Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Did you know....

That Valentinus was also the Saint of bee keepers, plague and epilepsy? Hmmmm, plague riddled epileptic bee keepers........

OK, I got the tat and it looks pretty decent. It's not amazing or anything but this is Nowheresville so what can you do. The main thing is it covered those jailhouse scribbles I had before. I like it and instead of scrawling Casey's name on myself I opted for some Spanish sentimentality, I am a Mexicunt after all.
It was my Valentine's day present so I felt it should have some significance to our relationship. These pics are pretty crappy but you get the idea. It says "Por Vida" which means "For life."
The guy who did it asked if I was sure I wanted that because later I might decide that Casey and I weren't for keeps. I laughed and told him that it was cool cause even if Casey wasn't "Por Vida" the tat sure as hell is. SWEET!!! A double meaning! I did the pics in B&W so y'all can see it better, there's no color in it anyway. I wanted it black and grey, it looks like some of the awesome prison work my dad has so I'm stoked, I'm probably gonna add some stuff around it in a few weeks. I'm not shooting for anything too complicated, just some random thingies here and there. Probably stars or some such shit besides, if it turns out awful Marc will fix it for won'tcha Marc? You promised.......Haha I love you Marc...seriously.
I'm quickly (yeah right), going to address a comment from my last post:

"Karma's a bitch Melody, but I'm sure you pretty much know that with this shitty life you live. When are you going to grow the fuck up?" ~Anonymous

Karma may be a bitch but I'm not a Buddhist so what do I care? Haha that may sound awfully simplistic but it's basically what I mean. I don't subscribe to any eastern religious beliefs...unless the concept suits me at the time. Sad but true.
Also a big part of Karma is intention, the motivation behind any particular action. It sounds funny to say that I have good intentions, maybe I should say that my intentions are not particularly bad. I rarely set out to harm other people though it does happen. I'm familiar with the fact that karma translates into western religion as well but that means diddly to me. I'm squarely against organized religion of any kind. Besides, any eastern philosophies that have trickled into western society have been watered down so much as to be barely recognizable. We have bastardized the true meaning of anything remotely worthwhile. I digress.....
My life isn't shitty, though some people persist in viewing it that way. I consider myself lucky to wake up in the morning and be content. I bitch about inane shit but that's just my nature, I complain therefore I am. I have just about everything I could ask for (except a heroin tree) which is more than most people can say. It's not perfect by any means but whose life is? I don't think anyone can accurately judge another's quality of life without having lived it themselves and I don't mean having been an addict either. That's just a generalization, all addicts are not created equal. We may have a similar mindset but our actions are not mapped out the second we start using. Everyone is different, how can you even hope to understand what I'm feeling at any given moment?
Just like most of the things I do, I will grow up when it suits me and not one second sooner. I'm basically a horribly selfish, mean and indulgent individual, it's what makes me so interesting. I will continue to act like I'm 15 well into my 50's...(if I manage to live that long)or as long as I find it amusing. If I kick off before then I suppose I will find out whether or not I'll be reincarnated as a turd gnat or a one of Paris Hilton's dogs. A losing proposition either way, good thing I don't believe in reincarnation.
As with most anything unpleasant that doesn't have any immediate bearing on my situation, I'll deal with it later.
I'm not terribly impressed with the idea that I should shape myself to other people's standards, you say tomato.... I say you and Karma can go fuck yourselves.
This looks to be a fairly ordinary week and unless something spectacular happens I think I may just be laying about doing nada. I'm hoping that the cleaning Demon is on permanent leave as I really do not feel like sterilizing the house today.
I will do some loser-ish Myspace trolling and then spend the rest of the day admiring my tattoo and listening to music. Right now I'm stuck on Hank Williams Sr. and Sloppy Seconds. Haha, I'm bouncing back and forth between "Long gone daddy" and "So fucked up."
Anyway, I'll see all y'all motha~fuckas later. XOXO Melody Lee