Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Part one: Insanity + some random palavering because it's what I do best

I drank way too much last night and since alcohol is not my favorite type of substance to abuse, the hangover I have right now is so not worth it. I feel like sawed off shit! The computer screen is hurting my eyes and the only reason I haven't gone to rifle through my store of percs is that getting up would require too much movement, movement that would ultimately result in me feeling like my brains are being scrambled.
I brought it on myself, as usual...whatever.
I'm not really a drinker, I mean I can slug down hard liquor with the best of 'em but I pretty much cut out alcohol a long time ago. It was right after I personally experienced a liquor induced H OD. I had heard that it was not a good combo but I was a dumbass and had probably only been using for a few months.
Whilst waiting for Adam W. to drop off some bags and come back with our cut, I joined Butch in a few swigs of Mad Dog. It wasn't enough to get a 6 yr old buzzed but it was enough to make me fall out in the Denney's parking lot. LAME.
Adam was driving my car and didn't know I was out til he went to leave said parking lot. He made a right turn onto California Ave and I'm told I flopped to the right, smacking my head so hard on the passenger side window that it cracked. My head was fine though HAHA.
All I really remember was sitting in the car, doing my shot while I watched the people in Denney's and wondering if they had any clue there were three losers shooting up in a car just beyond the big glass window.
I woke up pissed because Adam and Vanessa were pouring water on my head and the first thing I heard was Adam laughing and saying, "Oh, she doesn't like that." No shit asshole!
They drove downtown and got Ed, at that point in time he actually gave a shit whether I lived or died and they spent the next few hours walking me up and down the riverbed by Beale park. So I guess he's not a total dick........not totally.
Anyway my point is that I don't usually drink........long ass story to get one lil point across but what am I if not in love with the sound of my own voice.
I'll get to the actual update part of this bitch, my sojourn to hell aka Cuba with Rainman and all the signs from above that I shoulda kept my ass at home.
R-man had fucked me off the day before due to some pressing tweeker business, mainly he got stuck on a hamster wheel of speed induced auto repair.
The next day he called to say that he would be over at noon. 12 came and went and he called to say that he was gonna be stuck in Aztec for a while but would be by when he was done.
I became possessed by the relentless house cleaning Demon and proceeded to sterilize the kitchen.......I shoulda known right then that shit was gonna get ridiculous! After I washed every dish in the house (even the ones that were already clean), I mopped the floors as well. It was when I went into the bathroom to continue my cleaning frenzy that I was accosted by the sight of our bathtub......filled to the top with nasty kitchen sink water!
For some reason all the water I had used while I was washing dishes etc had decided that going down the pipes was too de rigeur, it wanted to pool itself in my bathtub!
I don't think I need to say how disgusting this was. Greasy, dirty dish and floor water all up in the tub. Through some lucky coincidence I had used just enough water to fill it but not overflow it, thanx be to God for small favors and yes I am a terribly wasteful bitch. Go Tell it to Leo Decaprio and his band of "Green" Nazi's.
Anyway, as if that wasn't enough, when I tried to flush the blue gel stuff after scrubbing the toilet, it started to overflow............does it get any better than that? Maybe if it had been full of excrement, luckily it was just bowl cleaner.
I turned off the water thing under the toilet and called the landlord who assured me that he would be right over to look at it. Riiiight, like I hadn't heard that several times that day already.
Still caught up in some twisted housework mania, I gave up on the bathroom and started cleaning out the refrigerator. About half way through, I noticed that the freezer had started making an unpleasant buzzy-type whining noise.........right before it took a complete shit. If I wanted to look on the bright side I suppose I could have said that it saved me the trouble of having to defrost it but at that point I was NOT feeling very optomistic and the bright side could go get fucked along with the tub, toilet and freezer!
This was my reward for attempting to foray into the domain of Suzie Homemaker? Fuck Suzie too!
I then got a call from a friend who was in a spot and wanted to know if I could wire her some cash. Not a problem...............except for the fact that I had no way to leave the house, R-man was STILL dragging ass and Casey wouldn't be home for hours yet.
I decided to cut it with the cleaning bullshit, it seemed to be causing an avalanche of catastrophes. That was when I shoulda called off the whole R-man thing, God was trying to tell me something. I never listen.
One hour turned into five and by the time Casey got home from work neither the landlord nor the tweeker had put in an appearance. I was thoroughly pissed, the water level in the tub had gone down just enough to leave behind an oh-so-attractive ring of muck and the freezer was dripping steadily on my recently mopped floor.
I washed my hands of the entire situation and miracle of miracles, R-man rings me to say that he's outside.
I told Casey what was up and got the stink eye, not because I was going out but because I was leaving him to deal with the household mayhem. I stuffed 3 percs in his mouth, promised him a fat shot of Oxy when I returned and kissed him........on my way out the door HAHA, laters mothafucka!!!

Fuck my head hurts.........and the douchebag blasting Megadeath next door is doing NOTHING to improve matters. Fuck Dave Mustane in his Metal Edge asshole!
I'll continue my tale of woe tomorrow, I feel I may finally be capable of toddling to the medicine cabinet after which I will plop my ass in front of the TV and watch hour upon blissful hour of Clean House. The cleaning Demon needs his fix of Niecy Nash and crew.... I think he (the Demon) may be gay because I find myself becoming strangely attracted to Mark Brunetz and that just CANNOT be me.
Loves, loves, loves you...............Melody