Thursday, December 4, 2008

Short and sweet or is it sweet and low?

I have a doc appointment today so I won't be able to get into the Indo marriage story just yet. It's actually not til 2 but ya know me, it's gonna take me all day to drag ass and accomplish a damn thing! If I was gonna score I woulda been out the door 2 hours ago, typical me. I do have my priorities!
My default song is bringing back memories of Grant the douchebag jocko homo who was my boyfriend for way too long a long time ago. I can't even begin to make excuses as to what was going through my mind when I deigned to associate with not only a jock but a football jock at that, I guess it was the drugs.........
With us it was a non-stop brawl and though it was OK sometimes for the most part I got tired of having to explain away bruises. My mom was horrified that going to shows caused that much damage, at least that's what I told her.
I never actually set fire to the bed.........his stupid ND football uniform is a different story haha! I BBQ'd it in retaliation for him having dragged me down 19th st by my hair the previous evening. I never was able to pull off being the meek female. Fuck that kicked dog act!
Note to any girls who find themselves in a similar sitch, guys who like to smack the crap outta you are not amused when you laugh at their efforts and cast aspersions on their manhood. Choose carefully girls, I don't want anybody saying they got their ass beat because of me.
My big mouth has always been an issue.....for others. To my way of thinking seeing the look on his face was worth it. He was a cocksucker anyway and ended up getting pistol whipped by one of my Southsider friends. AAAAH memories!
Anyway, I'll get back to y'all later, miss me fuckers, you know you always do! Hugs and kisses, Melody.