Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Uh-Oh, it's Josh again.........

A quick song dedication to Josh, who despite having betrayed me to Gabriel the psychotic pet reaper is still on my 'I love you' list.
I'm glad I got to talk to you this morning babe and I really do forgive you...even if you are an insufferable douche 80% of the time. So this time I will set the song you used to play for me on default and not follow it with a scathing commentary on your shortcomings. See, I'm not a heartless cunt but I still think the song is unbearably sappy. This kicking business always gets the better of me as far as emotions are concerned and I'm having a hard time keeping them in check. God help me but listening to this song is making me smile...a very sappy smile...ugh! Who the fuck is this person? Certainly not me!
I love you J-Dog *snicker* but if you are even thinking about calling me back and serenading me via the phone, I WILL hunt you down and put you in the ground! There, that sounds a bit more like me don't it? I refuse to be a muse for the retarded any longer!
This one's for you Josh baby, All My Little Words.

P.S. I love you too Eddie and you are not nearly as big a hosebag as Big Daddy J. *snort*