Sunday, December 14, 2008

Insanity/inanity=what my world has been reduced to

It's been a while, I'm still burned out. Not feelin' the whole update thing. I keep going through cycles of semi-OK and just plain shitty. Fuck speed and all it's upper-type siblings! Crack is whack! I'm rambling like a tard.
I NEED some smack and I have none! The oxy is was nice while it lasted. Too much stupid shit, coincidental mayhem and tweeker insanity/inanity for me to go into it now. It wouldn't be very interesting, the way I feel ahorita, it would probably read like the a court transcript. Everything in this shit town shuts down at 10pm........what is this nowhere-land?
My mom is coming to visit and bringing misc. relatives with her. I'm stoked, really I am but not looking forward to all that the visit entails i.e. too much preparation and stress. I'm not the stress type, I prefer to be mellow.
Confrontations aside, I'm a pretty mellow chick, haha even without the smack. That reminds me, have to tell y'all about my tete a tete with the Hot Topic pseudo goth. My snobbery knows no bounds.
I'm just as lame as she is, just in a different way haha I wear it better. I'll get to that mess next time. I'm A bitchy,(snobbish)cunt with a story to tell.....tomorrow...maybe. Love all y'all motherfuckers, Melody