Thursday, January 1, 2009

Don't we look cute?

This was how excited Casey was when he found out my mom got me a car for my birthday..............I wonder why he looks so pained? It couldn't be because he's afeared I will run amok...more than usual hehe. He'll get over it, I'm basically a very good girl....basically.
I'll post a pic of it eventually, my camera is being tempermental. My mom took this photo at the hotel right after she presented me with the keys. You can see I'm being very understanding of his dilema by the way I'm laying my head on his hide the HUGE smile on my face! No need to make him feel worse. Happy New Year fuckers, hope y'all had a fan-freakin-tastic New Years Eve.
That's all for now, oh and I LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!!!!XOXOXO Melody