Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ghouls night out

So here I am....sober,loaded and everywhere in between. I don't think it's too difficult to figure out which is which but since I've been told that I look lit in all my photos here's a hint.....the one with me nodded on the kitchen floor, yeah I was totally fucked up by that point and no I'm not the one who decided to unzip the hoodie. Thanx guys.
The show was pretty decent, at least what I remember of it heheh. They didn't have that douchebag Graves singing, it was actually Glen. I guess him and Jerry buried the hatchet long enough to cash in even more than they have already. The Misfits are second to none when it comes to being marketing whores....okay maybe Kiss then the Misfits.
Anyway, there I was ....and here I go. How profound pfffft! I'm bored and the Xanax I had is gone and I want some H and wah wah wah. Whatever.
I'm seriously contemplating a trip to Chimayo this weekend but it's probably a bad idea. I'll go and come back with an insane amount of dope and get sprung all over again. I don't have a problem with being strung out, I have a problem with being strung out and my only connect is 3+ hours away. That could be an issue.
Fat Mike has decided that he will only shut his little kitty trap when we set him up on our shoulders. He balances up there and goes to sleep. If you try and move him he squeals and tries to climb back up on his own. I am covered in microscopic kitten scratches. Casey has given up on trying to play warcraft with kitty in the room hahahahahaha kitty hates that lame ass game as much as I do.
Sent my guy a message and will hopefully have some news soon, I neeeeeeds to get high....LIKE NOW!!!
So a fond farewell kids, I'll be back to bitch about something or other sooner or later. XOXOXOX Melody Lee & Fat Mike *snoozing on shoulder*
Christ, the longer I look at these photos the more I think that I was just one step away from a full blown flock of seagulls haha, now that woulda been something to see!