Friday, May 1, 2009

Decisions, decisions....

The Kern County, California, Sheriff's Department orders plain white
patrol units and has the graphics applied locally. In this case, what they
ordered was not quite what they got.

This car was driven for 1 week before an officer noticed what the
graphics company employee did on the passenger side of the car.The employee
did this on his last day working for the graphics company before he retired.

I now have proof that the cops back home in Bako are both vicious and stupid! Vindication is sweeeet!I had a few people question the authenticity of my narrow escapes from the law in Kern County and this should shut them the fuck up! Not that I care if they believe me or not, for all intents and purposes their poor opinion of me counts for shit and it will never effect my day to day life.
Anyway, I'm feeling better today......but today is payday. I'm going to try extra hard to resist the urge to haul ass to Espanola to score more dope. That skunk shit was disgusting but I know how I am and I tend to ignore common sense when I feel like shit and have cash in hand. Of course I tend to ignore common sense anyway, it's a recurring theme in my life. I know I shouldn't do these things, I just don't give a fuck.
I managed to eat 90 percocet in 3 days, my liver is probably paying the price for that one. I have slept maybe 15 hours since Sunday and I know if I don't pass out today, I will cash my check and look the fuck out!
Adrian called last night and tried to sweet talk me out of the house, I swear to Christ, if these guys get any younger I'll be going to a high school prom sometime in the future.
Casey is becoming more and more disenchanted with Adrian, I think it's the fact that Ade is an H baby. Richie was deemed (relativly) harmless because he didn't use smack and I suppose Casey thought that I could handle myself with him. Ade is a hellacious junky and due to bad wiring, I am insanely attracted to junky fuck ups. Eh, I don't really want to go into all that shit right now. I have managed to keep my pants on this long and I will continue to do so.
I also got a call from Rainman early this morning,he is requesting my presence for some thing or other and is calling back with the details. I don't think I should go, especially if Adrian is going to tag along. I have little to no patience right now and I since I like the kid, I don't want to break a foot off in his ass over something stupid. I am always so charming when I get to this stage of a kick, I am irresistible haha.
Espanola or Rainman's mysterious errand...hmmmmm, which one, which one? Neither? Both? I should stay the hell home and get normal, or as normal as I get anyway.
I will probably be outta here before the clock strikes 3, as it is the exact wrong thing to do, it stands to reason that I will be doing it as soon as possible.
Espanola on a Friday night is the worst possible place to be, the cops are rabid and the streets are packed with lowriders. *sigh* I should go to sleep, or try to anyway. Unplug the phone and do my best to ignore the door, riiiiiight.
And the phone rings as if on cue, to answer or not to answer? Fuck! R-man wants to come get me in 45 and I have given him a tentative yes, he is to call back in 15 min. Speed is baaaaad for withdrawals, it makes you feel so much worse.
I'll be back with the details in a day or so, let y'all know how things turned out. Have a good weekend kids, don't do anything I wouldn't do....I'd say that pretty much leaves your options open haha, Kisses, Melody