Friday, December 5, 2008

More human than human

The trip to the doc yielded 2 scrips, one for neurontin and one for percocet. Eeeeh better than nothing I suppose, I also got corralled into resuming my psych visits. I have been avoiding that shit like the plague but since I am state ordered I guess it looks like I can either comply or end up having to deal with a whole lotta bullshit. So my appointment is for next week.
Those psych appointments are a joke! The bitch listens to NOTHING that I say and then prescribes stupid meds that do NADA! I have been criticised for poo-pooing therapy but how can being ignored be therapeutic? The cunt believes that I am repressing some hideous memory that has caused me to be the way I am and I disagree. I am not suffering from post traumatic stress disorder!!! I am positive that my mother never handed me over to satanists to be gang raped in some lame ritual when I was 3 and I do NOT need to waste my time looking for a "root" that does not exist! I have no problem dealing with my past, I am not harboring repressed emotions about a damn thing! Ask me anything! I've been through this shit before.....I don't blame my parents for anything, any past abuse/trauma is just that....PAST! I am over it and it doesn't bother me at all.
I do not stay up nights weeping into my pillow thinking about shit that I can't change.Hindsight usually does more harm than good and guilt is for suckers! I think that maybe my psych is hoping that if she beats the dead horse long enough I will start to feel bad about it. Is that fucked up or what? Shiesty quack!
Any one who is interested in reading more about my opinion on psychs and related subjects can follow this link or if the lame-ass link isn't working you can go to my July 11 post "I like my roots..."
So anyway, the Indonesian husband story...............
I had this friend from Poland named Borys, I had met him through one of my connects. He was a fence/club promoter in L.A. and had all kinds of crazy international hookups for weird underground stuff. He dealt in surrogates and baby brokering and green card marriages etc. He fenced stuff for us on occasion but mostly he was just fun to hang out with. He was gay and had a HUGE crush on Casey too. He was always taking pics of us and then he would laugh and say he was gonna cut me out of them. I'm fairly sure he did haha. Casey always was a fag magnet. Borys used to call us his little Sid and Nancy and take us to artsy parties so we could shock his uptight fag friends.
So one day he tells me that he has a proposition for me, he had this friend whose lover needed citizenship. The guy was willing to pay 15,000.00 for it, he was some kind of nuclear engineer or some shit, he could afford it. The guy I was supposed to marry was here on a temporary visa.
After Casey made sure that there wasn't going to be any marital "duties" involved we said yes. Why not, 15 grand is nothing to sneeze at and we had just been booted out of our current lodgings for "suspicious' activity i.e. too much junky business (thanx Johnny Thunders). We were staying with Borys in L.A. til we found a new place and that cash would go far in making that happen.
The first step was meeting the lovely couple, Mark and Teddy. They were super cool and took us out to dinner so we could discuss things. I give them props for not backing out when they saw us because Borys calling us Sid and Nancy was pretty damn accurate. I was on Methadone but shooting H more than I was dosing and Casey was just plain ol' strungout. We were all sucked up but we looked cute, heroin chic at it's finest hahaha. Not exactly the look to inspire confidence though. I guess they liked us and Borys assured them that we weren't gonna take the money and run.
After everybody was all palsy-walsy it was decided that the best thing to do was go back to Bako and make the arrangements there. It was my hometown after all and we wanted everything to look above board.
Mark put us up at the Doubletree (we were still homeless) and paid for everything. Borys was along for the ride as well and he was getting a cut for brokering the whole meet an greet, ever the businessman Borys.
The first thing I had to do was sign a pre-nup and then I signed some papers stating that I would not try to extort more $$ in the future (who me?), not sure how you would present something like that in court but whatever. After we got all that shit notarized we went and got the marriage license. All this took less than a week and the whole time Casey and me were bombed out of our skulls. Mark had kindly provided some petty cash, I wouldn't get any real $$$ til the deed was done. We went out to dinner every night and Mark and Teddy proved to be real troopers, looking the other way as me and Casey snuck off to the bathrooms and spent the majority of the meals trying not to take a nose dive into our entrees.
I ended up getting wed in a black bondage dress and my red and black steel-toes at "The wee kirk of the roses" on Brundage Ave with Casey and Borys signing as witnesses. The wedding photos were something to behold, we always wondered if the minister though it was strange that as soon as he pronounced us man and wife I went straight to Casey and Teddy headed for Mark's loving arms. We went to lunch afterwards and Mark slipped me en envelope with 10,000.00 in it. It was awesome! The stacks of bills had those little bindings on them like in the movies. I would get the other 5 when we passed all the INS bullshit.
Borys took lots of pics of the happy couple for evidence um I mean our family photo album and then we had them drop us downtown. We called up the connect and when we got back to the hotel we had 3 thou less than before. We stayed there for another week and then proceeded to surf from house to house being generous with what was left of the dope. We were in great demand as house guests haha.
I paid my methadone clinic 3 months in advance and we eventually ended up at Kristen's house. I bought a tacky-perfect teal green Firebird and even put some of the money away. That was why I had the $$$ to finance us when we needed it.
Throughout the time at Kristen's we would occasionally make the trip to San Diego (Mark and Teddy's) for misc appointments with INS.
This was also an excellent excuse to skip over the border into T.J. for various odds and ends. This was before you needed a passport to cross over and it was sooo easy to go back and forth on foot. You just went up the stairs and through the turnstile and voila Mexican pharmacies in every direction. You could actually put the pills in your bag and have no problem crossing back. The good ol' days........
We had to go to tons of appointments where they asked us personal questions and whatnot to ensure that we were actually living as husband and wife, needless to say I am a genius at memorization. We would have all night study groups where we would try and learn as much trivial info about each other as possible. Learning all that stuff wasn't that difficult, the real challenge was trying to make Teddy seem masculine enough to come across as straight. He looked very butch but on the inside he was all woman.
It took about a year but Teddy finally got his citizenship and I got my other 5 thou. They loved us and even bailed Casey out of jail one time when he got arrested in Oceanside (Casey gets arrested every time he goes out of town).
Borys got deported after some complications with a surrogate mother from the Czech Republic but when I was still in Bako I would get the occasional call from Krakow, wherever the fuck that is, Poland I suppose.
I'm not sure if I'm still married or not, I lost touch with Mark and Teddy. I guess it's possible, I should probably find out about that, Casey does want to get married eventually and an Indonesian husband could get in the way.
So that's it for now, my lemon-poppy seed muffins are beeping at me from the kitchen and I need a serious smoke break.....followed by about 10 percs heheh. Cold water extraction anyone? APAP is hell on your liver and I have problems enough. Kisses kids, Melody