Friday, January 23, 2009

10 things you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask

This pic is completely irrelevant to this post but since it's amusing and also happens to be a product of the infamous Oildale I have mentioned in the past I deemed it worthy of gracing my latest masterpiece.

Ok, I know I've been promising the "Friday" story but I got tagged with an award and that seems to me an excellent reason to put it off another day. I usually don't go in for the whole tag thing but what the hell. I got tagged with the "Honest scrapper" award by Gledwood and Lucy and since I do adore my lil Lucy and Gled is quickly scaling my top ten I am gonna suppress my urge to be a lazy bitch and do this thing.
From what I could tell I'm supposed to do this and that but I'm slightly retarded so bear with me.
Ok 10 honest things about me hmmmmmmm............

1)I'm not a natural blonde. Shocking I know but it's true.

2)I despise clowns but am strangely attracted to the cartoon joker from Batman the animated series, Heath Ledger's version and the scrappy clown from the Fluorescent adolescent video.

3)I used to be deathly afraid of needles. Like crybaby kicking and screaming afraid........hehe ironic.

4)I'm basically a nice person and I'm hella easy to get along with...........I AM!

5)I donate $$ to the St. Jude's children's hospital....yeah I know, who woulda thought.

6)I think that Richard Ramirez is HOT!!!! but the fact that he raped senior citizens seriously grosses me out.....and I think it's hilarious that one of his victims was named Peter Pan....sorry but I do.

7)I play the guitar (badly) and was in probably the only band who had tons of groupies without ever having played a single show. Haha we were just awesome like that.

8)Contrary to popular belief I have never been arrested for soliciting or possession. I have also never been to prison, just county.

9)I'm a pushover for my friends and usually end up helping them even when I know I'm screwing myself.

10)I never really cry or feel sorry for myself but a wickedly sappy commercial will make me blubber like a 3 yr old. Figure that one out.

So that's it, I'm passing this along to k1tten for being honestly awesome in general and also being my future road k1tten.
To Kelley for being honest about what's really going on in her life and not being afraid to post about it.
Lilygirl, who will probably not get this til sometime next year (I love you LG) but is definitely worth an award for being amazingly cool, truthful and one of my favorite "waist up" girlfriends.
To everyone who didn't get tagged haha y'all dodged the bullet....this time. It doesn't mean I don't love you, it just means that I got irritated with having to copy and past links into this goddamn post.
I have another appt with my cunt psych tomorrow and I'm going to tell her exactly where she can put that stupid Cymbalta. After that I swear I will bang out the series of mind-boggle-ing events that was last Friday. Not to be a tease or anything (heheh yeah right) but I will tell you that I got a serious case of rug burn in the back of a 1973 Dodge "raper" van and no it's not what you think. Later on kids, I'll be back.........eventually. XOXO Melody Lee