Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fat Mike joins the family

OK, so I got my kitty. Casey paid the fees and I went down to the shelter to pick one out. It was kinda shitty 'cause once I got in there I wanted to take all of them home. I'm a sucker like that shh, don't tell anyone.
So the shelter had absolutely nothing to put my new kitty in for the ride home, they were out of carriers.I ended up having to drive with one hand and juggle kitty with the other. He was pretty chill but started to spazz out a little....until I turned the stereo on and fate stepped in.
The CD was NOFX and the song was "Don't call me white" which calmed him down when I started singing it to him. Obviously the song isn't about a black cat or even a black guy for that matter but in my infinite wisdom I decided to take the title as literally as possible and presto, my new kitty is named Fat Mike (guy from NOFX). Casey says it doesn't matter what I name him because I'll just end up calling him kitty anyway.
He's probably right.
So here are some pics of Casey and Fat Mike. I had to make them B&W so you could actually see the kitty. For whoever it is that's bummed about the questionable clarity of Casey's face in photos: You try and get his drunk ass to sit still. It's not some conspiracy to keep y'all from getting a good look at him, he's just a primadonna about having his photo taken. He says he feels lame and what can I say to that? No babe don't feel lame, now make with the sexy poses please.
Enjoy the pics, I got Cody to send me some of the shots he took of me before and after the Misfits show and I'll probably post some later....y'all get to see me and my platinum devil lock. Oh the anticipation!
Love you, Melody &Fat Mike