Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Psychos, Turks and Russians......oh my!

It would seem I'm at an impasse. I want to block the calls from Gabriel but if I do that then I won't be able to get any from Lora either. The whole Evercom system is effected by a block. Figures.
Gabe has called back and I've refused to accept the charges...duh. Casey is unthrilled by the whole thing and is NOT pleased with Josh. He's thinking of using his tax return to make a trip to Bako. I'm not sure how this is going to work, we both have warrants in Kern County and if Casey kills Josh the police will definitely be involved. I don't sweat going to jail but I'd rather not.
Regina is in some third world country right now doing God knows what. She wants me to join her at some point during her travels but I have decided that exploring Turkey i.e. getting to discover firsthand the true meaning of "Turkish Delight" is not in my future. I have a feeling that it's NOT a sugary we have all been led to believe. No sir, I think it is something far more sinister that may possibly involve olive oil and a ball gag. Thanx but no thanx!
She keeps trying to tempt me by telling me about the availability of good heroin in Istanbul but I'm thinking no. Besides, she doesn't even do H, so how would she know! She's just trying to get me to go because she wants to pimp me off to some obscure cousin who has a fascination with fucked up girls. I would think if the H is so outstanding in Istanbul there would be plenty of fucked up girls to go around.
She said it was because I insulted him and their entire family and this has somehow intrigued him. When I had the opportunity to speak to him, I became irritated by his superior attitude and told him to "Eedee tryakhate tvayu mamu" which roughly translates to "Go fuck your mother" in Russian. It's an old standby from days spent driving through the desert with annoying communists. I didn't know that it's considered a killing offense in some parts of Russia...not that it would have made a difference if I had.
Anyway, I think Nikki's attentions are shifting towards a certain lesbian friend of ours. From what I hear, he has said that he has no issues with her sexual preference because he's a lesbian too. What a douchbag!
I'm feeling nostalgic because Anna just discovered some texts sent to her old phone. They're from Fester and he's asking if she knows any way to contact me because he misses us. Awww, I'm surprised that he actually gave us much thought considering he was selling dope at the time.
When you're caught up in that cycle, things outside your little world become insignificant. It's too late now, Fester is on his way upstate and I can't remember his last name to write him. I should ask Lora.
I also got some myspace messages from the girl who has Mikey's daughter. She's doing good and their girl is gorgeous, she looks like a little Mikey only blonde with huge blue eyes.
Aside from one small incident that I won't go into right now, the last week has been totally normal. I've stayed home...mostly and I haven't gotten high on anything. I did drink some Mescal but I don't count that, drinking has never been my particular problem.
It seems like the only thing I have an issue with is heroin, everything else I can take it or leave it. H is my main man.
I get my 60 percocet on Friday and just like last time I'm sure they'll be gone by the following Monday. That's just how it is.
After some diligent Internet research I have decided against taking my new meds. I have no desire to experience the myriad side effects listed for those two medications. If anything can go wrong with a med, it will happen to me. I don't do well on SSRI's or tricyclics etc. I do exceedingly well on benzos haha, who doesn't?
In response to the comment asking about my counseling, yes it helps in a way. It gives me an opportunity to talk about all kinds of things, things that don't usually come up in day to day conversation. I have no problem talking about past, present or future and let's face it, if I was any more in love with the sound of my own voice I would be Jello Biafra.
It hasn't got the same feel as a psych appointment, it's laid back and comfortable. The psych doesn't make me uncomfortable, it was just her condescension I had an issue with. My new psych is a guy and alot more personable...for a shiesty quack heheh.
I do have a problem with the fact that my counselor keeps bugging me about bio-feedback. That shit is lil too L. Ron Hubbard for my tastes and Scientology freaks me out. I had my run in with that bullshit when I was in Hollywood and I have no desire to relive anything remotely similar. Xenu can go get fucked!
So right now I'm listening to Chuck Berry wishing that my name was Maybelline, I'm weird that way. I wish I was 'Maybelline', driving my 'Hot rod Lincoln' to 'Kansas City.'I guess I'll just hafta settle for being Melody Lee which isn't so bad. It would be even better if I was 'Melody Lee' driving a black Cadillac with 'Whips and furs' in the back...on my way to see an 'Ex lion tamer.' I suppose that would be asking too much.
I hope y'all had an amazing weekend, Melody Lee over and out.