise.
Not that I discount the helpful or friendly comments, no sir! I love those with the other half of of my black little heart. The people who actually enjoy reading my bullshit always have the most interesting things to share and I'm stoked when someone offers an opinion or advice on my current situation. That's my main complaint with shitty anon comments, they are so....basic.
I can only be called scum or loser junky whore or ugly degenerate bitch so many times before it loses what little sting it had. I really do look forward to them now. I view it as getting a love note from an unknown stalker, it's kinda cute in a jr high sort of way.
So there you have it, another post so profound it will no doubt blow your mind and leave you reeling for days. I'm so brilliant so much of the time, I honestly don't know how y'all stand it! Hmmmm, I hope the hateful anons weren't frightened away by my outpouring of affection? I suppose I'll just have to wait and see.
Enjoy the blurry pics, DAMN my arm look SWOLLEN! It feels like little sharp toothed animals have been gnawing away at my wrist and I'm not even close to done yet. Regi says if I get any more ink she will start mistaking me as a hipster from Ventura. GOD FORBID...anything but not that! I will just have to continue making sure my tats are totally tasteless and as far from hip as is humanly possible. I think I can handle that. Smoochies my loves, hasta manana. XOXOXOX Melody