Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Umm...this heroin smells just like dead skunks....

So, here I am did y'all miss me? That's a stupid question, of course you missed me! I'm sure that everybody was getting itchy for some more of my clever banter and I can't say I blame you. I get to hear myself in stereo every day and it never gets old haha, I could listen to myself for hours.
So the title of this post is dedicated to the particularly nasty dope we got on our last trip to Espanola. Now don't misunderstand, the dope itself was decent, it was the smell I could have done without. I am not exaggerating in the least, the minute I put it to water and flame it reeked like Pepe Le pew on his period! It was the foulest smelling H I have ever come across....not that that kept me from banging it straight away, I was sick after all and well...skunk-rag dope is better than no dope at all. Heheh, priorities.
Our usual connect was incommunicado and so after a 3 hour drive and then another 2 hour wait we said fuck it and settled for the rank stuff. Ugh, I haven't gotten nauseous from the smell of dope in years but this shit made me want to upchuck every time I fixed it up. Oh well, it's gone now, I haven't had a shot since 8:35am Sunday, notice that I remember the exact time. I am now on the start of my fourth day and yes I do mean fourth! Casey says that you're supposed to count from the time you get sick...I disagree. I count from the second the last shot pierced my skin, aprox 8:35am, Sunday morning. Casey is WRONG but if he wants to suffer through his third day while I begin to feel better on my fourth, so be it. Christ am I rambling or what? I think I may be a teensy bit delirious, I haven't had more than a few minutes of sleep since Sun night.
Anyway, I am not gonna write much, just wanted to let y'all know that I was still alive. We finally got the computer back and they had to wipe it completely. It had like 30 viruses, now I won't say that it was my idle porn surfing that caused it but I can't say it wasn't either. I can't help it, that shit is hilarious, way better than watching lame sitcoms. Give me some stupid amature pornabe trying to blow an insanely HUGE penis and I can stay amused and giggly for hours. Come on, y'all know it's ridiculous, don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.
Christ I hate the Jonas Brothers and why is it that every adolescent douchebag guy on the Disney channel has hair that looks like the Bad News Bears got caught in a wind tunnel? I swear to Christ if I see one more guy with ridiculous side swept Farrah hair I am am gonna march right up and kick him in the balls. Godamned Disney channel Miley Cyrus overkill.
And Zac Efron, please somebody kneecap that idiot with a crowbar...please? The sacrilege that is the revamped Hairspray speaks for itself, it hurts me to think that John Waters actually wrote the script for that musical load of manure. Anyone who has seen the original (and has any taste whatsoever), will agree that it is far superior and that John Travolta frolicking in a fat suit will never measure up to the one and only Divine. And don't let me get started on Highschool Musical 1-whatever, anyone who had anything to do with those monstrocities should be systematically exterminated!
Fuck, what the hell am I even talking about? I need sleep... I'll be back later, love, kisses, whatever you want. XOXO Melody