Saturday, February 14, 2009

Histrionics and Hydromorphone

The label says USP Hydromorphone 2mgs but the cam was weak so you'll hafta take my word for it.

I'm feeling pretty decent right now, Adrian did some ninja shit and managed to score the Dilaudid earlier today. I guess it wasn't THAT miraculous, Durango is just a hop, skip and a jump away. It was GOOOOOOOOD!!! Is good.
I took some photos of me and kitty and Casey (at the bottome of this post), I was gonna take some of "Adrian" but not everyone is cool about having their image plastered all over the 'net. Since he was sweet, (oh man is he sweeeeet!) enough to supply the evenings narcotic refreshment, I thought I would do the nice thing and not put his face all over my pages. He and Casey played nice though ma baby seemed more interested in doing Ade's drugs than anything else. He was terribly chill about the whole thing which makes me fear the worst.
The other night we were discussing various fucked up things we have done while we have been together and the subject of cheating came up. He thought he was going to blow me away by revealing that he had boned Stacy while we were selling dope from Dert's apt a few years ago. FYI I totally knew about Stacy, I was just too high and occupied to bother about it. In the end she caused a scene and demanded that he choose between us and he chose me, (he always chooses me) and that was that.
He seemed strangely disappointed that I wasn't more upset by the whole thing and began to get kinda......he morphed into an asshole.
I retaliated by telling him that I had been banging Josh from the time I heard he had gotten locked up in SF. I was so pissed that he had gotten caught being a moron, (commercial burglary) and that he had left me at Kristen's to deal with the dope trade and that he had gone with Angela, who had been hot for him since forever. Fester went too but I wasn't counting on him to be the voice of reason.
So I mentioned to him that since we were being honest, I had been sleeping with Josh the whole time he was on the farm in San Bruno. I also let him in on the "open" secret that the very day he got back in town, the very moment he walked in the bedroom, the very second he knocked on the bathroom door Josh and I were engaged in adult activities. We quickly got ourselves together and opened the door and since we had been fixing before we began fucking it looked as if fixing was all that was afoot. Of course Ron and Pony knew. Frog almost shat himself when Casey asked him what I had been up to. So I broke the news that he had been in the dark for something like 5 years.
He seemed to take all this in stride but the next day he made a shitty remark, telling me that if I was in such a bad mood ( I wasn't...yet), I should go "Find a vibrator and penetrate yourself while you think about Josh, that should make you feel better!" He then launched into a tirade about how I am the anti-christ and that I was put on this earth soley to make him miserable. Whatever, melodramatic much?
I've always thought it was mighty convenient that he's allowed to get jealous and pissy but I'm not. Oh well old news and you can stop gloating now Josh, all this means is that the next time you call and Casey answers, he's gonna hang up on your ass.
So we got Dilaudid in these cute lil amps that look alot like what I got hit with in the hospital. We have to draw the liquid out because we don't have the capuject syringe thingie that goes with the vials. 2mgs per amp and something like 15 amps. I think we've been through 6 or so. Adrian is off, Casey is dick in the dirt loaded and I'm nodding out on the keyboard trying to finish this shit.
Kitty has been a terror all day and has been called both a fuzzy dildo and a furry butt plug. I don't know why I called him this as he is not currently being utilized in either of those capacities. I may be fucked up but I'm not that fucked up haha.
Oh and for Valentines day we made a trip to the tattoo shop. Casey paid for me to get the crap on my wrist covered, I go in on Monday at 4pm. Don't worry, of course I'll post pics after it's done. Was there ever any doubt?
Hope y'all are having a good V~day, xoXOxo ~Melody

This is the face I was making as I waited for Ade to appear. I look apathetic, I thought it was going to fall through
Me and kitty

Kitty, me and Casey.